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Welcome to Our Informative Rough Sex Guide

If you’re a dude and you were to say to your mates, “I like rough sex,” how would they react? Some of them might give you a thumbs-up, maybe even the odd high-five. Others would be less forthcoming, possibly even questioning the ethical side of having just admitted that you like a bit of physical activity in the bedroom – especially if this can stray into grey areas where the girl involved is at risk of being hurt. This is where you can assure all of them there's absolutely nothing wrong with rough sex moves when you're being intimate with a consenting adult.

The good news is that many girls adore being treated roughly during the sexual act. The crucial point about this type of behavior you need to get into your head is that penultimate word in the previous paragraph. Consent. If a female likes her sex to be a little (or a lot) more adventurous than the usual missionary position, five minutes and out stuff, that's an indication that you're in for a fabulous and erotic experience. It's all a question of establishing boundaries before you do anything, and them going for it. Talk about treating them mean to keep them keen!

What Exactly Is the Meaning of 'Rough Sex’?

how to be rough with a girl

One of the most important rough sex tips to take on board is what is meant by this description. Such activity covers an incredibly wide spectrum of interaction, but the most important aspect of all is that it is consensual. If your girlfriend wants rough sex, this could mean that she is eager to indulge in fairly harmless pursuits, ranging from hard kissing to having her breasts groped firmly and enthusiastically. At the other end of the scale, it might mean incorporating aspects of the dominance and submission dynamic referred to in BDSM encounters.

  • So there are many ways to have sex, ranging from activities that could be seen as aggressive behaviour towards a partner. It could be the case that the rough sex techniques involve giving and receiving various levels of pain - but only within the context of pleasure.
  • Rough sex moves can also involve fast and vigorous movement. While it is common for couples to become highly enthusiastic when they are getting frisky, it is less so for both parties to agree to be rough with each other. This is why it can become so important to take on board rough sex advice.

Dating outlets where you can discover rough sex

If you and your partner are both relatively new to each other but are keen to explore rough possibilities, a good starting point would be to sign up for a BDSM dating service.

  • This is where you will find chat rooms and blog posts where you can take on board advice about what constitutes rough sex. Time and again, you will be reminded that this type of activity must have firm barriers.
  • Although there will be some leeway when you get down to the more rigorous activity, allowing you to be a little more spontaneous, you must be aware of the parameters. Rough sex may be violent and aggressive, but it must always be focused on mutual pleasure.
  • Within the BDSM community, there are strict rules and understanding about where to draw the line when people are exhibiting masochistic or sadistic behavior. This is where safewords can come into the equation. When you are indulging in rough sex with a partner, should either of you feel uncomfortable at any point, whether you are administering the rough behaviour or receiving it, you should always be prepared to know when to stop.

Consent and agreement

  • The key aspect of rough sex to be aware of is that there is nothing at all abnormal about this sort of behavior. It bears absolutely no correlation to illegal activities, such as sexual assault or rape.
  • Rough sex must always be consensual, and this aspect of it cannot be overstated.
  • It is also worth appreciating that this form of behavior is far more widespread than you might initially think. Perhaps because society tends to focus on what might be termed ‘mainstream’ or ‘normal’ sexual activity, participants in rough sex privacy.

Does Your Girlfriend Like Rough Sex? You're in for a Treat

how to be rough with a girl

For you to get the most out of an active sex life involving rough contact, it would be important for you to appreciate how to be rough with a girl. Many different techniques can be employed, but the one thing they have in common that rough sex will never result in violence or injury to the person on the receiving end.

There are many nom de plumes, often interchangeable, covering this type of activity. These can range from kinky sex to forceful or even hard-core sex, but within these categories, the common denominator is consent and enjoyment.

  • Perhaps the use of words like ‘forceful’ or ‘aggressive’ when framed within the context of sex might seem a little counterintuitive – after all, isn’t sex supposed to be about fun and enjoyment? But rough sex can represent intense levels of passion between the partners.
  • Another key factor to be taken into consideration is that consent to rough sex can never be assumed. The definition of rough sex is that it represents an extremely intimate but safe environment where couples become aroused.
  • To reiterate, don't be selfish, and assume your partner is always going to be on your wavelength. If you are going to be indulging in activities that might cause a level of discomfort, it would be recommended to do a degree of planning.
  • It is so easy for couples to get caught up in what might be described as ‘the heat of the moment,’ but if you have a healthy and objective discussion about the boundaries that exist beforehand, you will both be clear about what constitutes pleasure, and what defines the red lines that should never be crossed.

Things to do during rough sex

As with any other area of lovemaking, the possibilities are pretty much endless and will stretch as far as your imagination.

  • It is a common fantasy to involve bondage or restraints. Things to do during rough sex mate include tying your partner to the bedposts and then applying blindfolds. You can have fun purchasing all sorts of accessories that can be used safely and correctly during rough sex.
  • This is something you can jointly participate in, whether this involves browsing through the online shops of BDSM websites or popping into your local branch of Ann Summers. This can raise levels of anticipation after you have ordered equipment, ranging from handcuffs to kinky whips.
  • Whatever you decide to use to enhance your sexual enjoyment, you should ensure that the items are used following instructions. It might seem like a no-brainer, but it is always important to err on the side of caution. When you secure your partner with bonds, by all means to so tightly and firmly, but never so tight that this cuts off circulation and risks physical damage.
  • If you are wanting a gradual introduction to rough sex, you could always commence with some dirty talk.

Learn Some Fabulously Erotic Rough Sex Techniques

how to be rough with a girl

Although it is not uncommon for couples to get into aggressive sex by emulating videos they might have watched together on porn sites, it is important to appreciate that much of what you see on these platforms can be emotionally dangerous if they are not performed correctly.

Again, the key point that needs to be reinforced at all times is that rough sex can be dangerous if it is not treated with due respect. If you think there is any danger of your partner being placed in a position of mental distress or injury of any kind, then that is when you need to pull back from the activities.

Why do people like rough sex?

There is no common answer to this question because people are individuals, and individuals have myriad and desires. One of the commonest reasons given is that the consenting adults involved sometimes like to think outside the box.

While they might have been introduced on a dating site focusing on ‘vanilla sex’ for the early stages of their connection, as their partnership progressed and they have grown to trust each other implicitly, the desire to add further thrill levels can be common.

  • There is a certain amount of danger involved in this kind of activity, not least because it tends to fly in the face of what might be termed ‘expected’ behavior. But when it comes to aggressive rough sex, while this might leave superficial scratches and tender skin, keep a close eye on more serious injuries that should curtail any further activity.
  • If your partner likes rough sex, you need to make certain allowances. Men and women having aggressive sex will put additional stress on condoms. Because you are acting far more forcefully than would normally be accounted for in the safety instructions, it would be a good idea to choose stronger and thicker condoms.
  • If you are indulging in forceful sex, there can be some tearing involved. There might even be a little blood spotting from these sessions. But the key factor is that safety and security should be your prime consideration, and if there is any level of bleeding that seems to be more acute than you would expect, then you should resist and think about receiving medical attention.
  • If you feel like taking your rough sex to different heights, then you could always test the waters on BDSM websites and find out if other couples might be into joining in the action. Again, this is where consent becomes paramount, because huge amounts of trust are involved when third parties are brought into the equation.

But if you can initiate sessions with people who are equally as enthusiastic as you, your experience to be raised to new levels of eroticism. If you are going to be getting into swapping partners or perhaps indulging in a group activity, this is where boundaries have to be rigidly agreed upon beforehand.