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Best Swinger Vacations You Should Visit This Year

A good way to rewind is by going on swinger vacation to have some alone time. However, there's no better way to make sure you're having plenty of swinger vacation sex than to visit the best swinger vacations. A couple of erotic resorts provide sun, sand, drinks, and even swinger playrooms.

You’ll have the chance to make love either with your partner, a new pal, or a different couple. Certain resorts have different rules depending on what they want to promote, such as public sex, lingerie and fetish wear, or even nudity, so you should confirm before you check-in.

Some swinger resorts are LGBT-friendly, while others are heterosexual. These resorts are specifically for swingers though you don't have to swing to attend. You shouldn't do anything you don't want to.

These are great places to find adults with similar minds, especially those who have no idea where to look. This article brings you nudist hotels in New York to public love-making resorts in Jamaica where wearing clothes is optional. Here is a list of the best swinger resorts around the globe.

Sexy Vacation Spots where Swingers Go to Have Fun

Cancun, Mexico

If you're looking for an exclusive, cloth-free couple getaway that neighbors the classic white sand beaches of the legendary Riviera Maya, Cancun is the place to go. You can rent a condo next to the eminent Desire Resort & Spa, where you'll be able to perceive amazing coastal views and incredible coral reefs. The Executive Suite offers you and fellow tourists total privacy at the center of amazing Mexico.

It's a picturesque setting, an alternate lifestyle vacation located in the prominent Cancun region. You'll enjoy many close restaurants, lounges, spas, bars, and plenty of vocational activities, and plenty of entertainment choices in the area. You'll also have the opportunity to visit sensual workshops, sexy Jacuzzi lounges, and erotic aqua gyms, with full VIP treatment.

Negril, Jamaica

Fly openly and live free in THIS Butterfly resort that neighbors the famous Negril Beach Village, a lively spot for all kinds of swingers. It's an amazing two-bedroom oceanfront house on the mountains on the sea that can accommodate close to six guests, providing "Coral" unsuited bedrooms. There's a huge open garden terrace, ocean view dining enclosed with French design doors that gives way to an outside sun deck, including an outside cliff garden which offers an unmatched view of calming waves and blue ocean underneath.

Find yourself in this paradise only steps away from Jamaica’s perfect swinger resort, Hedonism II. You’ll have a chance to bask in the amazing Caribbean sand with other couples who have come to unwind and relax just like you.

New York City, New York

Get into the New York lifestyle by hiring this central Manhattan spot near Times Square and the famous Night Theater District. It's a secluded place for couples and swingers with amenities like under-lit beds covered in luxe Frette linens and an elegant white-and-black color scheme that'll take you back in time.

Enjoy the fascination and extravagance of city lights with a homie touch a few minutes from Times Square, Central Park, Grand Central, Fifth Avenue Shopping, and the Empire State Building. This spot lays privately over the jeweler's shop in the diamond region and is falsely huge, perfectly equipped, and spotless. This is the place you and your lover desire for total privacy and is still closer to other activities.

Hollywood, Florida

hollywood strit

The Southern region of Sunshine State has always crowned itself as a top swinger spot, mainly closer to the Rooftop Resort. The resort is perfectly situated in Fort Lauderdale and Miami along the white sandy beaches that provide unique and stunning blue ocean scenes of a panoramic tropical paradise.

You can hire this three-bedroom spot a few strides away from the sand, with its modern, revamped, historic building boosting classic décor, a contemporary kitchen, and an outdoor deck. The deck encompasses a six-seater dining set and a Weber gas BBQ. Come here with some of your best friends or even create new ones at this Hollywood, Florida hotspot.

The Best Erotic Vacation Resorts Where Swingers Meet

Desire Riviera Maya Resort, Mexico

Apart from the cool beach photos, Desire Riviera Maya Resort gets heaty at night with partners and swingers from the private beach of Rivera Maya. They allow sex in various mutual areas of this hotel for couples only. These areas include the whirlpool region and the Sin Room, which has circular beds and ropes for people who want to participate in sexual activities with other couples or their mates.

There’s a clothing-option nightclub where a series of sexual activities takes place. The resort also has a whirlpool tub that can accommodate close to 30 people at the rooftop that opens during the night's late hours. The resort also accommodates monogamous partners who come to sunbathe and stay in this hotel.

Temptation Cancun Resort, Mexico

Temptation Cancun Resort is among the sexual swinger vacation spots in Mexico. It accommodates only adults with an option to be topless though it’s not as naughty as Desire Riviera Maya Resort. This all-inclusive resort gets active with erotic entertainment starting from foam parties to lingerie demonstrations and themed evenings with DJs like “Angels and Devils.”

It has two pools: the Sexy pool and Quiet Pool and a couple of hot tubs spread all over the resort. There's another sleek rooftop spot with a pool, bar, and music for guests at the Tower room. Take note that the gift shop that sells condoms and theme night attires closes early. Couples are in huge numbers here compared to singles, and their ages range from 35 to 45.

Rooftop Resort, Hollywood, Florida

The Rooftop Resort is only for adults and is a nude-friendly resort for swingers situated a few minutes away from Hollywood Beach in Florida. This nude-optional lifestyle resort is a few steps away from numerous bars, restaurants, and markets and is only 20-minutes away from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

The resort has special features such as a sauna, rooftop pool with coast-coast and ocean views, couples, and group playrooms. Hanging studio suites have black and red themes, red leather settees, and love slings. The hotel allows both day and night passes but with restrictions. Most visitors here are much older.

Hedonism II Jamaica

Just as its name states, Hedonism II is among the best sexiest swinger vacation spots and attracts couples (who include a variety of repeat guests) whose objective for travel is to look for pleasure. The resort is located in the remote region of Negril's Seven Mile Beach. The features and guest rooms here are separated between the clothed and nude sides. Clothe optional places include the pool, prude beach, and hot tub.

The nude section does not allow duds in general. The liveliest place during the day is the nude pool. The Romping Shop Playroom is most active at night with different kinds of sexual activities. Here they offer free condoms, and sex is practiced publicly. Nights have different themes, resort shops that sell lingerie and sex toys, and group hot tubs that summarize sexual activities.

World’s Best Heterosexual Vacation Spots for Swingers

Bliss Cruise - Caribbean

white cruise ship on sea

Bliss Cruise is mainly created for swingers interested in partner swapping, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and all the activities in a sex club. All these are happening over the waters of the Caribbean. This is a five-star ship equipped with lounges, an art studio, bars, a casino, 12 restaurants, and adult party playrooms where bold guests can participate in or watch a show.

All the activities at sea are similar to those that take place on public nudity on land. Everyone should respect each other's privacy, with restrictions not to record or photograph anything, avoid being pushy, and have a good time.

Note that you don’t have to do anything beyond your beliefs, and this cruise ship focuses on hosting people and couples who need some time alone.

Desire Cruise

Desire is a non-clothe-compulsory high-end taste cruise ship (which makes it expensive) covering the entire French Riviera, passing through Italy and Balearics. Barcelona is the final destination. Sex-enhancing areas include a cloth-optional pool, a playroom or sex room, and a Jacuzzi salon.

Guests can acquire skills about tantric massages and bondage from a small staff of sex experts. Desire also has a theme - night activities such as safari, masquerade, and attires decorated with neon - ensure to include them in your luggage.

Castle Milkersdorf – Brandenburg, Germany

There’s something that’s not clear about this sex party. It’s known as “Rendezvous der Luste” in German and happens five times a year at Schloss Milkersdorf, a luxurious castle near Berlin. A local inn acts as a stopover for guests before the bus transports them to the castle at 8:30 PM and returns them at 3:00 AM.

The events focus on heterosexual couples, with a mission to share wives and cuckolding – where women get to enjoy the privilege to share more than one man in the presence of her man. There’s also a dark room for secretive activities, a nude suite, a glory hole room that all guests can use, and dark private spaces for private encounters.

Naughty in N’Awlins – New Orleans, Louisiana

Naughty in N’Awlins is an erotic lifestyle retreat for couples, and it takes five days. The conference provides sex-oriented workshops, parties, and Swinger Pride Parade. The event can happen in the whole hotel or even two and transforms into an adult playing zone full of group rooms, private hookups, women-only areas, dungeons, and more. Participants are allowed to sign up for free membership and communicate and match with different couples before the occasion.

Swingfields – UK

Swingfields hosts about 700 swinger couples who assemble at a British town's quiet location for four days. The event consists of music, dancing, hedonism, and comedy. Swingfields was founded in 2013 but was abolished in 2017 because of trolls from people and currently hosts their events in discreet locations. By this, the guests are assured of discretion and relaxation because they learn of the location two days before the event.