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Find out How to Be Dominant in the Bedroom

Why should this be a thing? Some guys might balk at the idea of coming across as overly domineering or assertive during sex, simply because it seems to hanker back to the 1970s, and less progressive times, when sexism rules the waves. But it is important to place male domination within sex in context.

  • This has no connection with any of the deeper societal issues, like bullying or taking advantage of people who are somehow perceived as being weaker. It is all about establishing different ground rules, almost like role-playing.
  • Being the submissive character in the bedroom is nothing more than that for the female. She’s inhabiting a character. But this will allow both parties to explore interesting and exciting new areas of their connection, leading to even more passion in their sexual adventures.
  • Men dominating women can lead to erotic games being played, increasing the satisfaction and pleasure between the partners. You also have the option of adding to the dominance and submission dynamic by introducing elements of binding, blindfolding, or sexy corporal punishment. All you have to now is take on board some male and female domination tips and you'll be good to go!

Don’t You Just Love a Dominant Woman in Bed?

how to be dominant in the bedroom

Does the notion of men dominating women in the bedroom leave you a little cold? This would be a common enough reaction to the thought of adopting any sort of domineering role in a relationship. After all, modern age males are supposed to be considerate, treating their partners as equal. But what you need to get your head around is the fact we aren't talking about equal opportunities in the workplace here. We're talking about passion and sexual chemistry. This is where you can allow your fantasies to encroach in your private life, adopting roles that might seem to go against the grain. But what we are discussing here aren't normal circumstances. Female sexual domination will bring undreamt of pleasure to your love life!

Passing control to your partner

  • Domination in any partnership is not specifically tied to any gender. That's one of the liberating aspects of this behavior – in your relationship, it is entirely up to you who decides to take control, and who agrees to be the subservient party. You can even decide to take a turn about – or 'switch,' as this is activity is referred to in BDSM (bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism).
  • This flexibility means your sexual experiences can take many exciting and interesting forms. Either of you can inhabit your chosen role, perfecting your techniques, learning, and fine-tuning your respective parts as you are performing 'scenes' – the pre-arranged kinky situations you will agree to enact.
  • But if you feel like a bit of variety, you can swap over who is being the dominatrix, and who is being the submissive. A female opting to be the dominant person is often more familiar in popular culture. When we think of a dominatrix, our imaginations will conjure a feisty woman, wearing stockings and suspenders, her assets barely held at bay by a tight-fitting leather corset. She's wearing high heels, and invariably wielding a whip, ready to inflict corporal punishment on her sexual slaves!

Perfecting how to be a dominant woman in the bedroom

  • You can take aspects of that cliched picture, but it's really up to you how you wish to interpret being the person in control. There are many aspects involved in being the dominant partner.
  • To the uninitiated, sadism might seem difficult to tie in with sexual pleasure. But in the BDSM community, there's nothing more delightful or tantalizing than introducing a modicum of pain infliction to the scenes.
  • There are many ways to make the most of your dom position, but you can readily take on board advice from the community at large. Why don't you sign up to one of the many BDSM-orientated websites, and check out the regular blog articles? These will be written by enthusiasts, who will be only too willing to pass on some female domination tips.
  • Once you’ve taken this advice on board, you can put the theory into practice, and as with anything else in life, practice will soon make perfect!

Key Aspects of How to Control a Woman Sexually

how to be dominant in the bedroom

Learn how to be dominant in sex

The first thing you'll have to do is shed your inhibitions. Even if you're naturally more introverted or hesitant, choosing to dominate your partner can be a wonderful release. Assuming this role is a form of acting, and in many ways, this is an apt comparison.

Just as actors are performing in a way that is often way out of character, as the dom, you will be reaching into parts of your being you were perhaps unaware were even there! Also, becoming a dom isn't just one role. There are various ways of dominating the submissive partner. You might have a preference when it comes to the scenes you play out with your sub, or you could experiment a little, trying out different scenarios until you come across the one that seems to be the best fit.

Daddys and Mommys

A classic example of how BDSM is far removed from reality would be when you assume this particular attribute. Forget real-life connotations of incest or underage sex. Remember, when you get into the dominance and submission dynamic, you are leaving prosaic definitions far behind, and entering a dark, seductive but infinitely exciting dimension. This is a place where you are free to enact your deepest fantasies, using various psychological tricks to achieve sexual gratification for you both. In this scenario, the person who is playing the role of the sub will behave childishly. They will enjoy being scolded for being naughty, and this can take the form of corporal punishment being administered by the Daddy or Mummy.


If you love the idea of becoming a dominant female, you will adore the role of the FermDon. In these scenes, the FemDom will be a woman, but her sex slaves can be either male or female, adding an alluring twist. Part of this behavior will often involve humiliating a male, and forcing him to adopt female roles.

Dominant woman tips

  • When it comes to becoming the female dominatrix in a BDSM relationship, there could be many strings to your bow. Your submissive could become your slave, where they agree to give over their free will to their mistress (a scenario that will apply equally to a master and his slave girl). These scenes are more extreme in that the limits for the action are purely set by the dom, and the sub has to stick to these boundaries. If they don't then they are punished. Again, this is an excellent example of kinky gameplay. Always plan the scenes, and be aware of the agreed safe words.
  • Less intense than slaves are pets. Pet scenes are sometimes referred to as pony or kitty plays. These can be spiced up with costumes, accessorized with tails, and involving collars or leashes, as well as the sub being forced inside a cage. The pet will behave literally, cowering before their mistress, and purring as they are stroked or petted.

Do Girls Like Being Dominated? There’s One Way to Find out

how to be dominant in the bedroom

Finding ways to dominate a woman in bed can be a lot of fun. Because there are so many scene scenarios for you and your partner to explore, there is never a dull moment.

It could be that you want your girl to be your slave or your pet, or simply a brat. This is where the sub behaves like a petulant child or rowdy teenager, depending on your preference. Whatever misdemeanors they are accused of, it is up to you to apply the necessary punishment. Exactly how this is dished out will be something you both agree to beforehand.

  • For this type of roleplay to be successful as possible, you both need to agree on the parameters beforehand. This way you will both be aware of what is expected of you and will act accordingly. Within the scenes you will be enacting, there should always be some room to maneuver, as introducing an element of surprise or spontaneity is always a useful method of injecting an element of excitement and anticipation. But the more you learn how to dominate someone, the more intuitive your actions towards each other should become, regardless of whether you are the dom or the sub.
  • If you are a girl and unsure about becoming the dom, there are many ways of finding out how a woman can be dominant in bed. Check out forums on BDSM websites if you’re a novice, and you’ll soon be picking up a range of fantastic tips.
  • Since many of the dom and sub positions are interchangeable between genders, depending on whether you want to play Daddy or Mummy, your male partner could also use their reference points if they want to find out how to sexually dominate a woman in bed.
  • You can have a lot of fun doing this research together, planning out different scenes, and deciding who is going to dominate, and who will be the submissive person.

Partners from different backgrounds

  • One of the reasons why this form of role-playing is ideally suited to online communities is the way it can bring people together from different backgrounds. Dating sites can certainly introduce you to kindred spirits from your neighborhood who are willing to get together for some BDSM action. But once you enter the chat room facilities on these sites, you might find yourself interacting with individuals from much further afield.
  • If you have always fantasized about getting involved in scenes with partners from exotic foreign cities, Internet dating can be your passport to amazing encounters with consenting adults from a diverse range of outlets.
  • There’s a whole world of BDSM activity out there, and you have every chance of encountering that erotic partner you have long been dreaming of. Once you’ve uploaded your profile, and stated whether you prefer being the dom or the sub, you might soon be making travel plans to hook up with someone appropriate!