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First Time Swinging with Friends

Swingers, either singles or a couple, may choose to have an open relationship that allows their partners to see other people. However, what if these people are friends? Friends are the most considered swingers by either singles or a couple. People may prefer to have open relationships within a group of friends where each of them can have sexual experiences with other known friends to the mate. First-time swinging with friends can be difficult and at the same time easy since you don’t want to spoil the relationship with friends and at the same time are in the quest to strengthen this relationship.

First time swinging with friends requires one to keep feelings off the table, to be a successful experience. This is especially if a couple is involved or some singles have been dating for a substantial amount of time. First-time experiences with friends strengthen the connection you have as friends, let you enjoy an aspect of a friend you didn’t know, and may make you more open to the sexual experience that you would with your won partner.

How to Get Into the Swinging

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Swinging is something that adds excitement, romance, and attraction to a couple as well as they have solid connection and trust for one another. Being with other people while maintaining a nonexclusive sex-based experience is an activity that can increase one's attraction to the other. This may seem paradoxical but it has been proven to add commitment and aliveness in a relationship while increasing romance and understanding.

Getting into first-time swinging with friends is not an easy decision. It is all about a person being open to new sexual experiences. Most of her partners in a relationship do not like the idea of the introduction of third parties to a relationship especially if it’s a threesome. However, it is a good strategy to spice up the bedroom matters.

Therefore, bringing another party to the bedroom takes a series of steps that have to be agreed upon by the partner. In most scenarios in the world, most swingers have one man and two girls. However, there has to be consideration of that is what your partner wants and how it will be emotionally and physically. If you don’t like the idea of first-time swinging with friends, your partner might feel like they are missing out on having fun and spicing up the relationship.

Getting into swinging, therefore, may involve a series of steps which are:

  1. Discussion of the need for first time swinging with friends or your partner. It is true, living with one person for several years might bring about boredom and constant quarrels and arguments might make you drift apart. Therefore, if you settle on swinging, maybe it’s because all the other options are not viable.
  2. Deciding on the third party. Most individuals prefer swinging with their best friends since they are people you have known for a substantial number of years or months. One needs to decide on a person who wants to share your secrets and a person who understands you and is ready to spice your relationship up.
  3. The actual swinging experience. Even though many couples who get into swinging confess that it has been an experience that has strengthened their bond and kept them together, some of the couples or partners may break up for good.

Getting into swinging is something that you need to think about extensively with your partner, think about the benefits and the negative side. Most of the individuals are so fascinated about the positive side that they forget that swinging can bring about a lot of feelings of insecurity, it may not be the perfect solution for marital issues, and sometimes you may disagree about the third party you bring in and keeping it a secret might troublesome. However, it may be one of the best decisions you may make t save a relationship and have a little fun to find your partner more attractive.

Enjoying Swinging with Another Couple

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First-time swinging with friends for coupes is one of the lifestyles which c coupe may consider for several reasons. It’s not shocking that couples look at their best friend’s couple as potential swingers. Upon agreement, each of the couples chooses what will be entitled ad the benefits are the creation of lasting friendships with friends of the opposite sex while at the same time getting sexual pleasures from them. Swinging with other couples is a way to make tins spicy. Some couples may prefer watching their friends do role-plays and get in the act from scenarios they create. However, it is best when children are not involved in this arrangement.

Discuss everything

Once you find yourself on a date with another couple or friends and find your partner's best friend giving you the look, this should be the definitive moment to start thinking about swinging. You should make it a mutual decision between you and your partner to start swinging. Additionally, it should not be rushed or pressured for a person to fulfill his/her urges. Some details in which you should have a discussion are what you want about one another and what you don’t. This helps in keeping your relationship alive while also spicing it up.

Beginning slow

Once you have discussed with your partner and other people and you have agreed on the concept of introducing other people in intimate love, you should take it slow and at ease. It would be better to get into it with hesitation than rushing. Always check in with one another and then move forward with swinging. In some instances, too rushed or much swinging can end relationships if not discussed well. Talk about what each one feels about the experiences and the step the swinging is taking in the relationship. Communication is key in swinging.

Respect for one another’s boundaries

This is not only a good rule to follow while swinging but also in relationships and life. It is very smart to take note of this when you are getting into first-time swinging with friends. Some of the extra relationship inclusions be a little messy and disrespectful especially when two partners have not had a good agreement on the matter. Therefore, if you are good with one thing and your partner does not want it, you have no option but flow your partner's desires. It is not good for one person to be in absolute enjoyment while one is getting hurt. Therefore, when people decide to get into swinging there should be a very strong foundation of willingness and consent for an update of agreements in case a partner does not follow the steps outlined.

Getting into swinging is a decision that should be made by oneself and a partner to ensure that everyone enjoys the swinging experience.

True First-Time Swinger Stories

how to start the swinging experience

Told by Sam

My wife and I are always very busy at work. Therefore, we found a new adventure with a couple of friends to go on a vacation with them. One discussion and agreement led to the other and we swapped partners for the night. However, after the one-night experience, though we felt good, we were all guilty and realized that swapping partners with strangers was much easier especially on vacation. We then, later in our stay, met a couple who made us understand how couples use swinging to spice up their relationships and keep the adventure alive. We had the best time of our lives compared to the previous encounter. This was our first ever successful swinger.

Told by Cate

Some months ago, we were very bored at home. We then decided to go out and have some drinks with a friend’s couple who were near our location. Our relationship had some issues but we were trying so hard to solve them. We may have gotten a little tipsy and shared our issues with our couple friend who agreed to help us out at home. However, we decided to try swinging for the night to ease the tension between us. I must say it was a nice experience. I got to release my sexual tension and explore my body. In the morning, all was fine, and agreed never to talk about it. Once in a while, we still do it but our first-time swinging with friends experience was awesome.

Told by Mike

My wife and I love experimenting. Our sex life and relationship have been going on well. In January, we took a trip to our dream destination, tried some local cuisines, went boat riding, and had all lots of fun. During our trip, our neighbors were also new to the area and were visiting so we got in touch with them in case of any issue. One night we decided to have a game night and some drinks. They gave us information and details about first-time swinging with friends to have the experience as part of our adventure. We gave in and swapped partners for the night. Out encounter was fascinating. It felt like a new relationship with all sorts of affection. I asked my wife later and it was a great first-time experience swinging. We are happy we tried.

Told by Brian

I had been a member of this dating site for local singles and couples to find casual dates and hookups. I found a couple who wanted to spice up their bedroom matters by introducing a third party. However, I thought it would be a good idea for a couple to swing and talked to them and my wife about it. Everybody was in. we all met at a hotel room and one thing led to the other. Although everyone was shy, it was overly a good experience for us and the couple. We are trying that again with another couple.