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Explore Does Size Matter in a Relationship?

Do Women Care About Size

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Research shows that women fascinated by the quantity of the penis and maintenance than the penis size or thickness. This is advantageous to men who have small penises because they don't have to be concerned with questions like do women care about size, which is aggravated by pornography for most men.

However, women's attraction for good penis width makes a lot of physical sense because vaginas cannot sense hotness or tremble. They have plenty of mechanoreceptors that sense elasticity and differentiate a thick penis from a thin one.

It’s crucial to know that women graded features like honesty and general attraction as essential factors to know if size matters, and realized that penis choice has to do with performance than aesthetics which makes one wonder whether size matters to women.

Again, the good thing about a big penis is that it's ideal for a one-time engagement is understandable. A huge penis has after-sex pain because women have to put a big penis inside them, making it suitable for an evening.

Does size matter to women who think that they are assured of huge size if they have a partner from a particular race? Questions like does size matters to women can be answered that there's no relationship between size and race. The only good thing about your partner having a massive member is that it intensifies your conceiving possibility. A huge penis enables a man to shoot the sperm close to the woman's womb, which increases the chances of sperm connecting to the ovum.

Does Size Really Matter in Bed: What You Should Know

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Size can interfere with your game in bed though it depends on you. If you learn to use whichever size you have and use other means to get the pleasure, you'll be fine. You'll fail big if you concentrate on size alone. For example, some men overlook how they should take charge of the situation and think that they only need a huge dick to take someone to heaven.

Other people allow small dicks to ruin their confidence, making them pay using other means. These factors can cause emotional strain on the penis owner and drain all the fun that comes with sex from partners.

How to Make Full Use of What you Have

Don't always concentrate on it because the penis size is not as important as how you use it. There is nothing as wrong as leaving your partner struggling for more pleasure as you push your confidence so high, which will make you feel good anywhere you are.

Below are some things a man can do to satisfy a woman sexually, whether they have a big, small, or medium penis.

Men with Big Penises

Men with bigger penises should know that size does not matter. This man should make sure that their partner is highly aroused before they start handling their beast. Size matters only if your man does not concentrate on foreplay and use plenty of lubricants on you.

He should use his mouth, tongue, or finger to stimulate some erogenous areas concentrating on sensitive parts like nipples, vagina, and hidden areas like inner arms or the back of the knees. When it's time for insertion, he should position you to control how deep the penis goes. It's a good idea to lie on top of them.

They should work at a speed that makes you enjoy, and you'll have a good view of what is happening and reach other parts for complete stimulation.

If He Has a Small Penis

If your partner has a small penis, you should use a position that allows him to penetrate deeply like dog style. For them to get deeper, they should lower their head and chest while raising their back.

Men with thin penises should use positions that allow for tighter squeeze, which they can achieve y tightening their legs. He should include other types of sex, like oral sex, to make it more delicious. He can use a toy or his fingers to achieve the G spot, A spot, or P spot.

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Men with Medium-Sized Penises

You can use any sex position if your man has an average penis. He can choose any method and choose a position that you and you both enjoy. Allow him to do other sex activities in different places, and you can decide to be kinky.

To make it better, he can use sex toys, feathers, or ice cubes for a start, especially if you fancy BDSM.

The size of the penis does not matter when having sex but the way you do it. Finding out what works best for both of you and choosing styles that work best for his penis type is more important.