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Learn How to Keep a Guy Interested After Sleeping with Him

The thought of getting physical at the end of a successful date might not be the first thing that crosses your mind before you arrange a social get-together, but learning how to act after sleeping a guy will become more of a factor as your evening progresses to the moment the question arises: “would you like to come back to mine for a coffee?” Of course, this can open up all sorts of questions. If this is your first liaison, would it be advisable to sleep with a guy at the end of it? How do you keep a guy interested after a hookup? Or will this give the impression you are easy, and if you are seen as too flirty, you might worry that he'll start losing interest?

‘Loose women’ stereotypes

Many males harbor false assumptions, considering girls who are into casual sex are not necessarily ideal for longer-term relationships. On the other hand, surely sexual congress is the ultimate expression of how strong your feelings are for each other? This can be a tricky balancing act. The basic question about how to act after sleeping with a guy focuses on the extent to which you would like to see him again. While females are just as likely as males to enjoy no strings attached encounters, what happens if you decide you'd like a relationship?

How to Act After Sleeping with a Guy – Some Basic Tips

how to act after sleeping with a guy

Don’t fixate on how to regain his interest after sleeping with him. The immediate aftermath of sex tends to be a time of sublime relaxation. After the frenzied activity, you will relax into his arms, waiting for your heartbeat to return to normal, simply enjoying the sensation of all those hormones that have been stimulated flowing through your bloodstream.

Questions after an encounter

  • After these moments of bliss, it would be common for anxieties to begin impairing your contentment. What if this is a one-off? What did he think of my performance? Getting together physically for the first time can often be a revelation. Both of you will have certain ideas about what constitutes good sex, and what could be defined as ‘not so good’ sex.
  • One of the best pieces of advice to take on board if you are in this situation is simply to relax and not overthink things. In the initial stages of having slept with a guy, the best thing you can do is think about ways of complementing his performance. There will always be a sense of tension, especially if this has been your first time, and you are exploring each other's personalities while tentatively thinking of the possibilities, wondering how this relationship might progress.
  • Every male loves to know their sexual performance has been appreciated. They can be sensitive individuals whose egos can be either massaged or bruised, depending on the remarks you make. Should he get the hint you have been less than impressed by his performance, this can leave him feeling crushed!

Compliments after sex

  • At this stage, you could tell him you appreciate what he likes to get up to underneath the sheets. Use expressions like, "you know exactly what gets me wild and wet," or reel in the overtly erotic side of things and simply say, "I feel lucky to have been introduced to you.”
  • Give the impression you have enjoyed what has just happened, and that you would love it to happen again, preferably shortly. When you are giving compliments, focus on aspects you particularly enjoyed, whether that was the kissing, the stroking, any kinky aspects, and drop hints about the extent to which enjoyed the attention.

Because there are so many different aspects to lovemaking, and everyone has favorite positions and techniques, communication is such an important part of acting after you have slept with a guy. Don't be shy about telling him what you love to experience. You don't have to be concerned about giving the impression you have had a lot of experience. If he is the type of person who thinks his partners should exude virginity and is likely to be put off by you having any kind of sexual history, he is simply not worth getting to know better. Consenting adults who enjoy sexual experiences accept that there can be a certain amount of development involved in mastering this activity! Experience is therefore a huge positive.

Here’s How to Keep a Guy Interested in Bed

how to act after sleeping with a guy

One of the most awkward aspects of wondering what to do in a post-coital situation is being aware of subtle mood changes.

How to keep a guy interested after hooking up

  • If the guy you have bedded is the type who likes to pursue casual encounters at every opportunity, you might well get the impression they have quickly cooled to you, almost within minutes of their climax.
  • To a lot of blokes, especially those under-30, the prospect of getting together with someone for a physical encounter tends to be viewed in the context of being purely fun and recreational, something they might view alongside any other leisure activity, such as appreciating fine wine or attending a fabulous gig.
  • They may well have a flippant attitude towards relationships, and the cliche of looking upon partners as ‘notches on a bedpost’ can come into play. But because this attitude tends to be so frivolous, it can easily be countered if you know what you are talking about.
  • If you can discern the moment when the guy you have just slept with has reached this ‘shift’ point and appears to be anxious to put his clothes back on and offer excuses about why he doesn’t want to hang around for breakfast, this is where you can employ feminine guile.

How to stop him from leaving

The very last thing you should think about doing is becoming overly clingy. If you get the impression he is not into repeating your night of passion, never think about pleading with him. Giving the impression you are emotionally weak or unstable will only ensure he is fully dressed and slamming your front door shut with even more haste. However, the good news is that guys can easily be manipulated.

If appears to be on the verge of a disappearing act, there are all sorts of things you could do to arrest his attention. Because he will still have testosterone racing through his system and will still be extremely sexually attracted to you, consciously or subconsciously, you could toy with his affection. Pull the sheets away to reveal your body, still glistening with sweat, and then issue a challenge. Could he manage to satisfy you again? You could add a cheeky little proviso that much as you enjoyed the sex, it wasn't quite a 10 out of 10 as far as you were concerned. Perhaps verging towards seven. Not only would you have turned the tables on him, but you will also have placed the onus on him to get back into the saddle as quickly as possible to prove himself as a man. Very few guys will be able to brush this off.

He will be far more concerned about guarding his reputation, fearful of word leaking that he is a dud, not a stud! He will see you in a completely different light, and slipping off into the night with some mumbled excuse will become the last thing on his mind. Instead, he will be putty in your hands.

Find Out How to Keep a Guy Interested After Hooking Up

how to act after sleeping with a guy

Following on from this, teasing a guy is one of the most potent weapons in any girl's box of tricks. Men are not repelled when they are treated with disdain. Quite the reverse. If you can build barriers between you and the guy you have just slept with by being stand-offish about it all, even dropping hints you are in no hurry to see him again, this will only reinforce this sense of being daring.

Where relationships are concerned, especially the physical side of things, there is a familiar adage: ‘treat them mean, keep them keen.’ This doesn’t have to be restricted to the immediate aftermath of having slept with a guy. In the days that follow, don’t appear overly enthusiastic.

  • At this stage, it might be worthwhile employing some subtle mind games. The guy might be attempting to gain the upper hand by not texting you for a couple of days afterward, in the hope that this is going to keep your passion simmering. But this little ruse is so easy to trump.
  • When he does eventually get in touch, expecting you to react with compliance, appear disinterested, even going so far as to appear a little cold and unresponsive. This would be doubly effective if you can still inject your email, text, or phone conversation with a subtle sensuality.
  • If you can give the impression you are not that eager to see him, at the same time offering him a glimpse of what he is going to lose out on if he doesn't up his game and fight for your attention, you will be onto a winner.

In the modern age, where we have access to so many methods for getting in touch, this is where you can get his blood boiling in the aftermath of sleeping with him. You can drop all sorts of hints once you become more acquainted with his routine, perhaps finding out where he works, and where he is liable to be at certain times during the day. You can start having a lot of fun with him as you stir his emotions.

Teasing is an artform

If you know he has mentioned attending some important meeting at work, choose this moment to send him a particularly intimate text. Perhaps you could raise the temperature even further by inserting candid images of yourself, even a short video, displaying you in that fantastic new underwear that has just arrived courtesy of your Ann Summers account.

The golden rule is not to exchange images that are too explicit. There is no guarantee your relationship is going to last forever, and if it does finish under a cloud, the last thing you would want to do is have incriminating pictures of yourself in the hands of a spurned ex. But if you can subtly tease him with suggestive language, or embed half-naked visions of you in his imagination, he will become your willing servant for as long as you wish him to be!