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Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl

If there’s a girl you have in mind that you like or fancy, asking her freaky questions can be a quicker way to her heart - and more intimate parts too!

Freaky questions to ask a girl are also a great way to find out if someone fancies you too - so they can be useful when you meet a hot woman for the first time.

Even if you are already in a relationship,, a loss of freaky questions to ask a girl is an easy way to find out if she’s willing to do the sort of thing you are into.

It can save embarrassment too. If she’s not into a particularly freaky sex activity, you can always get out of it by saying, “I’m not either - that’s gross!”. On the other hand, if you find that she’s into it too, get ready for action!

Freaky Questions to Ask a Woman

girl answers intimate questions

So first of all, here are some freaky questions to ask a girl when you first meet up.

They start quite casual then get heavier as you progress.

  1. Do you come here often?
  2. Are you local?
  3. Are those clothes your normal attire?
  4. Do you like guys like me?
  5. I like you, do you like me?
  6. Do you like flirting?
  7. What do you do for fun?
  8. Have you got a boyfriend?
  9. Would you like a boyfriend?
  10. Fancy a date with me?
  11. Do you know how to French kiss?
  12. If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?
  13. Can we hold hands?
  14. Can we get a little intimate?
  15. Are you a snuggler?
  16. What are you doing later?

More Naughty Fast Talk Questions to Ask a Girl

Now suppose you get a little further with your lady friend. And you manage to get her back to your place, or hers. Now you’d like to go further, but you don’t know if she wants to too. If you have more questions to ask,, you can find out without looking as if you are putting in too much effort. Not only will it look cooler, but you can ask the sort of questions you’d like answering, but they don’t feel so personal because you are reading from a list.

  1. Do you think I’m sexy?
  2. So you think you are sexy?
  3. What’s your most sexy part?
  4. What’s my most sexy part?
  5. Are you ticklish?
  6. Can I tickle fight you?
  7. How sensitive are your breast?
  8. Do you like having your nipples played with?
  9. Do you like having your breasts played with?
  10. Does playing with your breasts make you wet?
  11. Can just playing with your breasts make you reach an orgasm?
  12. Do you know where your G-spot is?
  13. Do you like masturbating?
  14. Do you know how to stroke your clitoris?
  15. Can you show me how to stroke your clitoris?
  16. Do you like being tongued?
  17. Are there any parts of your body that you like tongued?
  18. Would you like me to tongue your clitoris?
  19. Do you like giving men blow jobs?
  20. Is there any spot you like massage?

Sexually Intimate Questions to Ask a Girl

If you can get a girl to answer those sort of questions, you are ready to go up a gear or two, and ask her even more erotic questions. Here’s a few more to get her in the mood. You’ll probably be able to work out from her reactions whether to stop, keep asking - or whether to break off for some intimate action.

  1. Do you get very wet before sex?
  2. Do you make men hard quickly?
  3. Do you like the smell of your sex?
  4. Do the men you have made love with like your smell of sex?
  5. Do you need a lot of foreplay before you are ready for penetration?
  6. Are you a screamer - do you have sex noisily?
  7. Will you climax?
  8. Will your partner usually climax?
  9. Will you cum more than once during penetrative sex?
  10. Will you ever masturbate after sex?
  11. Do you like your partner to play with your clitoris during penetrative sex?
  12. How does it feel to have your toes licked when you are making love?
  13. Do you like your partner to talk dirty during sex?
  14. Do you like to talk dirty during sex?
  15. Will you have sex even during your period?
  16. Do you like a particular position during sex?
  17. How much do you like having sex from behind?
  18. Are you willing to explore sex in different positions?
  19. Do you prefer sex naked or dressed to thrill?

Kinky Stuff to Ask

These are all vanilla sex questions so far. But lots of couple are looking for something more to spice up their sex life. Perhaps you’d like to play a dominant or submissive role occasionally. Maybe you are too embarrassed to ask, though, in which case these questions may be just the thing to test your woman. Then you can find out whether she is interested in being a domina - or a submissive - or both, without it sounding as though the questions are necessarily coming from you.

First up, here are some freaky questions to ask a girl to find out if she’s secretly a domina.

  1. Do you like to take control of the bedroom?
  2. Would you like to be the boss in our relationship?
  3. Do you ever get a sexual thrill hurting people?
  4. Do you think you look sexy in thigh-high boots?
  5. Are you good at ordering people about?
  6. Do you find it fun to boss your partner?
  7. Would you whip me hard?
  8. Would you slipper me across your lap?
  9. Can I cane you so hard that I leave some nasty marks?
  10. Will you be my slave?
  11. Can I ride you like a horse?
  12. Can I treat you like a dog?
  13. Can I hit you so hard you cry?
  14. Will you let me tie you up?
  15. Can I spit in your mouth?
  16. Can I piss into your face?
  17. Will you be my toilet slave?
  18. Will you be my money slave?
  19. If I order you to do something, will you do it whatever it is?
  20. Will you be my slave in public?
  21. Will you kiss my feet in front of our friends?
  22. Will you let me slap and punch you?
  23. Can I verbally abuse you without any reply?

Bondage Freaky Questions to Ask a Lady

provocative woman in bodysuit and mask lying on floor

Perhaps though, you’d rather that you were in charge than her.

So you’ll need some questions to ask to see if she’s into you being boss.

With these questions already written for you, you don’t have to pretend that they came from you, so if she isn’t into them, pretend that neither are you.

  1. Would you let me be your master?
  2. Will you let me punish you?
  3. Can I cane and whip you?
  4. Are you into strangling foreplay?
  5. Can I put you over my lap and spank you?
  6. If I give you a list of tasks, will you fulfill them or accept my punishment?
  7. Can I force you to give me a blow job?
  8. Can I leave some marks on your body?
  9. Will you let me slap your body?
  10. Can I pretend to be a rapist?
  11. Can I pretend to be a murderer?
  12. Will you let me interrogate you?
  13. Can I pretend to torture you?
  14. Will you let me tie you up to do as I will?
  15. Can I punish you?
  16. Will you count the strokes down when I spank your bottom?

Really Dirty Questions to Ask a Woman

Perhaps you just want to make your sex life dirtier than it is. If you have the same partner for an amount of time, you may be getting bored. But maybe you don’t need a new partner to freshen up your sex life; you need a prompt for some new ideas.

  1. So here are some really dirty questions to ask a girl - some of them so.
  2. Will you let me sniff your farts?
  3. Will you sit on your face with no knickers on?
  4. Can you get both my testicles in your mouth?
  5. Can you but for me so hard it hurts?
  6. Will you flush my head down the lavatory?
  7. Will you wee straight into my mouth?
  8. Will you crap all over my face?
  9. Will you torture my cock and balls?
  10. Will, you spread the wetness from your legs all over my face?
  11. Are you willing to torture me until I cry with pain?
  12. Can I insert objects inside you?
  13. Will you insert objects inside me?
  14. Can we role play where I am an object of furniture?
  15. Can we role play where I am your toilet?
  16. If I gave you a plate of my waste, will you eat it?
  17. Would you give me a plate of your waste and force me to eat it?
  18. Can we see how long I can stay inside you without cumming?
  19. Can we see how quickly I can make you cum without using my hands?
  20. Can I try and make you cum without touching you between your legs?

Invent Your Own Freaky Questions Too

There are lots more questions - and areas you can ask too. You can either write them out in advance and add them to ours, or simply ad-lib and ask them as you think them up. Whatever you decide to do, we’re sure that you’ll have lots of fun when you both go through them together.