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Find Out the Best Places to Have an Affair

Having an affair is quite common nowadays. There are several reasons why people tend to go out in search of an affair partner. Some do it just to spice up their relationship, while some don’t even know why they are cheating. Whatever your reason may be, it is advisable to be smart about it because you wouldn’t want your partner to figure it out, thereby affecting your relationship. Certain places are advisable for meeting with your date if you wish to have an affair. Also, there are some places you must avoid, no matter how horny you get. There are also specific tips to keep in mind whenever you are meeting for an affair. Once you are aware of these and strictly adhere to these rules, you won’t have any issue with your affair or relationship. After all, your relationship is still the most important to you, and you wouldn’t want to destroy it. As you read on, you will discover the best places to meet for an affair and the worst places to avoid.

List of The Best Places to Cheat

List of The Best Places to Cheat

Have you been chatting with your mistress for a while and would like to set up a meet? There are several options of places you can choose to meet whenever you are ready. They include random places all over the city; these are places you could have a conversation and engage in some other activities. To peacefully cheat and not get caught, you may choose to meet at any of the following places;


One of the ideal places to choose to meet your mistress is a motel. It is a very common meeting place for cheating partners. As long as you don’t pick a motel very close to your house or your mistress’s house, you are very safe. You may decide to meet during the day or in the evening, as long as you have a believable excuse to convince your partner if she asks about your whereabouts. If you both stay far away, you can choose a motel at the halfway point from your respective houses.

Bars & Nightclubs

It is advisable to pick a club or bar if you are to meet with your cheating partner. It is a conducive place to meet for an affair as much as it is not a nightclub or bar that you frequently visit with your partner and friends. Pick a nice bar to meet if you would like to avoid been seen by your spouse.

Coffee Shop

This is also a common meeting center to meet someone in secret. It is ideal to choose a coffee shop if all you want to do is simply engage in exciting conversations without any disturbance. Certain coffee spots are in open areas; it is advisable to choose those located in inconspicuous areas. By doing this, you won’t have to look over your shoulder anytime the door opens or closes. You can calmly sit and enjoy your time with your mistress without having to worry about being caught.

Movie Theaters

Another common place to meet a cheating spouse is a movie theater. This is a prevalent place where people visit with their mistress and lover. Enjoy an excellent movie alongside your cheating partner. However, you must choose a cinema in a location far from your home to avoid been seen by someone you know. It shouldn’t be close to your mistress’ place also to prevent any trouble.

In Vehicles

This is not so common as the other places mentioned. However, it is a great place to meet with your affair partner. You may choose to meet in your car or theirs. Vehicles are perfect spots to engage in friendly conversations and also to get intimate as well. However, you must ensure that the vehicle is parked in a discreet location with no probability of being seen by your partners.

Worst Affair Meeting Places to Avoid

Worst Affair Meeting Places to Avoid

There are lots of places where people choose to meet. However, there are some places you may decide to meet if you were single, but it wouldn’t be ideal for you to meet for an affair. As someone in a serious relationship and who truly values his/her relationship, you must be cautious of the locations you choose to meet your affair partner. You wouldn’t want a situation where you get caught and have to feel embarrassed for your actions. Some relationships collapse very fast once a partner is caught cheating. So, if you don’t want to find yourself in this situation, places to avoid when having an affair includes;

Your Home

One big mistake you can make is to schedule to meet for an affair at your marital home. No matter how busy your partner is at work, never make the mistake of arranging to hook up at your place. Even if your spouse recently traveled and wouldn’t be back for a while, never try to use your place as a meeting point because it is very risky. There could be traces left behind if you attempt to have an affair here. There may be neighbors who have recently become close friends with your spouse. Also, your mistress may forget one of her belongings. There is also the issue of untidiness which your spouse may immediately notice. So, if you value your relationship so much, never take the risk of hooking up at your house. Just as you avoid meeting at your place, it is also not advisable to meet at your mistress’s place. Whether she is married or not, never make the mistake of taking such a big risk.


Your place of work should not be found in your list of possible places to have an affair. You can never tell who is watching or who might be visiting. No matter how horny you get, ensure you control yourself if you find yourself in this place. If you find it hard to control that urge, you may take a break and signal to your mistress to meet you at a nearby discreet spot. There have been people who have been caught having sex in their office, resulting in unimaginable consequences. So, no matter what, never attempt to have an affair in either your place of work or your cheating partner’s place of work.

Places Often Visited by Your Spouse

A popularly visited spot by your spouse shouldn’t be among your list of places to meet someone in secret. Some of the frequently visited places alongside your spouse are exciting places. However, please don’t make the mistake of trying to impress your mistress by taking her to the same spot because there’s a particular amenity or activity that takes place there. Better google other similar areas that are pretty far from that spot if you are interested in taking your mistress on a date. You could mistakenly run into a mutual friend or acquittance if you choose to meet your cheating spouse at a place you are popularly known with your significant other.

The Dos and Don’ts of a Secret Meeting Places for Lover

The Dos and Don’ts of a Secret Meeting Places for Lover

Cheating is sweet but also requires a lot of effort if you desire not to get caught. You have to be smart and very cautious if you are interested in cheating on your partner. You have to know the right places you can meet for an affair and the places you must avoid at all costs. After picking the ideal place to hook up, you must still take some preventive measures while meeting at these places. There are certain things you should never attempt to do so as not to risk revealing your secret. The measures you must take include;

Never Make Payment with Credit Card

An expert cheater would tell you to always have enough cash on you while meeting for an affair. Whatever you are paying for, ensure that you do not use your credit card to avoid leaving any form of evidence behind. Perhaps, you are paying for a room or purchasing certain things; make sure that all payments are made via cash. Once you heed this critical advice, you can rest assured of not getting caught by your spouse. Although, if you are traveling to meet your mistress, you may need to pay for a hotel which is advisable to let your partner know of your plans of getting a room as you are heading on the trip. Since she is aware of your journey, you may pay with a credit card in such situations. If not, try as much as possible to stick to payment via cash.

Never Take Photos

No matter how romantic you are feeling with your date or how naughty you guys are feeling, never make the mistake of taking pictures. You might have the intention of deleting it before you get home, but nobody is above mistake. You can forget, which could lead to an agitated moment between you and your significant other if they find out. No matter how sweet things are going with your affair partner at that moment, cease snapping pictures so as not to leave room for any traceable evidence.

Never Connect Your Phone to the Internet

If you know you are secretly meeting with your mistress, ensure that your phone’s mobile data is switched off. Make sure that it isn’t connected to any Wi-Fi as well. This is because your partner may decide to call you via video call to confirm your location. However, if she calls you and suspects you are not where you claimed to be, there may be cause for alarm. Putting your phone on flight mode may seem suspicious, so it is advisable not to turn off your phone. Simply make sure it is not connected to the internet.

To successfully meet your cheating spouse and not get caught, ensure that you adhere strictly to the above tips. Once you do, you can enjoy your affair peacefully.


Meeting for an affair is about knowing the ideal place to meet. Simply avoid the poor options of hookup spots listed above and adhere strictly to necessary measures when meeting someone in secret.