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Creative date ideas in Atlanta

Are you looking for fun and creative ideas for your date night in Atlanta? We’ve got your back! Whether it’s your first date or a much-needed getaway from the kids and your hectic routine, there are plenty of creative and fun things to do on dates! This ultimate list of creative ideas for a perfect date night has a little bit of everything – from the most romantic ones to outright adventurous ones!

The list contains all the fun places you can visit in your city for a couple’s night out. These ideas are also fun if you are celebrating with a group, for example, a birthday or perhaps a promotion! These creative date ideas in Atlanta are outrageously fun and romantic. You won’t ever have to Google where to go for your next celebration ever again!

Apart from all the fun places that you can visit, this list also includes fun activities to do on your dates. Skim through this comprehensive list and take what you like.

List of Fun Things to Do in Atlanta for Couples

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First up, we have the classic, most romantic, straight-out-of-the-vault romantic date ideasfor couples! These include dining out for a perfect night, making your own custom picnic date, exquisite wine tasting, and finally getting a couple’s massage to make for a fun date night in Atlanta! Check out each of these below.

A Classic Dinner for Two

A romantic date night in Atlanta can never not include a classic dining experience. Couple dinner dates are always one of the most romantic things to do. Combine it with the perfect restaurant that has both the taste and the ambiance to follow through, and you’ve got yourself “the best date night ever.”

You can find some of the best restaurants for a date night in Atlanta by exploring the city. We prepared a small list of restaurants that you must visit with your significant other if you haven’t already if you don’t feel like walking:

  • Anis Cafe & Bistro
  • Canoe
  • St. Cecilia
  • Sotto Sotto
  • Polaris

All of these restaurants truly depict how romantic date nights in Atlanta should be!

Kick your eating experience up a notch!

Instead of getting dressed and going out for a formal romantic date night in Atlanta, you can also choose to enhance your experience and go for something that’s casually passionate.

Included in our fun things to do in Atlanta for couples line up is the classic “picnic date.” Sure, restaurants are classy, and they are a clear winner if you are going for a fine dining experience. However, with gourmet meals from places like The Battery, you can put a delightful twist on your date night in Atlanta. Simply take pre-made gourmet meals from these places and head out for a perfect picnic experience. If that doesn’t tell you how romantic Atlanta can get, we don’t know what will.

Get a Couple’s Massage

One of the most fun things to do in Atlanta this weekend for couples is getting a couple’s massage! Couple massages are definitely one of the most overused romantic date ideas in Atlanta. However, the reason for its popularity is because it is simple, and it works!

Head out to The Waldorf Astoria Spa in Buckhead to claim your getaway pass and sign up for a couples massage. The massage includes aromatic baths and aromatherapy massages combined with refreshments. You can also choose to opt for a custom massage experience. The couple’s massage easily makes for one of the best romantic date nights.

Perfect for couples who want to relax and get intimate at the same time (but you might want to wait till the massage is over – at least).

Feeling Tipsy?

A romantic date night in Atlanta always includes a little adventure. What’s the harm in getting a little tipsy when you’re out on a romantic date anyway? Wine tasting is easily one of the most fun things in Atlanta for couples.

Head out to Montaluce Winery and Restaurant for the perfect “romantic Atlanta wine tour!” The Winery is located just outside Atlanta and offers a guided tour to couples and singles alike poured with the exceptional wine tasting experience. The tour lasts for two to three hours and is easily one of the most romantic date ideas in Atlanta.

The Best Romantic Activities in Atlanta for a Perfect Date

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As you’ve already seen, there is no shortage of romantic things to do in Atlanta, GA. However, plain romance can get boring sometimes, especially if you are an adventurous couple. Luckily, we have picked out some of the most creatively romantic couple things to do. Let’s get started to check out some of the most fun and free date ideas in Atlanta!

Ice Skating For Ice Breaking

Ice skating is a fun way to “break the ice” on your first date. It is also easily one of the most romantic things to do in Atlanta for couples. Doesn’t matter if you are on your first date or 1200th, going ice skating will always put that “spin” on your relationship and rejuvenate the romance.

Among the most romantic places in Atlanta, GA, to go ice skating is Park tavern, Ponce City Market, and the Atlantic Station, among many others.

Sipping like never before

We’ve already established the need for a fun sipping experience when you are out on a date. Turns out, there’s more than one way to enjoy a classic drinking experience!

Check out the Georgia Aquarium on your next date if you are somewhat of a fish-nerd. The aquarium offers a wonderful evening full of relaxing music and exciting cocktails to enjoy “under the sea” – well, figuratively at least. You can also pre-book premium tickets to enjoy two free drink coupons to further enhance your date night experience. This is easily one of the most romantic things to do in Atlanta, GA.

How About a River Adventure

One of the most romantic places in Georgia, has to be the Chattahoochee Nature Center. The center combines romance with adventure seamlessly. You can go for a canoeing experience by the moonlight with your significant other – easily one of the most romantic things to do on your date night in Atlanta!

Other than canoeing, you can also experience hiking, outdoor movie night, and other such creative romantic things to do in Atlanta, GA, here at the Chattahoochee Nature Center.

Artistic dates for couples

If you are looking to put a spin on your date, and turn it into one of the most romantic things to do in Georgia look no further!

Everyone knows that the key to a good date is to express your passions to your significant other. If you or your partner are artistic, the High Museum of Art might just be one of the most romantic places. The museum is named High Museum of Art probably because it can, and it will get you “high” on artistic mastery and prowess of one of the best in the world.

If you have watched any romantic movies in your life, you would know that nothing beats a classy, artistic experience when it comes to building yourself up in front of your partner. The museum also offers evening classes, jazz evenings on Friday, and annual dinners and balls for various purposes – easily one of the best Atlanta date spots for your next date!

The Most Romantic Places in Atlanta to Ignite Love

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We have already listed some of the most romantic places in Atlanta, including some really creative ones. However, a perfect date doesn’t always have to be classy and posh. In fact, most couples are actually looking for fun things to do in Atlanta on their date night. For this very purpose, we have created a list of fun things to do in Atlanta, GA, for couples to create a unique date experience!

These fun activities in Atlanta for couples are easily among the most loved date ideas among young and old couples alike. Let us check these out below!

Bike around for a Romantic Night out in Atlanta

Atlanta definitely has one of the best bike tours the country has to offer. Bicycle tours of Atlanta offer an amazing biking experience to take you through many fascinations around the city. The bike tour is an 8 mile long, adventure-filled, and one of the best day date ideas in Atlanta.

The trip lasts for about 3 hours and covers important locations like Cabbagetown, Little Five Points, Inman Park, and the King Historic District to make for an adventurous date night in Atlanta.

Go Kart Racing

Andretti Indoor Karting and Games is among the cool date spots in Atlanta for couples. The company offers a thrilling go-karting experience. You can go head to head with your partner and feel the excitement and passion of competition.

Atlanta couples can enjoy one of the most unique date ideas in Atlanta here at the Andretti Indoor Karting and Games. The place also offers a complete bar and fine dining experience inside the facility, making it one of the best casual date restaurants in Atlanta.

Rooftop fun for couples in Atlanta

Skyline Park is easily one of the most fun places for couples to go in Atlanta. The Skyline Park features a thrilling Skyline Slide and a fun-filled rooftop ice skating experience. The Skyline Park is easily one of the best Atlanta date spots and makes for a fun day date idea! The place is also located in a classy enclave and can also serve as one of the most fun anniversary date ideas.

A Walking Tour of Atlanta’s Street Art

Atlanta is filled with street art murals and wall graffiti. Couples usually like to take a self-guided street art tour to visualize Atlanta’s most gifted art prowess.

Living Walls is one of the city’s biggest art gallery, and definitely one of the best dating activities in Atlanta. Couples walk around town to gaze at all the public display of art the city is famous for. This definitely makes for one of the most romantic things to do for couples.