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Sex Clubs in New York

Having sex with your current partner is fine. However, the relationship may feel dull at some point, and craving for something new will become insufferable. Why not mix up your sex life a bit? No matter your style, sexuality, and preferences, there are plenty of swinger clubs in New York City where everyone can find a partner that suits their needs. Step out of your comfort zone and make some thrilling memories!

Swinger Clubs in Manhattan

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Engaging in sexual activities is all about satisfaction, freedom, and self-expression. With numerous possibilities that come with swinger clubs in New York City, it's easy to get confused about what you want. Everyone has different tastes; some like to party out, others prefer to lounge and have a kinky talk, and so on.

For you to have the best experience in Manhattan, such clubs are one of the best when it comes to userbase, as there are no strangers with creepy desires or ulterior motives. Being the core of the metropolitan area, this is where you're most likely to find the best swinger clubs in New York City.

  • Rick's Cabaret & Steakhouse: This swinger club is located in the heart of New |York City. With four levels in the club, you're guaranteed to find your tribe. Sophisticated and fresh, Rick's Cabaret & Steakhouse is one of the most well-known swinger clubs in New York City, having almost 100 visitors at each meeting. Not only will you experience top-notch adult entertainment, but you can also enjoy one of the tastiest steaks around.
  • Hunk-O-Mania: This one is dedicated to all ladies out there. Your ultimate girl's night starts here. This sex club isn't the conventional sex club for couples; it's a strip club featuring the hottest guys from New York City. If you're confused as to where to hold your bachelorette party, birthday party, or have a night out with your friends, look no further. Let down your hair and get ready to have the sexiest stripper males cater to your needs. If you're looking for something more on the private side, there's an option to book one, or even ten, if that's what you desire.

Swinger Clubs in Queens

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  • Caligula: Are you and your partner looking for a sexy night out in New York City with a big number of seductive strangers? If that's the case, there's no better place to go to than Caligula, the club located in the heart of Queens.
  • CheckMate: Here, exclusiveness is a thing if you're willing to pay. CheckMate is a sex club in New York City available only for a limited number of members. Not only that, but the dress code is strict. Make sure to put your best outfit on before you join in the fun.
  • One Leg Up: Are you looking for something exquisite in New York City? This is the right spot. In One Leg Up, it's all about sexual intensity. This swinger club hosts various parties, with eat-ins exclusive to its members and take-outs where one can take a partner somewhere else to enjoy themselves. This sex club has launched parties with various themes in the past like Human Circus, Black Magic, Eyes Wide Shut, and Barbarella.
  • SinSation: In this club, single men are not allowed to enter alone. Events held there attract many people, usually ranging from 70 to 200 at a time. Also, the music is top-notch. This club in New York City is known for playing sick reggaeton and house tunes. With parties hosted every month in lounges, private pads, and lofts, you're guaranteed to find something that fits your schedule.
  • Adult Socials: This one has a vibe for every kind of person. The club regularly attracts between 25 to 100 couples to parties that usually take place in hotels, private houses, and lofts. This swinger club in New York City hosts events more frequently compared to others — almost every week.

The Best Swinger Clubs in NYC

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  • Killing Kittens: This sex club in New York City is more on the cosmopolitan side. It offers a pleasurable experience for women and female couples only — no single men are allowed to enter. This swinger club has multiple sex-related themes, including parties that have strict policies like no nudity. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't any naked parties.
  • Bowery Bliss: This swinger club is more on the classic side — it's easier to get into and less expensive. If you're someone who's looking for a super-exclusive sex club, this isn't the one. If you're at least 21, have a partner, and look for a place to enjoy yourself, you're most welcome to join.
  • Submit: This club hosts parties monthly on a Friday night, welcoming a community of women and transsexuals in a BDSM-themed night. All people belonging to the LGBTQ community are free to join this club and express themselves. Whatever you feel like doing — from a simple kiss to a full-on sex act — this is the place to be.
  • Saint Venus Theater: Back to extreme exclusivity, the Saint Venus swinger club in NYC is solely for members and those knowing the secret password. This facility isn't a strip club, but it has New York City's finest women.

Before you decide to spend the night or two in a sex club, there are some basic rules you need to consider:

  • Mutual agreement: Let's say that you've decided to spice things up and want to go with your partner to a party in a swinger club. A few drinks in, and they suggest leaving when you were planning on staying the whole night. Sounds like a party pooper, right? It's better to avoid this kind of argument by discussing such matters before you even go. Decide whether you plan to stay the whole night or make a brief appearance. Also, if your partner isn't against you hooking up with a stranger, this should be talked about as well.
  • Changeable agreements: You and your partner have to be ready to alter the rules of your previous agreement should the need arise. Depending on the party's vibe and how comfortable you feel about new connections, you may need to change some rules so the mood won't be spoilt.
  • Drink moderately: It sucks when you've been planning to start a threesome, and when the time finally comes, you find yourself so drunk that you can't even have a proper conversation. Of course, it's not necessary to avoid drinking at all. A few shots in a swinger club will get you in the mood, though you need to know your limits; otherwise, you might ruin the whole night.
  • Let your woman take the lead: If your partner is chill with the idea of you having sex with another woman, why jinx it? The fact that she is okay with it makes you the luckiest man ever. Still, you have to be careful; if you pressure her too much and go over the top with other women, your partner might lash out. If done right, you can have the night of your life with no repercussions — only good vibes and amazing sex.
  • Take your time to observe: Swinger clubs are a breed apart, attracting communities different from your regular high-end club. If you're a first-timer, it's smart to watch how things work in swinger clubs, especially in New York City. If you find yourself enjoying your time, try testing the waters, and see how things unfold.
  • Make time for feedback: With you and your partner becoming more open to engaging in sexual activities with others, it's a smart move to speak your mind after every step you take. Clear communication is how you understand if the rules you previously agreed on need to be modified or if your partner is uncomfortable with something. Exchanging ideas is key to having an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.
  • Become an early bird: Many people find it embarrassing to arrive late to the party and still have to get in the mood while everyone's already on their tenth shot. Imagine coming late to a swinger club, and every person around you is already humping someone else. Saying that it'd be disappointing is quite an understatement. Make sure to come early to get to know the place and have chill conversations with other couples before things get hot.
  • Make room for socializing: Swinger clubs in New York City are meant for people to mingle and have a good time. In a sex club, there is no room for lone wolves. To take your first step into the world of hookups, introducing yourself is a good start; little by little, people around you will become friendlier and open to you. Make sure to preen your feathers and put a smile on your face, and making new friends will be easy as pie.