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Choosing a Cougar Bar in Manhattan

Are you the type of guy who’s interested in cougar dating? NYC is definitely one of the best places on Earth to find yourself a mature woman and is also home to some of the best cougar bars around. It’s relatively easy to find a cougar in NYC if you actually know where to look, but that’s the main issue when you’re on the hunt: where do you look? In this article, we’ll go over a variety of NYC locations you’ll certainly want to check out on your quest to meet beautiful mature women and grab the woman of your dreams. Of course, being NYC, you’re sure to have an amazing time regardless of which NYC bars you go to, but we’ll be focusing on the NYC bars where you’re most likely to find a sexy mature woman. So, without further ado, let’s begin our cougar hunting NYC journey!

The Best Cougar Bars: NYC Starting Points

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You have many different options when you’re trying to find cougars. NYC (specifically the Manhattan area) is full of bars where you can easily meet mature cougar women for dating, hookups, and more! As we mentioned above, the main issue with finding cougars in Manhattan is figuring out which cougar bars in NYC to attend, since some places will definitely yield better results than others. Obviously, being in NYC is the first step. After that, simply follow our list below of NYC starting points to begin meeting cougars in Manhattan!

The Mark Hotel Bar

If you’re looking for laid-back cougar bars in Manhattan, The Mark Hotel Bar is a great place to start. This NYC cougar venue stands out in Manhattan for its laid-back vibe. Unlike most places, this Manhattan location is relatively quiet, making it perfect for chatting with an NYC cougar. Of course, the drinks aren’t cheap, but nothing really is in NYC. You can definitely find a hookup here, but you might actually be able to find a mature woman who wants more if you get lucky! This place generally attracts a wide variety of visitors, so it might take you a bit to find someone in your chosen age range. However, the majority of women who come here are very beautiful, so with a bit of patience, we’re sure you’ll be successful!

Parkside Lounge

If you tend to demand more from your choice of cougar bars, then this Manhattan location should meet all of your expectations. You’ll always have a variety of things to keep you entertained at this NYC bar while you search for a woman. Unlike many other places, you’ll actually be able to get something decent to eat here. On karaoke night, you can actually hear the local Manhattan talent while enjoying local NYC brews not found in other cougar bars. This cozy Manhattan place has a large number of people going in and out, so it’s only a matter of time until you meet your NYC sweetheart. Of course, Manhattan can certainly be a sketchy place sometimes, so you’ll be happy to know that this is one of the locations with a friendly (but firm) bouncer staff.

Peter Dillon’s

This is another good place to find a cougar in Manhattan. Although (unlike some other cougar bars) they don’t have a kitchen, you are allowed to bring in your own food, meaning you won’t be going hungry in Manhattan. This is one of the Irish cougar bars in NYC, meaning the atmosphere is fantastic! The crowd can vary quite a bit, which offers a better experience than most NYC cougar bars in Manhattan because you’ll meet women of all different ages and ethnicities, making it more likely that you’ll run into the perfect Manhattan woman. Also, sports fans will always be entertained while waiting for women since they always have games playing on the various TVs located throughout the floor, and there’s also a pool if you prefer that instead.

Where to Meet Cougars in NYC?

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So far, we’ve gone over some good starting cougar bars in Manhattan & the surrounding NYC areas. Those cougar bars will give you a good beginning, but what if you’re not having any luck? Maybe it’s just a slow night for that location. Regardless of the reason, your ultimate goal is to meet the perfect Manhattan cougar, so there’s no time to waste! Fortunately, if those locations haven’t yielded any results, NYC has plenty of other options for you to check out!

While on the hunt for your next cougar meetup, NYC locals might be able to give you some insight as to when to visit which Manhattan bars. If you haven’t seen a lot of sexy ladies yet, you might want to actually consider asking a Manhattan local for suggestions. However, for those of you that just hate talking to people, here are three more places for you to try your luck at!

The Three Monkeys

If you want to enjoy some good Manhattan grub while searching for a woman, then The Three Monkeys should definitely be on your list of places to try. Unlike many other cougar bars, this NYC place actually offers a wide variety of food, including pizza, fries, & nachos to keep you from getting hungry in Manhattan. You’ll be able to meet many NYC locals when there’s a sporting event on TV (which is fairly common in cougar bars), but this place also hosts karaoke nights as well. Even if you don’t sing, mature women often attend Manhattan cougar bars on these nights for the fun atmosphere, making them a great time to hunt for a beautiful, mature ladies.

Bemelmans Bar

Unlike many of the other bars on this list so far, this NYC location is super classy, making it a great location for meeting a beautiful woman. Although (like most cougar bars) they offer a wide selection of drinks, you won’t be enjoying beer: instead, buy your lady a martini or enjoy an NYC class—the Manhattan! Of course, being a more upscale environment, you should expect to pay more here than at other Manhattan cougar bars, but you’re also more likely to meet classy women after a relationship, not a one-night stand. If you’ve come to New York to find a lifelong partner, then this Manhattan location is worth checking out.


This Irish pub has been around since 1996 and is definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in the Manhattan area. Like some other cougar bars, this Manhattan location doesn’t serve food, but you can easily get NYC food delivered to the bar. One of the best times to meet a mature woman is when there’s a major sports event going on, and this Manhattan bar is prepared for that with TVs spread around the space as well as a drop-down screen! Cougar bars like this provide the perfect atmosphere for meeting mature NYC singles, so if you’ve only tried classy venues so far, you’ll surely want to give Gilbey’s a visit.

The Best Bars to Meet Cougars in NYC

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When it comes to cougar hunting, NYC is one of the best cities to try. So far, we’ve gone over a variety of locations around Manhattan, some more laid-back environments and others being more upscale venues. Both types provide solid opportunities for meeting a cougar; much like the rest of NYC, it comes down to a combination of luck and skill. Now that you know the best cougar bars in Manhattan to start at & some other Manhattan cougar bars to check out if those aren’t very active, you’re probably wondering which NYC bars are the best. Good news—your patience will be rewarded! Here are the best cougar bars in NYC to meet women.

The Spring Lounge

You’ll have the best chances of meeting a beautiful mature woman in NYC if you go to one of the popular cougar bars in Manhattan. The Spring Lounge is a place you can always mingle with large crowds, meet loads of women, and enjoy relatively cheap drinks, making it one of the best cougar bars around! As is the case with many cougar bars in Manhattan, this place doesn’t serve any good, but fortunately, there is a pizzeria right across the street, making food a non-issue. Because of the low prices, people of all ages attend this Manhattan bar but don’t worry too much about that. Since the place is already packed, you’re sure to meet a sexy lady in no time. Just keep your eyes open!


If you’ve come to Manhattan to meet a mature, classy cougar, then Cibar should definitely be on your list of NYC cougar bars to visit. Because of the high prices (which are much more expensive than other bars), you’ll tend to find more upscale women here. However, if you’re low on funds, this Manhattan cougar bar does have a happy hour you can take advantage of! If you prefer more active cougar bars, you’ll have to sit towards the front of the building. If you prefer more laid-back cougar bars, then just head to the rear of this Manhattan building. Either way, this NYC location provides far more options than many other cougar bars, albeit for a premium.

Whiskey Tavern

If you value spending your time in NYC cougar bars, enjoying the atmosphere, and a good conversation, then the Whiskey Tavern is a Manhattan destination you can’t afford to miss! This is one of the locations that offer food, and the prices are fairly low for the Manhattan area. You’ll have a wide selection of Manhattan bar classics to choose from, as well as a wide variety of drinks at your disposal. Compared to other bars in Manhattan, this one stands out for the great atmosphere it provides. You need to visit here at least once while you’re in NYC!