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Where Do Cougars Hang Out in Los Angeles?

If you’ve ever asked, “where do cougars hang out in Los Angeles?” you’re probably a). going to or already in Los Angeles, & b.) love meeting mature ladies in bars and clubs. Fortunately, Los Angeles is an amazing city full of many beautiful cougars just waiting for men to find them, meaning the possibilities in Los Angeles are endless! Unfortunately, since the city has so many bars & clubs, it can definitely be hard to figure out which ones to go to. Some bars generally cater to a juvenile crowd, making them a poor location to meet cougars in Los Angeles, & some clubs share the same issue. To make your trip to Los Angeles a lot more productive, we’ve gathered a selection of the best bars & clubs for you to definitely visit (as well as some Los Angeles tips & tricks!). Ready to encounter the Los Angeles beauties you’ve always heard about? Read on! definitely

Los Angeles Cougar Bars, Clubs, and Hooking Up

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Before we get too far into the Los Angeles bars & clubs hook-up guide, let’s define what we mean by “cougar.” When we say cougar, we mean an attractive woman who’s at least 35 and loves to hook up with younger men! They have years of experience in bars & clubs (and even more in the bedroom). The only bad part about cougars actually isn’t them at all: it’s definitely the clubs! Some places only let a younger clientele get in, which is why it’s vital you know where to look so you can waste less time & meet more cougars.

Thankfully (and especially in a location like Los Angeles), it’s not too hard to find attractive cougars. In Los Angeles there are many different bars & clubs where you can talk to all different types of women, meaning you’ll definitely be able to meet the perfect cougar for you. Some men are just interested in hooking up with a cougar & nothing more. If that sounds familiar, you’ll probably have better checking the clubs. On the other hand, if you’re searching for an ongoing relationship (either romantic or purely sexual), then the bars might offer a superior option, although you can still try the clubs as well.

You’re probably used to picking up younger girls in the Los Angeles clubs & bars. You’ll be happy to learn that talking to cougars is relatively similar, but you’ll still want to keep a few things in mind. First, you’re in bars & clubs, so don’t approach her like she’s an old lady. She’s there because she feels young, so avoid coming off as rude. Second, older women don’t have time to mess around. Even though she’s meeting guys in clubs, she still doesn’t want to waste time. Be straightforward, polite, listen to her responses, and always try to actually carry a conversation rather than just saying “hmm” or “yup.”

One of the best things about Los Angeles is the large selection of bars & clubs. Bars are a solid option because the women you’re likely to run into always depend on the atmosphere. While Los Angeles obviously has bars where everyone goes wild & sexual excitement is high, you can also choose to attend more laid-back bars if you’re trying to have an actual conversation. The advantage of bars is that there’s always someone to talk to, so you can enjoy plenty of conversation while searching for a cougar.

Los Angeles clubs speak a different story. Unlike bars, the clubs tend to be solely a party-driven atmosphere (unless you attend premium-sectioned bars & clubs). The Los Angeles cougars you find in clubs are far more likely to want a hook-up than something serious, so we wouldn’t actually suggest this approach if you’re a romantic. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a one-night stand or a “friends with benefits” type setup, then meeting cougars at clubs could be a great option to try.

The Best Cougar Clubs in Los Angeles

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You’ll definitely have a great time visiting cougar clubs in Los Angeles. Bars are always good if you’re looking for a more intimate time where you will definitely get some solid one on one time, but if you love to party, then the clubs are definitely where it’s at! Los Angeles cougars may be older ladies, but a lot of them love to party as well! If you’re on the hunt for sexy, mature women who know how to have a good time, then going to clubs is an easy way to connect with them.

Much like any other city, Los Angeles has many different clubs & bars you can visit, making it somewhat challenging to choose which one to go to. Fortunately for you, we’ve gathered this shortlist of the best places in LA!

Exchange LA

With space for a maximum of 1,500 partiers, Exchange LA is easily one of the best clubs in Los Angeles for picking up cougars. You’ll have seven different bars to drink from while you’re on the prowl (where you hopefully will find the perfect mature woman sitting!). This is actually one of the many clubs that’s located in downtown Los Angeles, setting it only a short drive away from most other places. This is one of the clubs that host more than just parties, so you may be able to find more reserved cougars at your choice of a quieter event.

Club Mayan

Club Mayan is another one of the Los Angeles clubs you just have to check out if you’re trying to meet cougars! This place is also downtown (making it easy to get to other clubs) like Exchange LA, but it actually holds slightly fewer people, maxing out at only 1,400 people. This may not seem like a massive difference, but going to clubs with fewer people is definitely ideal since you’ll have less competition! Like other clubs, they always hold a variety of events here, so definitely check out their schedule to determine the best night to go and meet cougars.

Elevate Lounge

Described as an “ultra-lounge,” the Elevate Lounge in Los Angeles stands out from other clubs by providing an elegant, superior experience perfect for connecting with cougars! Besides having the illusion of being on a 21st floor Los Angeles penthouse, Elevate has something else that separates it from other clubs: it’s right next to a sushi restaurant! That means after you’re done with the clubs and have found your cougar, you can take her for a nice meal if you want to talk in a quiet setting.

The Best Cougar Bars in Los Angeles

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When you’re in Los Angeles, partying hard in clubs is usually the way to go. Of course, sometimes you’ll get sick of the clubs and will want a quieter setting. Unlike clubs, bars can offer a more laid-back setting in which you can have a real conversation with a mature woman. Since Los Angeles is one of the most enjoyable places to drink, there isn’t a shortage of Los Angeles cougar bars for you to choose from.

Obviously, Los Angeles has a large selection of bars, so it might be hard to figure out which bars are the best cougar bars. Fortunately, you won’t have to visit all the bars to find the top picks; we’ve made a list of the top three bars to meet cougars at! If you would rather go to the club, then that’s OK too, but just know when you finally get tired out, the bars full of mature women will be waiting for you.

Adults Only

This unique Los Angeles bar is one of the best places to meet cougars. The location is the opposite of many other clubs or bars; you have to walk through a mock VHS store to get in, and the interior provides a very premium feel. Unlike other bars in Los Angeles that are full of drunk 20-something-year-olds, Adults Only is one of the bars that tend to attract a more mature crowd. This makes it a solid venue to attend when you want to find cougars, as opposed to bars with a younger clientele.

Foxfire Room

If you’re sick of clubs & love dive bars, then this Los Angeles hole in the wall may be worth visiting. You’re sure to meet plenty of cougars at bars like this. Flirt with older women in this 70’s Los Angeles environment while enjoying far lower prices on drinks than you might find at other bars. Not all bars offer karaoke, but this one does! We recommend checking it out because you’ll tend to find more cougars on these nights.

Frolic Room

This place has a lot more history than most of the clubs & bars you’ll find around Los Angeles. Originally opened as a speakeasy back in 1930, the Frolic Room has been operating as one of the many Los Angeles bars since 1934. The location itself isn’t very big, making it ideal for one-on-one conversations and really getting to know the cougar you’re interested in. If you want an intimate ambiance that you’re having trouble finding at other bars, Frolic Room has got you covered!