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Make Use of Intelligent Pickup Lines

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It's no secret that women appreciate the art of using magical words, even if they are borrowed in simple, encouraging quotes. Heartfelt communication, as well as expressing your feelings in a smart way, can do wonders. Your thoughts, sense of beauty, love, and all things intelligent, and your circumstances play a significant role in what you say.

Sometimes, even some of the most intelligent men struggle to find the right words or smart pickup lines to make women feel special. Fortunately, quotes aimed at women created by writers, philosophers, actors, movies, and TV shows come to the rescue. It doesn't matter much how intelligent the words made to get female attention are, unlike the time and manner in which you deliver them. Some of the best smart and intelligent pickup lines include:

  • Babe, are you from the Sun? You light up my world when it's dark.
  • You're like Amazon — you offer me everything that I seek in life.
  • Oh my goodness, are you a piece of the puzzle? I think we will fit each other perfectly!
  • Are you a battery charger? I feel energetic just by looking at you.
  • I must be visiting a gallery; you look like a piece of art!
  • Nice shirt! It looks like it's made of sweetheart material.

Melt Her Heart With Icebreaker Pickup Lines

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The easiest option for two strangers to connect is to use intelligent pickup lines. The first few seconds of an interaction are important as they decide whether they are ready to proceed or ignore the approaching party. It's unmistakably clear that today's girls are intelligent enough not to fall for ordinary pickup lines. Thus, the icebreaker pickup lines have to be smart.

Make sure to set the tone for the interaction to establish a hookup. Many researches suggest that women seeking a long-term relationship tend to put commitment, loyalty, and financial stability above many other characteristics like spontaneity, open-mindedness, creativity, sense of humor, and sociability.

But what about the short-term relationship you are aiming for? In this case, females tend to elevate the importance of attractiveness and place less emphasis on trustworthiness, romantic philosophy, and status. A study suggests women who are open to short-term relationships tend to favor intelligent, attractive, and daring partners over average-looking and trustworthy.

To summarize, the attributes women rank as the most important for finding a potential mate depend on the type of relationship. For both cases, these smart phrases will come in handy.

  • The men around you turn senseless because of your beauty, have mercy on them!
  • You're the prettiest flower in human form I've ever seen.
  • Could I be the lucky one who'll get your kiss?
  • Do you have a name, or are angels usually nameless?
  • You're pretty, and I'm handsome. I'm sure we'll look even better together.
  • Your eyes are so clear, I wouln't mind drowning in them.

Women love to be praised in terms of their beauty. However, smart guys know how to flatter intelligent girls with some cheesy pickup lines. You should be able to swiftly craft flattering phrases to pave the way for further discussion.

The Classic Chat Up Lines That Never Get Old

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Over the years, some classic pickup lines have worked for generations pretty well and proved to be effective with many females. Even today, there are effective and smart one-liners you can tell any girl to bring a smile on her face and make her yours.

Let's say that you've already been to the club before, and you've tried some generic lines that didn't work well. The chances are that you've started the conversation with an all-time favorite pickup line, "Can I buy you a drink?" And, as it turned out, the girl just wants free drinks, not to hook up with you. If that's the case, it's a good idea to look elsewhere.

Instead of partying out, consider going to a bookstore. There you can surely find an intelligent girl with good looks who could be charmed by smart pickup lines. If you're two into reading, it means that you already have something in common, which will give you something to talk about. A slick yet smart line like "Would you mind if I buy you a book?" will intrigue her since she's probably never been approached this way before, making you look way more attractive.

"Hey, gorgeous! What's your name and number?" or "Mind if I give you a call sometime?" might not be effective for women to give you any attention. Some of the more intelligent classic pickup lines that work with smart ladies are:

  • You look like a rose — pretty and seductive.
  • Have you been a tigress in the previous life? You seem fierce on the outside, though I'm sure that you're really passionate.
  • Does the Pentagon know you exist? Because I haven't seen such a bombshell before.
  • Could you please give my heart back? I think you've just stolen mine.
  • Hey, lovely! You look like fine wine. I would like to have a taste of you.

If the girl resembles any celebrity, you could approach her by saying: "Are you related to Jennifer Lawrence? You look just as gorgeous as her" or use any of the smart lines below.

  • Where did you get the license to turn normal people mad with your charm?
  • Some say I'm good at dates. Would you like to become mine?
  • Have you just gotten out of the furnace? You look hot!
  • If you were a book, I'd read you all night.
  • Please call the ambulance, I think I've been struck by your beauty.

In case you're dating a tech geek or a science student, you can use some smart pickup lines:

  • Are you Google? You seem to know everything I'm looking for.
  • I don't know much about biology, but I can imagine you and me being as two strands of double-helix DNA.
  • I thought that the strongest magnet is neodymium. However, it cannot compare to you.
  • Are you made of alien elements? You look totally out of this world.

Original Introduction Pickup Lines

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Human beings have something called the consistency bias when our brains can't conceive that we can help somebody out even if we don't like them. As a guy, if you ask a girl where the nearest Starbucks or library is, she's smart enough to know what you want and will help you out. From this point, you can strike an intelligent conversation and try out some pickup lines. If you make the conversation flow, you will see her actually wanting to spend more time with you. It'd be a smart idea to go ahead and ask her to join you at the said place so that you can have a date.

As you're walking with your new date, you can say, "Are you a fashion designer, by any chance? Your sense of style is great!" Such a cute yet intelligent line that will make her smile. Don't forget to compliment her along the way!

According to experts, more than 90 percent of communications occur in body language, and less than 10 percent in words. Make sure you behave in a smart, romantic, and respectful way. You will see that your date will return the favor in no time. Girls wants to date intelligent men, not buffoons, so always be creative when using smart pickup lines like the following ones:

  • If I were a bee, I would only sit on a flower like you.
  • In my world, I'm the king, and I'd be glad if you joined my kingdom as a queen.

Using intelligent and interesting analogies in pickup lines works most of the times:

  • Is your name Eve? I would not mind tasting the forbidden fruit with you.
  • I would trade hundreds of dates with the world's sexiest girls to spend a night with you.
  • If I were to take classes in aesthetics, you would be my self-explanatory book.
  • If you can be mine, I promise I'll share legends about your beauty throughout the decades.
  • As space defies gravity, you defy my self-control.
  • I think that I have to see a doctor since you make my pulse raise.

Some of the wittiest and intelligent pickup lines have streaks of naughtiness you can use to make her smile:

  • If you were a paper, I would write on every inch with my lips.
  • Can I borrow some colors from you? You seem to have soaked all the colors in the world.
  • You seem to have a solid base, and I could be your baseball.
  • You're like oxygen, it's difficult to breathe without you.
  • Are you a red flag? Just a quick look at you makes me feel excited more than ever!

We hope that these lines will help you intrigue some of the most intelligent girls around to land a steamy hookup successfully. Best of luck, gentlemen!