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Best Profile Summary for Online Dating

Have you got what it takes to compose creative, expertly written content for your online dating profile? Or maybe you are unsure of what to say to draw in prospective partners and secure dates? We've got all the information and advice needed to create a 1 in a million-dating profile.

How to Write a Profile for Match

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Welcome to, the place you can immediately stop wondering how to write a personal profile for online dating. You're about to learn all the best ways and things to maximize your exposure and activity online. So, sit back, relax and read all the information you would need to create the perfect online dating profile that's guaranteed to increase and improve your potential partners pool on the most popular online dating services.

Many of the most popular traditional online dating sites focus on connecting singles for longevity, compatibility, and things they share in common. In contrast, online hookup sites are more focused on matching people based on their sexual desires and interests. As such, it's important that you include plausibly reliable information that your website uses to filter quality partners.

Too often, people neglect to include relevant information within their dating profiles leading to a massive decline in those they could've met if they added more information.

At the first application stage, when you're signing up, the website will ask you numerous personal questions, with the answers you give being used to find you the best, highest quality of matches amongst their member's pool. By having millions of members, such platforms can automatically tailor a list of highly suitable singles to you. The answers you provide during the personality quiz won't be shown publicly; however, they will be used behind the scenes in almost everything your website does with your account. So, it's important that you answer truthfully and accurately to get the best results.

  • Describe Your Job Position – Although you may find your job boring, it's likely other people will take a huge interest in what you do. Including information relating to the opposition is not only giving people a great conversation starter, but they're also learning and abundance information about you.
  • Describe Who You're Looking for Online – Allow other people to easily and quickly identify what you're looking for in a partner and everything you want to avoid. Then, unsuitable singles can save time by not sending a chat, giving you the ability to focus on highly compatible people and promising avenues of conversation instead.
  • Divulge Your Passions – Being passionate is super attractive! Including all the things you love to do in your lights profile is a fantastic way to make connections with more people. Define someone who is best for you; it's recommended that you don't leave out any hobbies or interests you have.

Because most of the dating platforms aren't free and cost real money to join and use, only people serious about finding connections reside there. It's important not to leave out any information you may find interesting about yourself, as all the local users are all looking for something different in their prospective lifelong partners.

The Best Things to Write on a Dating Site

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There are hundreds if not thousands of different possibilities of good things to write on the day insights that will drastically increase your standing with the partners you hope to connect with. Including certain things, topics, and areas of personal information are sure-fire ways to maximize the potential of your dating profile.

Firstly, we recommend including as much relevant information about you in your dating profile as possible without making it seem too wordy. When you're developing your dating profile, it's vital that you're clear, concise, and communicate what you're trying to say effectively, preventing a potential partner from being bored and skipping your profile in favor of someone who can summarize better.

Just like out in the real world, when meeting new people, there are things you should say and things you should avoid including in your online dating profile. Here are some of the best things to write on a dating site if you're looking to meet new partners!

  • Full Name
  • Hobbies + Interests – The more hobbies and interests you can include in your dating profile, the more likely people will reach out and resonate with you. If you're seen to be interesting and sociable, people are far more likely to send you a chat online walking to get to know you better.
  • Location (The city will suffice)
  • Short About Me Section (We recommend limiting this to 250 words as people are likely to tire when reading long pieces of information)
  • An Attractive Opening Line – Including a catchy opener means people aren't going to skip your profile. Instead, they take the time to judge you on your merits of the content uploaded.
  • Star Sign – What's of people are interested in astrology and bass the day in endeavors off of the astrological reports and astrological compatibility.
  • Humor – Being perceived as a funny individual in your dating profile is shown to increase the likelihood somebody reaches out to make a connection. We're all looking for fun and upbeat partners, and nobody wants to chat with someone who looks depressed.
  • Photos – Adding in multiple photos of you doing something you love or photos of you generally smile and having fun are a fantastic way to get more eyes onto your profile. Most dating sites permit up to 12 uploads giving you plenty of room to work with and show yourself in the best light.
  • Call to Action – Including a call to action at the end of your dating profile is a fantastic way to improve the number of people you're chatting to. A call to action is a short snappy piece of text that motivates someone to contact you. A great example of a dating site call to action is "Send me a message, what have you got to lose?"
  • Links to Other Social Media Platforms – Before diverting traffic from your favorite online dating site to your personal social media profile, we recommend you first enable filters on your account, allowing you to scrutinize who follows you. Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat have such fantastic features that enable you to see who is trying to follow you. Adding Links to your other social platforms allows people to get a better view of you, see more photos, and get the urge to interact.
  • State Exactly What You're Looking for – Remember, this is your online dating profile, and you can say exactly what you want. So, state clearly what you're looking for in a partner and the things you want to avoid to weed out bad matches and save you time quickly.
  • Correct Grammar and Spelling – On paid dating sites, especially those focusing on long-term compatibility, ensuring all of your uploaded information is free of grammatical errors is proven to make you seem more attractive to members of the opposite sex.

After including the above areas within your dating profile, taking care to ensure you haven't waffled, now is the time to ensure your profile is first readable, secondly attractive, and thirdly has the means to draw in the partners you're looking for.

Different types of dating sites are suitable for different types of user profiles. For example, hookup sites and long-term relationship dating sites are much different in the information you need to upload. On a hookup website, you're not looking to add lots and lots of information about yourself. Instead, you're looking to detail any fantasies you may have, ideas for things to try in the bedroom, and much less information overall. Opposingly, a traditional dating site, it's all about quality personal details as much as possible.

Adding informative content that makes you seem like an interesting, outgoing, and fun individual is a great way to increase your number of matches. Exposure on online dating sites leads to much more real-world connections being formed. Most dating sites allow users to import tons of different areas of information relating to them to maximize their chances of finding a perfect match. Including things such as social activities, voluntary exercises, and happy smiling "action" photos are fantastic ways proven to help you meet more like-minded people online on dating sites.

Dating App Intro Example

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"Hi guys, I'm Emma, 32 and newly single.

I'm looking for a serious relationship with men 30-35 living locally. I have 2 boys, a passion for animals, and plenty of time to get chatting. Why not send me a message now?"

It's not necessary to include masses of information within a profile headline or dating site paragraph. The more concise and direct you are, the better your results!

Once your dating profile on your chosen dating platform is successfully created, we recommend calling upon the help of a friend or at least someone you trust to grant over your profile and give you there for us. Often, we overlook our own small mistakes, and miss can lead to us missing out on potential new dating opportunities online!

Now you're 100% certain of all the dos and don'ts with online dating and know how to write a self-summary for dating, go and create a kick-Ass dating profile sure to captivate the attention of everyone who stumbles upon it. Now, when all the eyes are on your profile, it's about being yourself and naturally building connections with like-minded people. With online dating, it's best not to rush things and wait until the right people gravitate towards you.

If you're looking for more information regarding online dating or meeting new people, we have an abundance of expertly written dating advice waiting for you for free on now!