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My Wife Wants Another Woman: What Should I Do?

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Since nearly the beginning of time, women have been attracted to other women, with lesbianism being prominent throughout many ancient and modern societies. However, suppose you're a man in love with a woman that you've made your wife, and you realize she has feelings for another woman. In that case, this can be severely devastating for your physical and mental health; the impact cannot be understated when your significant other realizes she's better off with another woman.

Men frequently have seriously damaged egos and personal views of themselves as a result of women opting to be with another woman, opposed to the strong independent guy they see themselves as.

Contrary to your beliefs about female sexuality, nearly all women are attracted to other women in one form, with most women instead opting for security and safety in the society of a loving husband, rather than entering into a lesbian relationship instead of a relationship with a woman.

It's understood 75% of women possess some form of physical attraction to other females. Although this information is far from comforting, at least you can begin to understand it' a natural occurrence for your wife to have feelings for someone else, irrespective of how strong your connection is.

While the behavior and thoughts are commonplace, it doesn't take away from the pain you're feeling in this moment.

Signs My Wife Has an Affair with Another Woman

Discovering for certain your wife sleeps with another woman is enough to bring any man's world crashing down to pieces, let alone knows those with previous issues. But, knowing the ways to manage the situation and effectively can help minimize pain and speed up your recovery time tenfold whilst simultaneously and effectively improving your current relationship.

Depending on how you found out about the affair will impact the way you deal with the situation. The type of person you are plays a vital factor in your next move. If you're not the forgiving type, this is to be the end of your relationship, 100%, because it will cause you serious emotional heartache going forward.

If you caught your wife red-handed having sex with another woman, it's likely things are damaged beyond repair, and there is no use trying to fix the situation. In this case, it's best to accept what has happened, show your wife what she's lost, and move on to your next journey in life. We all end up exactly where we are meant to be. We cannot argue with fate. What's meant to happen will happen. Some of life's best lessons are taught through pain.

How to Act When Your Wife Cheats

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Don't tell your friends

Although the pain is raw, deep, and fresh, and you're looking for someone to reach out to, you shouldn't detail the circumstances of your situation to your friends immediately as judgment will immediately be passed, silently or verbally; the damage is equal. Instead, it's best to wait and assess the situation on the whole before you decide your next move.

Do you want to spend the rest of your life with this woman? If so, opening up about infidelity is certain to cause lasting ramifications in your relationship, not between the pair of you, but with your closest friends as well. Even if you forgive your partner, they won't.

Don't reach out to her friends

Trying to get even may seem like the best port of call, but reaching out to her friends trying to extract any information about what she's done, what they know, or trying to make a bounce-back romantic connection with them because you're hurting is a terrible mistake. Her friends are her friends for a reason; their loyalties remain with your wife.

Keep the information away from children and family life

Although children are highly susceptible and perceptive when there is a change in the atmosphere or environment they're in, it's best to act normally and keep the situation away from your children for as long as possible, especially if you don't plan on separating. Children don't understand relationships and the impacts cheating has; you should only divulge the situation to them when your sure things are finished.

Take your time and think about the situation

Before diving headfirst to make a rash decision that you may later regret, consider whether you still see a future with this woman. Thousands of relationships around the world have recovered when a woman has cheated with a woman allowing you to take comfort; this may not be the end, should you not want it to be.

Don't blame yourself or your credibility

Remember, you're not the first guy was happened to, and you certainly won't be the last. Women have always cheated on other women, just as men cheat, don't be disheartened and question your ability to be a strong man. Women make their own decisions for potentially hundreds of reasons, the main being selfishness. Ultimately, you shouldn't place blame on yourself.

Take Your Best Personal Course Of Action

Ultimately, it's your call on how you proceed in your relationship, take into account the way you're feeling and the way you would feel if you continue a relationship. Also, take into consideration how you're going to feel living without your wife. Is this situation serious enough to end your marriage?

My Wife Seems to Be Attracted to Another Woman

Now you're sure she has an attraction to other women; her focus needs to be redshifted towards you. We fully understand the heartache involved with the revelation your wife has feelings for another woman. But, steps can be taken to rekindle your spark almost immediately. Try this advice to make her put your relationship back in the spotlight and allow a successful continuation to your love story!

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How to Make Things Worth After Cheating

  • Honesty – Your wife is required to be brutally honest about why the circumstances took place, the lead-ups, the triggers, and other relevant information. Without understanding the root cause of the actions, the relationship can't be fixed. By working through this together, the relationship cannot only be fixed but the shared personal bond be made stronger!
  • Remove Contact with the "Third Party" – If your wife doesn't immediately eliminate the third party from her life and relationship, it's likely she's already too emotionally involved, and things cannot be fixed. However, by deleting the third party swiftly, the temptation to cheat again is removed, and she can focus on building and maintaining a strong, successful relationship with you.
  • Your Wife Accepts Responsibility – If the wife accepts responsibility for what she's done and truly shows remorse, this will help soften the blow and aid your recovery going forward—the more open about what happened, the better your relationship and your mental wellbeing.
  • Be Patient – This is a process you both need to stick out and work at daily if to achieve the common goal of a healthy, lasting relationship. By taking things slow in one step at a time, you can begin to build your bond and realize the reasons you fell in love originally.
  • Spend Time Together – Endeavour to do activities you both love doing together to rediscover the spark. Think back to the place you first met or the location of the first date, get suited and booted, and head out for a memorable evening.
  • Seek Professional Intervention – If you've both exhausted the list of ideas above and still cannot make it work, seeking professional help in the form of counseling is a worthy option you should explore. Chatting with a neutral party without bias seeing things from both perspectives, explaining any grey areas you're both unsure of works wonders in conflict resolution, with thousands of easy-to-find success stories published online.

Providing you're willing to put in the work, effort, and time required to make your relationship a success after infidelity, things can reach the heights they once did before your wife cheated on you with another woman. However, if you're not on the same page with your desires and feelings, you're only prolonging heartache.

When making a decision, try to forget the present painful situation, look at things in a new light and decide what's best going forward, not solely for you but everyone involved.

After reading this article on infidelity amongst women in relationships, you're in a better position to make an educated decision going forward. Can you fix things and repair your relationship, or is it the end? You decide. Be proactive and act for the best resolution to the situation faced.

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