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Do You Know the Best Way to Ask for a Girl Number Online?

When you and your buddies are chatting about your motivations for seeking a female partner, what sort of answers crop up in the conversation? Will you hear a lot of comments about searching for 'the one,' or is there more likelihood of the consensus is looking for 'a partner for the one-night stand I'd like to have tonight? Whatever your motivations, even if you are more likely to have stated, "I want one girl's number, and want to meet my soulmate," your best outlet for coming across a diverse cross-section of potential partners is to succumb to the allure of Internet dating.

Once you've signed up to a dating site, you can interact with a bunch of other singles, and if you feel a romantic vibe with any of them, you can start working on the best way to ask for a girl's number in an online environment. Even if you've always regarded yourself as being a little shy or hesitant when it comes to connecting with a potential love interest, you'll soon develop the confidence to introduce yourself to a range of other site members, any one of whom would be prepared to exchange numbers.

Here’s How to Convince a Girl to Give You Her Number

how to get a girls number online dating

If you are interested in resolving the best way to ask for a girl number online, there are many different ways to court about achieving this. When you are in social situations, you will know when the time is right to broach this subject. As you are flirting with a female you are attracted to, the conversation will flow naturally until you reach the stage where you begin discussing the possibilities of meeting up for a date. At this point, it should be easy enough to pop the question about getting her phone number. After all, this is one of the most basic aspects involved when you are becoming familiar with someone you are attracted to. But the best way of flirting with people these days is to use the online environment to find out how to get a girl's number.

  • By signing up to a dating site you will instantly gain access to a vast treasure trove of potential talent. Even at the outset of this activity, the information you provided when you complete the website’s application procedure can be ingathered and then matched with data that has already been provided by existing site users. There are algorithms behind the scenes that will work out which of the potential candidates for a romantic relationship would be more suitable.
  • In terms of persuading a girl to give you her phone number, you could say that you already have a captive audience. All the females who have taken the step of submitting their details to a dating outlet will have done so because they are eager to commit to a relationship with someone just like you.
  • Once you have registered to become a member, it should be easy enough to begin developing a rapport with one of the many attractive girls who have provided personal profiles and are now waiting to establish connections.
  • Every website will provide a secure communication channel that makes it very easy to get to know other users. Soon you will be in a position where you can flirt with any number of individuals, any one of whom would be ideal for a hookup.
  • As you kindle sparks of chemistry with one of these women, it will be easy enough to broach the subject of meeting up at some point soon. This is when you subtly flirt within your sexy online chat, broaching the possibility of her passing on her phone number.
  • The point about these dating outlets is that they are remarkable platforms where people can get to know each other so conveniently, presenting the ability to find out so much about prospective partners simply by checking out details as they flash up on your screen. But they should never be seen as a substitute for dating in the real world.
  • Much as you will undoubtedly become comfortable exchanging messages in this environment, the ultimate aim is always to encourage people to meet in the real world. Establishing phone contact is vital to this dynamic.

Ways to Message a Girl for Her Number

how to get a girls number online dating

What happens if you come across a female who seems a little reluctant to give you her phone number? There may be any number of reasons for this, and you need to appreciate them. It could be the case that she has only just come out of a difficult relationship and is not in any great hurry to jump into bed with the next guy that comes along.

  • This is why you have to approach the issue of getting her phone number with a degree of subtlety. Don’t just make it seem like a demand as if getting a hold of her phone contact details is something she should be expected to do as a matter of course. So before posing the question, “can I have your phone number?” make sure that you establish a strong rapport in the first instance.
  • Once the conversation is flowing and you can assure her that you are eager to commit to a genuine relationship and are not just looking for instant action, then she will be in a much better position to feel she can trust you.
  • It is the sense of trust that will persuade a girl to part with her phone number - but if she gets any hint that you are only looking for one thing, then it would be quite understandable if she decides against surrendering this information, at least straight away.

Flirt before asking

As you lead up to the question about asking for her phone number, make sure that you do a lot of flirting. This will pave the way for dropping the question of exchange contact details into the conversation, without putting any undue pressure on her.

  • If you happen to be in a social situation, you can be tactile. Find an excuse to brush against her, whether you lift her hand and say you are admiring her bracelet, or you notice a loose strand of hair on her collar and use this as an excuse to get close to her to remove it.
  • It’s all about creating the right atmosphere. If you can build a romantic ambiance, then issues like exchanging contact details will be easily integrated into your chat.

In this day and age, it is easy to arrange various methods of getting in touch with someone you are attracted to. While exchanging phone numbers is certainly one of the most direct ways, most dating sites will offer a host of communication techniques to make it so much easier to touch base.

  • If your prospective partner would rather face-to-face discussions, but this is proving to be difficult to organize, you could always go down the route of web chatting. This is software that will let you have a virtual face-to-face conversation, allowing you to gauge body language and exchange intimate details as if you were together.
  • Rest assured, in most cases, whether you are on a dating platform or interacting to the extent you can sense chemistry, she’ll be happy to exchange numbers.

How to Ask a Girl for Her Phone Number Online – It’s Easy!

how to get a girls number online dating

There is no reason why learning how to ask a girl for her phone number online should be too difficult a task. But an important aspect of courtship is appreciating that there are barriers. Getting to know someone well to establish the relationship is all about earning her trust.

Flirty mind games

  • If she is at all cagey about providing you with her contact details, then you need to respect that and not fall out with her. You need to gauge whether she is simply playing a degree of mind games with you, or there may be deeper-rooted reasons for her caution.
  • If it’s the former, you can simply join in the fun. Playing ‘hard to get’ is one of the oldest tricks in the book. What this saying to you is that this girl would love to give you her phone number, but she is going to make you work for this information and tease you in the process. This can make obtaining her phone number a bit of a challenge, which can be a lot more fun than simply asking for it and receiving it straight away.
  • When you indulge in this sort of flirtatious behavior, it can help to build trust before you even get to the stage of exchanging any contact details. You can easily make light of the question about asking for her phone number.
  • But if you approach the courtship correctly, not rushing her but at the same time dropping hints about what a fantastic relationship you could have, then she will most likely provide her number long before you part company.

There are many areas where you can put yourself in this situation where you are chatting to a female. This could happen in social functions, or as is far more often the case these days, via online services.

  • You can join dating sites and enter the chat room. These are facilities that will allow six members to interact with each other in a variety of different ways, and not always with a relationship in mind.
  • Sometimes users will just drop into these chat rooms to get involved in group discussions, which could be about any aspect of relationships or romance. You will find it easy to develop a strong rapport with the other singles in these outlets, and once you sense a degree of chemistry with one of the other members, you can always break away from the general conversations and get involved in one-to-one chat. If the girl has entered into this enthusiastically, then the exchange of telephone details is liable to occur naturally, without you having to spend too much time attempting to prise her details out of her.

The digital dating environment is such a convenient place for people to meet up, so if she was hesitant about taking your contact any further, she wouldn't even have got into a personal chat. You can see this communication as a green light.