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Signs She's Bad in Bed

Some men can occasionally hook up with girls and find their skills underwhelming. You might have wondered why and what are the signs that a girl is bad in bed. Here are some of them:

  • Rushed sex is arguably the most major factor. When you're with a girl who you deem as hot stuff, you expect her to be ready for that moment. However, the girl may not know the important steps that lead to the climax, skips the kissing, touching, and licking part, and can get straight to business. Oral sex and foreplay, which are all about touching, feeling, and making out, are very important as they help one prepare for the main course. Ignoring any of these steps isn't recommended.
  • Starting foreplay means that you expect your partner to enjoy yourself and make them feel good in return. In case a guy feels horny, a girl should consider letting him doing things his way. This includes trying out various positions and ways of having sex (except, probably, anal, as it could be quite painful at times). However, if she's bored or apathetic to what he's doing, this may be a problem.
  • Does a girl show no interest in knowing what her partner really wants and has a bad habit of comparing the guy to her ex-boyfriend? If yes, it's going to make any man angry. A female who openly criticizes her current bed partner puts the relationship in jeopardy. After all, males don't like being compared, especially in terms of sex quality.
  • The next indication of a girl being bad in bed is that she stays in a comfort zone and is afraid to try something new. Many guys like new experiences and are ready for experimenting. It doesn't mean that one should go all out, but trying out new positions now and then will ensure a good time in bed.
  • Remember, sex is not a one-way street. One should think not only about getting to a climax as quickly as possible but also about how to satisfy their partner in a better way. What makes a woman bad in bed is when her only goal is to satisfy her lust at the cost of disregarding a man's needs.

Am I Bad at Sex?

signs that a girl is bad in bed

Sexual expectations vary from person to person, which often leads us to ask ourselves this question. It's neither required nor practically possible for one to satisfy their bed partner every single time. Nevertheless, if anyone is bad at sex nine times out of ten, this might significantly harm their love life. For example, if a man isn't satisfied with a girl, he might have to look for other partners. As a result, this girl might not get the attention she deserves when she gets to prime time since he will already be involved with another woman. To avoid this, we present you with some of the major signals that indicate bad performance in bed.

  • Lack of enthusiasm certainly comes on top of the list among things that make both men and women bad in bed. Sex is a passion-filled act powered by high emotional and physical energy. If it's devoid of such an essential thing, it may lose a very important element of excitement and joy.
  • If your partner treats sex as a duty rather than a lovely intimate moment and gives you half their attention, they're not making things any easier. Should they keep checking their social media feed or, worse, talking on the phone while making love, and you can rightfully end such a relationship.
  • If a woman holds a male's penis too early or too tightly, it can make a man feel awkward, so she should be careful when handling the genitals, especially balls. Please note that hurting the privates may completely turn off anyone, regardless of gender. Girls who often wonder whether they are bad at sex should know that their man's face after act says it all.
  • A satisfying sexual encounter usually ends up in a prolonged climax with deep kissing and love bites all over the place. If no such thing occurs, there is a cause for concern.

Rules on How to Not Be Bad in Bed

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What causes people to perform badly in bed? There are many factors to consider to have a memorable experience. Lighting, noise, privacy level, age, experience, prior encounters and relationships, events of the day, and many other things all can affect a person's mood deeply. When a couple goes to bed, one partner might be in a different state of mind compared to the other. Finding a middle ground between your and your SO's mood in bed is always a good idea. Below are several pointers for things to be avoided at all costs.

  • Mentioning problems that happened at work to your partner are bad manners.
  • A couple should always keep each other's sensitivities in mind and never discuss the topics that may make one feel uncomfortable. Remember, it all starts in your mind and heart. If you say anything that disturbs your significant other, it may change their attitude towards you.
  • If a guy is a bit heavy for a girl to have sex in the missionary position, they should consider trying doggy style. If a couple uses only one uncomfortable position, not trying to adjust it will definitely lead to a sour aftertaste.
  • Stroking a man's member too fast might not let him last for long, so a girl should always try to take things slowly and gently. If she goes hard on him, he'll cum in no time, and lovers will both end up blaming each other for how short the encounter was.
  • After having sex, cuddling is considered a very important bonding activity. In case a woman moves away from a man too early or decides to skip the ritual altogether, there's a chance that it may piss him off. So, if one doesn't want to be considered bad in bed, they should not miss this icing on the cake.

How Can a Girl Not Be Bad in Bed?

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Do you often argue with your girlfriend because of her incompetence in sex? If the answer is yes, you're not the only one to have witnessed how a woman can be called bad in bed. There have been numerous cases where guys would blame girls that they don't know a thing about delivering on good sex. But how does one tell a female the truth without hurting her feelings or making her embarrassed? Is it okay to give pointers in the bedroom, or would it end up in a drama?

The thing is, there's no straightforward answer to these questions. One can't be good at sex from the get-go. Everyone has the basic potential to become a good lover, however. All one needs to have is the urge to love and be loved, the emotional attachment, and that animal instinct to become one with the opposite sex. However, girls being selfish, excessively shy, or overconfident to think they know everything about the art of love may steer some men away.

To make a female strive for becoming better in bed, consider encouraging her. For example, you could finish the act, let her rest for a while, and tell her now how good it felt and that you are raring for more. Women get turned on by what they hear, and good praise will make them improve over time.

Going back to one of the previous questions, try to avoid giving any excessive pointers since some females may consider it rude and brand you a smartass. However, a piece of advice used moderately may enrich your and her sexual experience alike. If she's new to love-making, try to make things easier for your girl by giving some guidance, thus steering clear of potential mistakes. Add some sensuous light music, fragrances, and dim lights to the mix, and you are good to go.

To be good in bed, a girl should know how to please her man using various sex positions. To ensure that both parties have a good time, she must be smart enough to adjust her body and make necessary transitions. Experts suggest that women who regularly exercise, and especially practice yoga, prove to be more capable of satisfying their partners due to better blood circulation and trained muscles. Here are several ways of how to improve one's sex life:

  • Get out of bed early in the morning
  • Drink lots of water during the day
  • Consume fibrous foods for better digestion
  • Walk at least for half an hour every day

Also, aerobic exercises enhance sex stamina, and stretching exercises for the pelvic section and thighs improve blood supply to the genitals. Ignoring most or all of the abovementioned tips may make it impossible for one to feel agile and energetic during sex.