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What Is Your Cheating Dream Meaning?

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Constant dreams of your boyfriend cheating can reveal insecurities about yourself or the stability of the relationship. Sometimes they can be a warning of something you already suspected. At other times, it’s your mind revealing something you’re afraid of happening. If you’ve been in a relationship before where your partner cheated or you have strong evidence he did, it is hard to trust again. Finding out what the dreams mean to you and working through them can help save your relationship or confront something that is wrong between the two of you. There are several things you should look at when trying to figure out the meaning of these upsetting dreams.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Your Partner Cheating?

Your dreams of a spouse cheating and their meaning can say a lot about you or your relationship. If you have noticed your partner has a lot of female friends, and you’re not used to being in a relationship with someone like this, it can make you wonder if there is something more going on. If quite a few of these are ex-girlfriends, or he’s openly admitted to being attracted to them at some point before he met you, it’s only natural you’re going to wonder if he still feels something for them. This doesn’t mean he isn’t still interested in them, but that’s something you need to speak to him about and decide if you trust him if he insists your suspicions are unfounded.

If you’re dreaming about your partner cheating with someone you already suspected him of being involved with, it could be your worries presenting themselves to you in your dreams. You’ll need to talk to him and tell him why this person concerns you and what troubles you about him spending time with her. If it’s an ex-girlfriend, it’s reasonable to try to reach a compromise and expect him to see her only when you’re with him, rather than the two of them spending time together. Asking him to stop being friends with her and making a big deal about the dreams can cause him to become defensive and lead to arguments. Dreams can feel very real sometimes, but getting mad at him for something he hasn’t done in real life can lead to problems, and it has been the cause of breakups for some couples.

Sometimes, these dreams have little or nothing to do with the actual act of cheating. They could be your mind’s way of showing you how you feel. If you’re seeing your partner cheat in a dream with someone who you think is prettier, cleverer, or generally better in any other way, it may mean you have low self-confidence. You don’t think he would cheat, but you might wonder why he’s with you instead of with someone else, and you could end up constantly comparing yourself to other people.

If you pay attention to how you feel in the dreams, this can help you work out their meaning. Aside from the obvious upset, do the dreams make you feel relieved on some level as if they’re confirming something you suspected or like a conclusion to a relationship you never thought would last? Or do they make you feel betrayed or excited? Feeling betrayed could be linked to something else in your life where you felt this way, but your mind uses the cheating scenario to play out this fear. Alternatively, if you feel excited, maybe you’ve secretly wanted to watch or get involved with your partner and another person.

How to Stop Having Dreams About Your Boyfriend Cheating

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Working through the problem is the best way to stop having dreams about your boyfriend cheating. Consulting a dream dictionary on cheating can help to understand what it means to dream about your partner cheating in front of you.

If he seems to spend more of his free time with others or works long hours and is barely home, you’ll need to reach a compromise. Either ask to come along sometimes when he meets his friends or make a point of spending time together, such as a regular date night.

Alternatively, you might fear being abandoned by him. Going back to having low confidence again, if you’re worried he might find someone better or just decide you’re not enough for him, the relationship will never be an equal one, and the dreams are unlikely to go away. This needs to be worked on in your waking life.

Depending on the type of sex you’re dreaming about your partner having with someone else, the dreams could indicate that he has all the power in the relationship. If the other woman is a friend, you may be more worried about what she’s capable of than him. Or she may have betrayed your trust in a different way, so it may not be about your partner at all.

You could also be worried you’re not satisfying your partner, either sexually or emotionally, or even financially. Paying attention to every minor detail of the dream may not be what you want to do when it involves seeing your partner being intimate with someone else. However, it can help you work out why you’re having these dreams and start to work on the deeper issues. Keep a pen and paper by your bed to write down these details. They don’t have to make sense at the moment you write them. Just jot down anything from the dream; the way it makes you feel, the color of curtains, and so on. Aside from the main theme of the dream, which is your partner’s infidelity, focus on everything else to pinpoint the reasons for your dreams by interpreting the meaning later on. Piecing it all together can reveal a fuller picture of why you’re having them. Once you know, you can talk to your partner and try to resolve any issues in the relationship or start working on anything that is solely a personal issue. If you need to, there are professionals you can talk to, and this may be worth considering if the dreams seem to highlight a long-standing issue you’ve never been able to resolve by yourself, and you don’t want it to ruin your relationship.

Recurring Dreams of Being Cheated On

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You might now have some ideas to help answer the question, what does dreaming about your boyfriend cheating on you mean? However, if the dreams are regular, this is likely to be your mind’s way of telling you the specific problem needs to be dealt with. When we sleep, our mind works through anything we haven’t processed during the day. So, regularly dreaming about anything means the problem is ongoing and unresolved. The more urgent the issue, the more frequent the dreams will be. If you don’t feel able to talk to your partner about the reasons behind the dreams, the relationship might not be right for you. This could also be part of what the dreams are trying to tell you. Although, if you can’t imagine yourself sharing the issues behind your dreams with anyone you’re in a relationship with in the future, the problem might not be with your current partner.

On the other side of the coin, dreaming that you are the one cheating on your partner can be just as upsetting too. If you’re certain that you would never cheat and then fantasizing about someone else, even if only in a dream, it can make you doubt yourself. Again, the regularity of these dreams can signify how urgent the message behind them is. If you ignore your feelings and problems, they will eventually resurface in dreams.

If you’re about to make a big commitment to your partner, such as moving in together, getting married, or having your first child, these can all bring about doubts. Dreams where either of you are cheating on the other can be based on unfounded concerns about things going wrong or making the wrong decision. Even if you’re sure that you’re both doing the right thing, overthinking things during the day can lead to your worries leaking into your dreams at night. It’s only natural to worry, especially if this is the first time you’ve made such a commitment or if it’s been a while. Or the last time you tried something similar with a previous partner, it’s didn’t work out. You might think you’re over your past heartbreaks, but they can resurface when you least expect them to.

Having doubts doesn’t mean your relationship is wrong for you. Most importantly, you and your partner need to be able to talk openly before potential problems get out of hand. If you can learn to do that, then not only will the dream go away, but you’ll have a stronger relationship. So the next time you worry that things are moving too fast, or you don’t agree with him spending so much time with other people, find a way to gently tell him how you feel. Don’t bottle it up because it will just make things worse.

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