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All You Need to Know About Sexual Relations

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Having sexual relations means engaging in a consensual act where partners go for a penis-to-vagina penetration or any other type of stimulation to give and receive pleasure. The act can happen in a relationship or outside of one.

Sex is one of the most pleasurable experiences humans can have. For most animals, sex is simply an exercise of reproduction. However, humans have sex even without the purpose of conception, simply as a pleasurable activity or bonding.

The basics are very simple. For a guy, his sexual organ is the penis, and it’s the vagina for a girl. Stimulating these organs through touching or by penis insertion are the most common acts, but there are other ways, too.

In a sexual act, the ultimate pleasure is reaching the boiling point — orgasm. An orgasm is the peak of the experience, and it is a sudden feeling of intense physical pleasure that happens as a result of stimulating the genitals. For men, the orgasm results in releasing ejaculate (commonly known as cum), a white liquid that contains sperm. If a man ejaculates inside a woman’s vagina, pregnancy can occur.

A Look Into a Sexual Relationship

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As was outlined above, the definition of a sexual relationship is quite straightforward. For a union to be considered sexual, the satisfaction of physical needs must play a key role.

People can try out various types of physical contact that can be considered sexual, and such contacts usually have several things in common. Here are some of them:

Sex organs

Definition: Sex organs are the body parts involved in sexual acts. Most people get the most pleasure from direct stimulation of the penis and vagina. However, other body parts can be stimulated or touched, resulting in the same kind of feelings.

Types of sex

The most common type of sex is a vaginal one, which involves penetrating a female’s vagina by a male’s penis. The man then moves in a back-and-forth motion, which maintains and increases the pleasant feeling. A man’s penis is very sensitive, and it can feel pleasure easily. For women, things are a bit more complicated, with only about 20% of women being able to achieve orgasm from simple penetration.

Most females do not feel as much pleasure with their vaginas as men do with penises. For this reason, it is usually harder for the former group to achieve orgasm. However, they can also experience more intense and immediate pleasure from the stimulation of the clitoris. This body part can be found right at the entrance to the vagina, and it looks like a tiny button.

Erogenous zones

Definition: Erogenous zones (also known as G-spots) are areas on a human’s body that can be stimulated for sexual gratification. These can be different from person to person, and touching them will not always result in arousal. However, the pleasure depends on the person. While having someone you don’t have any attraction for touch your erogenous zones might not feel good, being caressed by a loved one may feel great.

The most common erogenous zones include the back, the nipples, and the groin area. The only way to know what your G-spots are by exploring them with your partner. The intimate contact and the proper mood will make for a thrilling experience.


Definition: Consent means that both partners are in full agreement with everything happening under the sheets, and any party can say “no” and stop the process at any point. If you are in a sexual relationship with someone who’s been disregarding your boundaries, you’ve likely fallen victim to a sexual assault, and you should contact the authorities immediately.

Sex, Romance, And Relationships

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There are many kinds of activities that people can engage in for sating romantic and erotic desires. Below we delve into the most common types of relationships.


The definition of a heterosexual relationship is a bond between two partners of opposite genders. This type of relationship can have a romantic aspect or can lack one.


This type of relationship is established between two partners of the same gender. For homosexual couples, sex looks a bit different, and, just like with a heterosexual relationship, orgasm can be reached. For example, sex between two women usually includes oral and penetrative sex, the latter using strap-on or toys that mimic the male penis. Sex between men usually involves oral or anal sex.


Romantic relationships fall under the definition of monogamous unions. Such unions involve a homosexual or heterosexual couple, with both partners putting their feelings above the satisfaction of carnal desires.

Casual relationship (fling, hookup)

Here, the definition is simple — a casual relationship is a union that puts a sexual aspect first, with no romantic or commitment aspect. Casual unions tend to happen spontaneously between consenting adults, with the most popular places being bars and nightclubs. When this type of encounter becomes regular and with a constant partner, the latter can be called “a friend with benefits”.

Monogamous relationship

Monogamy is one of the most common relationships in today’s society. The definition for this union is two people deciding to be romantic and engaging in sex-related acts exclusively with each other. Monogamy can exist outside of marriage, too, as long as the partners commit to being romantically and sexually exclusive.

Open relationship

The definition of this type of relationship is two people being committed to staying together but open to having sex with other partners. Naturally, brief connections with individuals outside the couple aren’t considered cheating.


The definition of a polyamorous union is a relationship with one or more partners. In this dynamic, everyone in this circle stays committed to each other. Currently, this kind of relationship isn’t as popular as the one mentioned above.

Kink/fetish relationship

The definition for this term is straightforward: this relationship involves a couple exploring different kinds of sexual behaviors that are considered atypical for bringing sexual pleasure. The most common type is the dominant/submissive relationship, where one partner demands certain acts, and the other one complies.

Defining a Sexual Relationship — Ways of Having Sex

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There are many ways adults can choose to express themselves sexually. There’s no reason to study hundreds of research articles and manuals written on this topic! Below we define the main types of sexual activities people engage in.

Heterosexual penetrative sex

Definition: Heterosexual sex is an act that occurs between a man and a woman, with their reproductive organs interconnecting. The act must take place after having a mutual agreement; otherwise, it can be labeled as an assault or rape.

Homosexual penetrative sex

Definition: Heterosexual sex is a type of intercourse that takes place exclusively between two partners of the same gender. For women, penetration occurs with various toys and equipment. For men, the preferred form of penetrative sex is anal intercourse which we will cover below.

Anal sex

Definition: Anal sex is intercourse that traditional, male-only, and lesbian couples can engage in. Anal sex involves penetrating the partner’s anus with a penis or other means.

Many people can find anal sex highly pleasurable because the anus is a very sensitive part of the body that contains many nerve endings. Some men, as well as some women, can reach orgasm through anal penetration. That said, anal sex is not for everyone, as some people may find it too embarrassing.

Having plenty of lubricants is essential for a good experience. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce its own lubrication. As such, the experience can be quite painful without lube.

Oral sex

Definition: Oral sex is an act when a partner uses their mouth to touch, tease, and pleasure the other partner’s genitalia. For women, it is called cunnilingus, and it involves a man or a woman licking or sucking on the female clitoris. For men, this is called fellatio (blowjob), and it involves someone sucking on the man’s penis until the point of climax.


Definition: Masturbation is the act of self-pleasure. For guys, masturbation means using their hands to create a back-and-forth motion around their penis to achieve orgasm. For girls, masturbation is mostly clitoral, with the girl using her fingers or a toy to stimulate her clitoris. Alternatively, female masturbation can be vaginal, with the girl using her fingers or a toy to penetrate the vagina.

Group sex

Definition: Group sex is an act when more than two people engage in sex with each other. The most famous form of group sex is a threesome, when two men engage in a relationship with one woman, or two women with one man.

Also, group sex can happen with more than two partners. If there are still more people involved, some may argue that it can be called an orgy.