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Do You Think Your Boyfriend Is Cheating?

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At a time when infidelity and playing away from significant others is rife and ruining endless relationships, how can we know partners are being unfaithful? Well, luckily, there are plenty of mental, physical, and emotional signs that can make you sure that "my boyfriend is cheating."

Since the implementation of dating apps, cheating has risen in popularity dramatically, with more men and women deciding on extra-marital affairs rather than fixing their current relationship with that someone special. As such, it's easier than ever for our minds to wonder if we're being lied to, cheated on, and deceived. So, it's time to learn the signs that he's cheating, then finish him if the worst turns out to be true and move onto your next love endeavor.

How to Catch Him Cheating

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It's not a simple task to catch him cheating, especially not red-handed, but we can follow some great tips; when combined with common sense and your true gut feeling, we can't go far wrong. We should try to catch him cheating in private, however, just in case he isn't. We know the damage an accusation of infidelity can cause to a relationship, regardless of the strength of your connection.

A Hidden Camera with Voice Recording Technology

Undoubtedly the best way to catch a partner cheating is with the usage of a hidden camera around the house or multiple if you've got the money to splash out. Inserting cameras into the bedroom, kitchen, and living area are fantastic ways of ensuring your partner isn't doing the dirty with someone else at home.

By adding a camera into your private space, not only can great insight be gained into if he's playing away, you get to see him for who he is, not just when you're around. Don't forget that cheating isn't defined as simple sexual intercourse with someone outside your relationship; cheating spans a huge area of actions and intentions. What better way to know he's being unfaithful than overhearing a phone call to his mistress through a secretly placed hidden camera?

Check Their Social Media Accounts and Activity

Many tell-tale clues can be found on social media accounts. We recommend stalking his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok account, snooping for any likes on other girl's profiles, other women liking his profile, as well as seeing who his recent friends are.

If you notice someone new popping up on his socials liking his content and him returning the likes, it might be time to elevate your search, but this means you need access to his device for a short period. We will cover that later on!

Check Your Rubbish Bin for Clues

If he's having women over at the house, the dustbin is the perfect place to search for clues of females. The hidden gem of a rubbish bin often contains overlooked items that have been discarded during her stay. This works especially well on men, who typically don't have the attention to detail as women do.

Change Your Plans Without Warning

Divert your usual schedule whenever you have feelings he's unfaithful. Your man knows your daily schedule perfectly, the times he can get away with having extra-marital fun, as well as the times he can't. So, change your daily schedule without warning, arriving home an hour or two earlier than usual to know for sure he's playing away. Bear in mind that luck plays a factor here, so repeat the process multiple times over time for best results. Just because you've come home once and he's not been caught doesn't mean he isn't cheating.

Follow Him When He's Out Alone

Arguably the best method of ensuring he's not cheating is by following him from an observable distance on foot or in a vehicle and watching him. Permitting he doesn't realize you're following close behind, you can learn an abundance of valuable information about him, those he associates with, and the places he spends his time. Thousands of women find out a boyfriend is cheating simply by playing "private detective" once a week and tailing their partner.

Check His Demeanor and Cologne

Pay close attention to the way he's dressing, acting, and behaving. Observing minor changes is a proven way of catching a cheater in a relationship. Usually, when guys are cheating, they tend to spruce themselves up, buy new outfits, cologne, and take additional time to look their best. So, if your man is spending more time in the bathroom, looking at the bomb before heading to "work," this is a serious cause for concern. Once this behavior is noticed, refer back to the above points to catch him cheating red-handed.

Perform Spontaneous Sexual Activities

Suspect that your man is cheating after being out all day? Ask him to have sex or try to perform sexual activities he usually likes. If he doesn't engage fully, making up some random excuse, that's another reason to worry. After all, men love to get down and dirty in the bedroom as frequently as possible.

How to Catch a Cheating Husband on His Cell Phone

Find My iPhone (or similar location services tracking applications and software)

All mobile devices these days can track any location, a location that can be seen by you simply by logging into his iCloud account or setting up his Find My iPhone to link to your phone. For best results, ask your boyfriend where he currently is; if the location given is different from what you can see, it's best to head right over and catch him in the act.

Men especially will lie, deceive, and try to cover their tracks when playing away, so by visiting his current location, you remove any strand of doubt remaining about whether he's truthful, allowing you to move on much quicker, with far less pain and mental anguish.

The best find out if he's cheating app outside of iPhones is mSpy Lite Phone Tracker, working on both IOS and Android devices in 2021. Downloading mSpy allows you to see real-time locations and actions on any device with the app installed. All that's needed is momentary access to their device, and you're set! Of all mobile apps to see if he's cheating, mSpy is leading the way by a mile, having received thousands of downloads and independent ratings from users!

How to Ask Your Boyfriend if He's Cheating on You

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You should be 100% sure your boyfriend is cheating first before bringing up the subject face to face and getting it wrong. So, if you're certain of your accusations, how can you ask your boyfriend if he's cheating without ruining what you've got?

Well, we recommend having all the evidence you've found stored somewhere safe, somewhere it can be accessed freely, 24/7, when the time's right before broaching the conversation. Once you do, it's proven that asking outright, "are you cheating on me," gives the best results.

If you're currently unsure but cannot let it go, pay close attention to his lips, mouth, and eyes when he gives his response. Inherently, people give away numerous tell-tale signs when they're lying. These are known as micro-expressions. Micro-expressions can be seen on everyone's face; even seasoned liars give away small clues. Better still, you don't need to be a psychology expert to brush up on your skills and learn to see the signs he's lying to you. A simple online search or watching the famed Lie to Me on Netflix are sure-fire ways to improve your lie detection skills for free quickly.

Although this guide is mainly for women finding men cheating, women cheating on the phone and face to face is a real problem for thousands of men around the world, leading to the demise of countless relationships. The difference between men and women cheating is men usually refrain from divulging information relating to their intimate relationship, hence much fewer stories of women cheating than men.

Nobody likes being cheated on; following this advice ensures that you know where to look to spot the signs of unfaithfulness for men and women, leading to better relationships and deeper future connections. While cheating certainly hurts at the moment, and for a prolonged period after, finding out once and for all is the only way your relationship can continue.

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