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Irrespective of the fact that we very rarely divulge information relating to sex to people in our lives, it’s no doubt that sex plays a huge part in forming connections between people, building relationships and sewing the seed for a long, happy relationship together. Let’s face it: sex is the cornerstone of every good relationship; without it, you and your partner would merely be friends.

It’s long since been proven that both men and women develop pulsing emanations of love and excitement towards people they regularly engage in sexual activity with, allowing brilliantly deep bonds to form. But, do you know the most effective sexual phrases and quotes to say, coupled with fantastic ways to communicate your sexual desires to someone you have an interest in engaging with in the bedroom?

Luckily for you, our team of professional dating experts is on hand to deliver the best sexual quotes for her, the top sexual quotes for him, and the best ever sex quotes so you can begin hitting the heights with your partner in the bedroom or with any people you have an interest in sexually. Here are the best sexual quotes, voted by the experts.

20 Dirty Sexual Quotes for Her

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  1. To have you here with me in bed now is my dream come true.
  2. I dream of us having sex, make my dreams come true. I want you right now.
  3. What’s the point in waiting for sex when we can do it straight away?
  4. Just think, it only takes a second for us to start having sex. Let’s make things happen.
  5. Let me dress up in my nurse’s uniform and take good, good care of you.
  6. Should sex be dirty? Only when it’s done with you.
  7. I agree that sex should be spontaneous. So let’s have it, right here, right now. There’s no time like the present!
  8. How can you think you’ve had the best sex of your life? We’re yet to entertain each other privately.
  9. I refuse to touch myself unless you come here and help me.
  10. How many times have we had sex? Let’s make it one more.
  11. I want you to own me, show me what I’ve been missing all this time.
  12. I like to spend my time fantasizing over you, but fantasizing with you is so much better.
  13. I need to forget my own name while I’m all-encompassed, screaming yours.
  14. Dear my ex, if we don’t have sex together now, then it’s just gonna be S.
  15. Your face would look better with me sitting on it.
  16. Nobody else makes me moan like you.
  17. Biting my lips, neck, or cheeks is a guaranteed way to make me lose my mind.
  18. We’re virgins for each other; let’s make our first time something to really remember.
  19. My favorite thing about arguing with you is our make-up sex.
  20. Why don’t you come over to my place and watch porn on my full-sized mirror?

20 Dirty Sexual Quotes for Him

  1. Relationships don’t end due to a lack of attention; they cease because of the lack of sex.
  2. A real man is his woman’s personal pornstar—any time, place, or location.
  3. You can remain, but your clothes must leave.
  4. I want to do things with you I’ve never done before. I’m gonna make you mine.
  5. I’ve never seen a lady as elegant, hot, or sexy. You make my blood rush south.
  6. I’ve had many thoughts of what I’m gonna do to you, but none seem as prevalent as holding you down and loving you hard and deep—all night long.
  7. I’m going to slap your butt when you’re naughty; it’s the best way to teach a lesson.
  8. I don’t normally have dessert before dinner, but today we’ll make an exception.
  9. I’d have you right here, right now. It’s always the right time for sex with you.
  10. I want to see you, on top of me, forever!
  11. This isn’t one of those kinky sayings; I’m just honest. I can’t wait to make you moan hard with your heels on.
  12. Having you in my bed is better than having you in my head.
  13. Sex isn’t sex when it’s not with you.
  14. Finding someone special has been my life’s work; now you’re here, so let’s make the most of it. We can go fast, or we can go slow. You let me know how you want our sex to go.
  15. I wanna see you choke like you’ve swallowed a lollipop.
  16. Depending on how quickly we have sex, I’ve got time for round 2.
  17. Hopefully, your stamina is as high as my standards, you beautiful thing.
  18. I’m better at driving you crazy with my tongue than with my words.
  19. Finding love sure is hard; that’s not the only hard thing when I’m around you.
  20. Your lingerie is beautiful; it’s a shame it’s gonna have to come off.

Best Ever Sex Quotes for Men and Women

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  1. I think we need to buy some more laundry detergent; we’re gonna get dirty tonight.
  2. I promise to break your headboard, but never your heart.
  3. I won’t stop loving you until your neighbors know my name.
  4. What’s the longest you’ve had sex for? I’m sure we can increase the duration on one attempt.
  5. I’m usually not into foreplay, but with you, I’d never want sex to end.
  6. Discovering new pastimes is a hobby of time; by pastimes, I mean partners.
  7. I don’t have a lot of time; let’s make every moment we have together tonight count.
  8. Life is about moments and memories. In these next moments, we’re going to make hundreds of memories.
  9. Although I am unsure of the question that you just asked, I’m certain that sex is the answer.
  10. Making memories is what sex is about; let’s make our best memory so far.
  11. Discover passion within me; I’ll let you search deep inside.
  12. Your trousers have a problem with me, take them off.
  13. Grip me tightly as you shoot your load, then don’t let me go.
  14. I know life can be hard at times, but you’re making my life-giver hard right now.
  15. I’ve dreamed of this moment with a beauty like you for a long time, that’s why you look so familiar.
  16. How many times have you thought about sex? For me, it’s a daily occurrence.
  17. I want you to play with me until I’m begging you to climb inside.
  18. Your outfit will look significantly better on my bedroom floor.
  19. Make me yours tonight; I’m ready and waiting to please you.
  20. Don’t make me wait for your presence. I need you inside me now. I cannot wait any longer.
  21. Thinking of doing bad things to you is what gets me through my shift; you excite me like no other.
  22. How many times do you think of sex daily? When I’m with you, I think of sex hourly.
  23. I’ve had the rest; now I’m ready for the best.
  24. When in with you, passionate sex becomes my second nature.
  25. We don’t need a break from our relationship; we need sex to fix the break in our relationship.
  26. Yeah, sex is fun, but sex with you is out of this world.
  27. Each time we’re making love, it’s making me love you more.
  28. Sex without love is simply a healthy exercise; love without sex is difficult to find.
  29. Can you teach me the ways to your heart? I’m a very quick learner.
  30. Thanks for coming; you’re about to cum again, then you’ll never stop coming.
  31. There’s nothing quite like passionate sex to make me appreciate being with you.
  32. The urge to love you never leaves me, regardless of where I am. I’ve been in Church and had sex with you on my mind!
  33. I’ve said it time and time again: sex with you is a dream come true that I wish could be repeated every night.
  34. Sexual frustration is a normal part of life; let’s not carry it on any longer. I can’t wait to feel you grip my neck.
  35. I’m not looking to make babies, but a little extra practice wouldn’t go a miss.
  36. I’ve been thinking of ways for us to have sex, but I’ve had no luck. I’ve decided to let you choose.
  37. We all have fantasies, and you’re mine!
  38. I cannot focus on anything but you, so could you please come over? I want your hands all over me.
  39. I always wanted to have sex in a car, so I thought maybe it was one of the fantasies of yours, too?

Now that you’re sure of the best proven sexual quotes to deliver to your partner, whether they’re male or female, being in the dark about what to say to elevate things to the next level is a thing of the past. This is your golden opportunity to make new things happen and employ the use of our sexual quote today, certain to improve your chances of enjoying passionate sex tonight!

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