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Husband Doesn't Want Sex, Is He Cheating?

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All across the world, women wonder at some point or another during a relationship why their partner is reluctant to have sex with them. In most cases, women jump to the conclusion their husband is cheating and getting his sexual desires fulfilled elsewhere when in reality, there are many plausible reasons he decides not to want sex at a particular moment or for a length of time. While sometimes guys have valid reasons for not wanting sex, how can you be sure he isn't cheating on you?

Although it may seem a strong conclusion to reach for those of you in healthy relationships, the reality is that this is a very real concern for most women. It's not uncommon for guys to end long relationships over their lustful desires to get to know other women without four of the impacts on their current relationships.

Your reason for concern is more prevalent in today's modern society, even ever. The best way to know is by evidently catching him in the act with another woman, or increasingly popular is searching phones for text messages, photos, or any other content that proves he's cheating.

My Husband Is Avoiding Intimacy: What to Do?

Husband doesn't want to have sex

Men sometimes will avoid intimacy, and this isn't a reason to worry. Other times, you have cause for concern. When assessing whether you have a reason to be worried or not, take into account your man's personal circumstances. Nobody knows him like you, so think carefully when making your judgment based on the following factors.

Here are proven factors he may avoid intimate, passionate private situations!

  • Work – Is your man working long, tiring hours that require a lot of focus and effort? If so, I wouldn't worry about him neglecting you too much in the bedroom as he's got over equally important things on his mind. Although you may disagree with the statement, it's equally important, he is seen in society as a provider.
  • Illness – Pay attention to how your husband has been doing in terms of his health recently. Does he seem to have less energy? Is he more reluctant to do other things he normally enjoys? Men usually don't like to open up about their problems to the partners, so it's not unusual for a guy to feel under the weather and not let you know.
  • Other Commitments – Family, sports, and the need to be 100% focused on something else can greatly impact your sex life with your husband. Anything from him being focused on the upcoming sporting event with his local club to being stressed about his elderly mother needing care can have an effect on his desire to have sex. Again, most times, there is no real cause for concern!
  • Stresses Of Daily Life – While things may not seem important to you, they can be drastically important in your man's life. Things such as your husband's favorite soccer team losing a big match, or maybe he missed promotion at work? All manner of things can happen in a man's life that he doesn't tell his wife. Therefore, it's not always time to worry that your man doesn't want to have sex.
  • Medications – Is your lover currently taking any medications that may impact the desire to have sex? Often, women overlook this area and put the blame on other factors. If your man is taking prescription medication, check out the side effects on the inner leaf, or do some research online to see if the medication is the reason for your lack of bedroom activity.
  • Masturbation – Sometimes, it's just a matter of recent masturbation on the same day. Most men are uncomfortable ejaculators more than once within a set 12-hour period, so if he's got enough in the morning before work, it's unlikely he'll want to engage in sexual activity when he returns home. However, if he's abstained from releasing his sexual desire himself, he will be far more turned on and sensitive to touch.

My Husband Doesn't Want Sex as Much as I Do

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Irrespective of your level of sexual desire as a woman, it certainly is a prevalent issue amongst ladies when the husband doesn't want to engage in sexual activity as frequently as the wife. For whatever reason sexual starvation occurs, this can leave women feeling unsatisfied within their relationships.

When women start to feel unappreciated sexually, they seek alternative arrangements to be the source of appreciation they desire in the bedroom. Both men and women cheat in relationships, and women feeling unappreciated is a leading cause of ladies engaging in sexual activities with men outside of their relationship. So if you've got the hearts all of a sudden for a guy you never deemed attractive before, this may be the answer.

If your husband's libido is less than yours, why not try these great tips, proven to increase sexual activity amongst couples? (Although these tips may seem very centered around your husband, at the end of the day, the goal is to make him want sex again).

  • Dress Up in Sexy Outfits – Most men love to see their women dressing up in all manner of sexy outfits. Anything from teachers to nurses' outfits will do the trick and is likely to get your man right in the mood to have sex with you. Changing sexual practices and the things before you get into the bedroom can yield surprising results unless your husband doesn't like having sex.
  • Change It Up – Men can quickly become bored of the same run-of-the-mill sexual intercourse in the bedroom. Why not change up how you're having sex and introduce some role-play into the action? If this isn't up your street, why not simply just change positions. Missionary is not satisfying any guy long term!
  • Fulfill His Deepest Sexual Desires – Ask your husband what he most desires doing in the bedroom and endeavor to act out the situations. Although sometimes you may receive responses you deem to be strange, remember everyone has different sexual fantasies, and appeasing your husband is a great way to keep his mind focused on you and not other women.

Here are great none sexual ways to get his attention back and increase intimacy quickly!

  • Spend Time Doing Things He Loves – despite your deep hatred of the soccer game or his beloved baseball team, why not get involved? Men look at their partners differently when trying to make an effort to like something that they love. This is a phenomenal way to get his attention and build your relationship.
  • Plan and Cook a Romantic Meal – Planning and executing a romantic meal with him in mind shows that you care and love him. The more effort you make, the better the results. If you're unsure about his favorite dish, ask a few weeks beforehand and plan the evening. Make sure you're both free, and your plans don't interfere with any upcoming event, and you're all set!
  • Make Eye Contact – We all know the value of some prolonged eye contact, expertly crafting unmatchable sexual tension between you and your partner. Why not instill some of the fortuitous eye contacts you shared at the beginning of your relationship back into the mix to get the feel-good hormones pulsating through his body quickly?
  • Absence – Remove yourself from the situation periodically, allowing him to build feelings lost because he's now missing you. Sooner or later, with human nature, we all begin to take things for granted; showing him that you won't be around forever is a fantastic method to try.
  • Make Him Feel Appreciated – Come up with a list of all the things your man does to help and benefit your life on a day-to-day basis and begin to think and show your appreciation for these kind acts. Too frequently, men feel unappreciated, which leads to their minds straying to other women they see that could appreciate them more for the things they do.
  • Show Him Other Men Still Want You – We're not suggesting you go out and cheat on your man, far from the opposite. However, have you ever thought about uploading some new social media pics and having all the thirsty guys on your friends list like and comment? This is sure to get your man's attention and hopefully invokes a response within him to hold onto what he already has!

Before throwing your relationship in the bin, exhaust this list of potential reasons for your lack of sex and solutions to increase time spent together between the sheets; often, the solution to your problem is right in front of your face waiting to be discovered.

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