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Fun Sex Question to Ask Your Partner

Getting as much from your relationship as possible is about understanding your partner. Furthermore, relationships thrive on teasing and spontaneity, which is where kinky questions to ask your partner can help. Whether you’re looking to enhance your relationship or mix things up, the right questions will take things to a new level. You can be quiet, outgoing, or someone who hides away from kinky things, but with our help, you’ll ask the right questions and get the right answers. Why let your relationship slip away into the murky depths of boredom? Keep things alive and exciting by using our fun questions to ask your partner.

Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend - Sexual Desires Await!

Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend - Sexual Desires Await!

Fancy taking your relationship and transforming it for good? Want to give your boyfriend a reason to want you and crave you? It’s not always about accepting the norm or following the standard route that every relationship takes. It’s about grabbing hold of the steering wheel and taking your relationship on the trip of a lifetime. If your boyfriend looks as though the relationship isn’t working for him, try switching things up and asking him these questions because they are certain to give him something to get excited about.

What Part of My Body Does It For You?

This question gives him the freedom to honestly and openly discuss what turns him on. Men are naturally attracted to the parts they can see, and standard parts are the legs, the butt, or the breasts, but there could be more. Understanding those parts of your body that he appreciates enables you to use them more. Perhaps your smile gets him going or your flowing blonde locks. Whatever it might be, you can put them to use.

What Part of Your Body Do You Like Having Touched?

Touch is a crucial element of any intimate relationship. Commonly, as relationships evolve, that physical touch can disappear. So, freshening things up and asking him what areas of his body he enjoys having touched can give you inspiration when making your next move. Whether it’s the neck, the thigh, or any other area, having this inside knowledge is the way to pleasing him!

Do You Have Any Fetishes?

This deep question presses your boyfriend into opening up. Some men have simple fetishes such as underwear, but obscure fetishes can leave men feeling embarrassed. It can range from foot fetishes to domination, but pushing him to answer honestly could give your relationship much more. Encourage him to feel at ease when answering and ensure he feels comfortable. Furthermore, you could even explain how you’ll fulfill his fetish if it works for you.

Do You Understand What Women Want?

It’s natural for men to believe they understand everything about women, but the truth is that many men often miss the mark. Ask him these questions, and you’ll gain an insight into what he thinks. Maybe he understands you more than you realize, or perhaps his answer can allow you to explore your needs openly. This question will keep him intrigued and engaged, while the response you give will heighten his desire and leave him wanting more.

What Makes You Happy, if You Know What I Mean?

This teasing question pushes boundaries and keeps your boyfriend engaged in sexual conversation. Sure, the question has a different meaning, but taking a new approach will push him into engaging and talking openly. The thought of what turns him on and what he wants will certainly bring you together, giving you the scope to explore something new and exciting. Whatever his answer is, remember that the onus will be on you to try out his answer; otherwise, what’s the point in asking?

The Best Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend to Turn Him On

The Best Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend to Turn Him On

If you’re eager to give your relationship a new edge, keeping things fresh and exciting is key. Every relationship can fall flat because, too often, people fall into the trap of getting caught up in life. Whether it’s commuting to work, dealing with family, or fulfilling other commitments, it can lead to people taking their eyes off their relationship. So, if you believe that your relationship needs a nudge in a new direction, these following questions are the best dirty questions out there!

Is There a Sex Position You’d Like to Try?

Some might say that relationships are made in the bedroom, and that’s relatively true. However, getting creative and adventurous between the sheets can prove challenging for many. While you might be afraid to try something new, your partner could be more adventurous, so asking the right crazy sex questions could open doors. Becoming more adventurous and explorative in the bedroom can propel your love life to new heights, and this question will turn him on!

Would You Rather Give or Receive?

Some people prefer pleasuring their partner than receiving, while others prefer to receive. Maybe you’ve been receiving mixed messages or completely misread the situation, so this question provides the opportunity to put things right. This question enables your boyfriend to explore what he enjoys when giving or what he prefers when receiving, but it’s certain to get his pulse racing.

Do You Like The Idea of Sex Toys?

Sex toys. A taboo subject for many yet something that could enhance your relationship. The modern world has transformed how people explore their sexual fantasies or desires, and sex toys might be something your boyfriend likes. Asking him outright will turn him on, especially when exploring the reasons and how it could benefit him.

What Do You Love About Our Sex Life

Men are brilliant at playing out situations in their heads. Thinking about your sex life and what he loves is certain to get him hot under the collar. Allowing him the freedom to indulge in where things are good will provide you with details about what keeps him ticking over! This vital information will bring a bright vision to you and leave you understanding everything about your man.

How Do You Like to Turn Me On?

Switching the focus from him to you will enable him to engage in a new way. Give him the freedom to delve into what he loves doing when pleasing you. The thought, the idea, and the need to explore more will surely turn him on. Their thoughts govern men, and this is certain to get him ready for some fun between the sheets.

Do You Like to Take Control of Me in the Bedroom?

Some men love taking control when exploring sexual adventures in the bedroom. This question encourages him to envisage those special moments together and how he loves to control your sexual experiences. Perhaps he loves dominating to the point where it becomes a fetish, or maybe it’s something he is keen to explore. Whatever it might be, setting up this question is certain to leave him wanting more.

The Best Sex Topics to Explore in Discussion

The Best Sex Topics to Explore in Discussion

In every relationship, there are certain areas that need exploring. Sex topics provide couples with the opportunity to discover what’s working, what isn’t, and what they can try out. This exciting chance to scratch beneath the surface of your relationship can help to discover new things, and that’s the beauty of every relationship. No relationship is set in stone. Furthermore, every relationship is flexible should both people be open to explore these sex topics below.


From dressing up to roleplay and obscure fetishes, everyone has some form of fetish or fantasy, regardless of how big or small they might be. Getting sexual in the bedroom requires couples to explore, push boundaries and encourage each other to be adventurous. For some strange reasons, fetishes become a taboo subject but what goes on in the bedroom remains in the bedroom.

Discuss any fetishes that you enjoy and keep the conversation serious because it’s a topic that could propel your love life even further.

Sexual Positions

You’ve got standard sexual positions and those that are slightly more adventurous. Whether you’re someone who prefers to keep things safe or someone who worships the Kama Sutra, exploring new positions could transform your love life. While some of the best dirty questions offer something more, asking your partner about sexual positions is certain to deliver something new and exciting to discuss.

Perhaps your partner has a deep desire to try something new. Maybe they’re fed up with keeping things safe and simple. Exploring both your needs and agreeing to try something new could be the start of something special.

Introducing Toys and Games

Whether it’s role play, sex games, or toys, the best sex topics always have to include the idea of toys and games. Many women crave the idea of introducing toys, while men might love the idea of playing naughty games that drive the senses crazy. Don’t shy away from this topic but instead, explore every avenue and push boundaries because you’ll be surprised at what you might discover. There is nothing embarrassing about wanting to introduce a new gadget to the bedroom or some fluffy handcuffs! If it adds a new dimension to your sexual escapades, then that’s surely a positive! There are some simple games available, such as dice with sexual dares, while exploring a range of toys that offer something new and exciting. Whatever it might be, this has to be explored with consideration and respect for each other as this is vital when accepting what will work and what won’t.

Sex topics are worth discussing and exploring because you’ll be surprised at what might happen. Don’t shy away from asking questions to turn your boyfriend on or be afraid to indulge in your fantasies. There’s a whole new world waiting for you out there, so it’s time to embrace it and explore it with an open mind. You both deserve much more, as does your relationship, so don’t hold back and go on a journey of passion and lust together.