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Must-Read True Dirty Sex Stories

Sexy stories are significant since they help you stay in touch with your romantic emotions and sexual fantasy. They are relaxing and can boost your confidence, which will allow you to communicate in a better way with your significant other about your sexual needs.

Best Kinky Stories That Are So Hot

Best Kinky Stories That Are So Hot

People like opening up about kinky sex stories that they have done between the sheets. Reading these writings can spice up your sex life. Here are some kinky sex confessions.

Best Birthday Present

A fuck buddy of mine had recently opened a gym and had been begging me to attend one of his lessons so that he could show me a thing or two about what he's doing. I guess I think the gym is overrated and super boring; I hated the gym due to the sweat, bad music, and worst of all, guys constantly keep checking your ass every time you bend over. But after constant pestering, I promised to join him on Tuesday evening, but he insisted I came on Monday evening. Well, I guess I can spend my birthday night in the gym instead of eating some cake alone, I said to myself.

When I arrived at the gym, there was no one in sight, but the door was open. I entered and placed my mat on the floor and started to do some stretch. I heard some footsteps coming in my direction, and when I looked back, I saw Bob smiling. Nice ass, he said; well, it's yours if you want it, I replied with an evil grin on my face. Bob came near me, pretending to assist me with my stretch, but his hand was holding my ass while the other one was massaging my thighs: I could feel my body temperature rise. I felt his long hand teasing my cunt, and I felt his hand slip into my cunt. This made me wet, really wet. He pushed it in, then undressed me on the mat, and without hesitation, he pushed his 7-inch cock deep inside me and continued pressing my breast.

I exploded, and I cummed all over his manhood. He withdrew his manhood and told me to lick all the juice over it. I complied just like a slave in front of his master and started licking the juice over and over. I could also feel that he could not hold it for a long period, and just like me, he exploded his load in my mouth. That was amazing, he said and by the way, happy birthday, and my present are John and Mike, and on cue, two masculine guys entered the room, and I could not believe how huge they were. I asked them: What are they going to do? We are going to give you a night of your life, they answered. Well, happy birthday to me.

Sex In The Changing Room

I had gone to a department store with my boyfriend to buy a dress. I saw a nice dress, so I decided to try it on to see if it fits me. As I was putting the dress on, I asked my boyfriend to come and tell me how it looked on me. He asked me to turn around because he wanted to check how my ass looks in the dress. As I was turning, he bent me over and did me from behind. He came inside of me within a couple of minutes. I went on and bought the dress. Every time I wear it, we always fuck like there is no tomorrow.

I Wanted It Inside Me

I had been in a relationship for about three months without having sex with the guy. One day I told my boyfriend that I would love to have sexual intercourse with him. He pushed me on his bed, and I started rubbing his cock, and it got hard immediately. He rubbed my tits through my bra after taking off my shirt. He undid my bra, and I ripped off his underwear and pants. I wanted his hard dick inside me so bad. He fit it into my pussy and started to move back and forth. He came on my face, and we've been doing it every day since that day.

Dirty Stories To Tell Your Girlfriend

Dirty Stories To Tell Your Girlfriend

You can tell your girlfriend sex stories to turn her on. Here are some ideas of dirty bedtime stories to tell your girlfriend.

Concurring the Hunk

We met at my favorite sushi restaurant. I was pulled into him the moment I saw him. John was gorgeous and a hunk of a dude who would even make any bodybuilder jealous. He was exceptionally smooth and provocative, and I was getting stirred simply thinking about sleeping on that sexy chest. The hair of her chest on my breast, oh my. Just the thought of him touching my breast was making me wet. After about fifteen minutes and an omelet later, he moved toward me. I could not resist the temptation, and I said hi! Or I thought I said words like that. I could not remember since his eyes were glued to my chest, but they were so sexy; I truly believed he could see my soul and my evil desire.

At that point started to speak for some time about everything; it was so easy to talk to him about how is this possible brains and a sexy body to go with it; we started with the basic intro - what my name was and what I do for a living, and the other way around. Then the most unexpected thing happens as if every part of the universe was working to ensure I get laid by this hunk. He offered me a ride since, coincidentally, we were moving in the same direction. I slipped my car keys back in my bag, and with my hormones raging, I entered the black Bentley. The entire way home, I continued looking at him and kept on staring at my thigh, which I made sure they were showing. My loose blouse was also showing a part of my cleavage. I could see his horse size manhood almost tearing part of his trouser enlarging.

I invited him in, and he agreed to follow me inside. After two glasses of wine, I got the courage and told him how I have always had a crush on him, and the constant glares I give him are a way of showing it. He said he felt a similar way, and we started kissing and ripping each other's clothes off. I took him to my bed.

All he had on was a boxer. I removed my bra and underclothes and pushed him to my bed; you will be my bitch tonight, I told him. I tied his hands to the bed. I removed his boxer short and held his king Kong-sized dick in my hand. I sucked on the tip of his head, and I could still see it enlarge with my kisses. I could hear him moan and begging me for a bit of penetration but not on my watch. I was going to enjoy myself. It was my bed, and now my dick. I continued sucking it gently, and without any warning, my hunk of a man shot out hot cum over my mouth and started to cry. At this point, I had achieved total domination over my crush. I cleaned up and came back for round two. This time I want to see how deep it can go in me and how long it will take me to cum over my perfect gentleman.

I Was Rode Him Wild

My boyfriend and I were on a date night, and we got drunk. I was so horny, but he couldn't perform because he was too drunk. I wanted his dick so bad, so I jumped on him and started riding him wild. I have never experienced anything like this. I had numerous orgasms while riding him. I ride him every day ever since.

Motorcycle Sex

My boyfriend and I left my home to pick his brother on his birthday. While we were on the road going to pick him with a motorbike, I started feeling horny. When he realized I was horny, he started fingering me from behind. We stopped beside the road, and he pulled his cock and slipped it in me. I moaned real loud without caring if people passing by could hear me. His pumping was delicious, and the fact that someone would see us turned me on. We both came at the same time; it was the best sex I have ever had.

Dirty Story to Tell a Guy

Dirty Story to Tell a guy

Wondering which stories to tell your guy to sexually stimulate his interest? Here are some dirty stories to tell a guy if you want to turn him on.

New Sheriff in Town

The slave driver was the name we had nicknamed our new boss. She was as strict, and nobody could ever remember seeing her smile. She had gorgeous boobs and amazing hips. Tommy was always the last one to leave her office, and everyone thought it was her work ethic, but miss brown had a dirty little secret. One Friday evening, Tommy forgot his stock analysis documents that were urgently needed for the Monday afternoon presentation. So he had to go back to the office to get them. When he reached the office, he was shocked to see the lights were still on. He thought maybe the janitor forgot to switch them off.

Tommy picked the paper and was leaving. But when he reached the door, he heard some unfamiliar sound coming from the office. He decided to check it out and found Miss Brown inserting a large rabbit vibrator in her pussy. On the company computer, there was some gothic hardcore porn that was playing. Miss Brown was so into it she didn't realize that Tommy was at the door. She kept pushing her vibrator deeper and squeezing her boobs, and mourning like a banshee. He was turned on, and his dick became hard. Miss Brown turned and saw Tommy and asked me to join her. She went on her knees and sucked his dick and then asked him to hit it from behind. They had sex until she came thrice.

Party Girl

Kendria was at a party with her boyfriend, and they were dancing. After having a couple of beers, Kend felt a bit drunk. Her boyfriend took her upstairs to one of the bedrooms and locked the door. He ripped her top off and started sucking on her breasts. He pulled her panties off and pushed her to the bed. Then he slid his hard cock into her wet cunt until she had an orgasm.

Sex in the Bathroom

Liana had stayed for five months with her boyfriend without having sex. One day she went over to his house, and her boyfriend told her that he was going to take a bath. While he was taking a bath, he asked her to pass him a towel. After she had given him the towel, he pulled her into the tub and fingered her. They fucked in the tub and continued the action on the bed.

Independence Day

On the 4th of July, Crystal went to a park with her boyfriend and some friends to watch the fireworks. She told her boyfriend that she was bored with the fireworks and wanted to do something exciting. They went to a nearby swing, and the boyfriend sat on the swing. Crystal placed herself on top of her boyfriend, and they started swaying back and forth while enjoying sex. He came inside her and howled in excitement. The pleasure was doubled when he felt her squirting all over his shaft.

Whatever turns you on, dirty, dirty sex stories offer a good way of understanding your sexual needs. Sharing your favorite stories with your partner enables a close connection and more intimacy.