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Top Sexual Fantasies That Many Women Have

If you are asking yourself: What is the meaning of sexual fantasy? A sexual fantasy is a mental pattern or image of thought stirring your sexuality, and it can enhance or create sexual arousal. Studies reveal that 97% of people have sexual fantasies. That said, let's look at the top 10 woman fantasies.

Interesting Girl Sex Fantasy That Is Common

Interesting Girl Sex Fantasy That Is Common

Everyone has crazy sex fantasies. That's why it's nothing to feel ashamed of. No matter what your fantasy is, you should keep in mind that it's normal. With that said, here are some girl sex fantasies.

Having Sex With An Older Man or Celebrity

One of the top women's fantasies is about having sex with older guys. This happens because girls feel like older men are wiser than young boys. As such, they can teach them so many things. Girls are often attracted to men in leadership roles such as professors, coaches, and mentors.

It is also common for girls to admire somebody's father. A frequent visit may lead to sexual attraction towards someone's best friend's father, especially for girls with dad issues. Sexually experienced girls seem to prefer older guys since they also have more experience than younger boys. Therefore, they are likely to know more about their sexual preference and are willing to explore because confidence comes with age. Older men are also more powerful and responsible, and young girls feel secure around them. Some girls can explore this type of fantasy in real life, while others won't.

Celebrities and famous sportsmen are also a common group that most girls fantasize about having sexual encounters with. Research shows that 52% of girls have had this fantasy. This is one of the popular sexual fantasies because women feel more attracted to someone they know than a stranger.

Having Sex With the Same Gender

Girl-on-girl fantasy is common even for straight women. Fantasizing about having sex with another girl doesn't mean you are attracted to women. Many girls who have dated men may get extremely intimate with their girlfriend. Just like little girls, the first person we kiss is always our best friend while trying to understand sexuality.

As girls grow older into puberty, they may start comparing their pubic hair, the size of their boobs, and other changes occurring in their bodies. If this happens, girls may get attracted to each other and start developing sexual feelings. Many women have explored this great sex fantasy at some points in their lives. You should not be surprised when you see two women showing up at a party holding hands and hugging intimately. It can easily turn into a sexual relationship. Girls also like exploring new things, and lesbianism fantasy may have nothing to do with their previous relationships with men.


Stripping is one of women's biggest fantasies. It is common for girls to want to feel adored and desired. Most girls fantasize about stripping to their boyfriend or an audience that finds their body attractive. Stripping gives some girls some sense of confidence and assures them that the man who's watching them wants to have sex with them. Keep in mind that not all girls who fantasize about stripping end up becoming strippers, but most of them find it exciting to be naked in public.

Most women fantasize about stripping as a way of making easy money and arousing as many guys as possible. The satisfaction most strippers get is that they feel good when they turn on numerous men in a club while they are watching and admiring their bodies. If your girlfriend tells you that they are fantasizing about being a stripper, then you might want to turn your bedroom into a small strip club. If both of you are comfortable, you can invite a friend. Don't forget to stick to her some dollars just like in a real strip club. It is also satisfying for a girl if you have sex after she shows her nakedness.

Weird Sexual Fantasies

Weird Sexual Fantasies

Some sexual acts or relationships that are forbidden in real life may turn a girl on. Let's look at some strange sexual fantasies that girls have.

Rough Sex

Masochism and sadism are some of the most popular sexual fantasies out there. Masochism is the derivation of sexual gratification after being subjected to humiliation or pain by someone else or yourself. Communication is key if you want to achieve sexual excitement and orgasm through Masochism and sadism. You need to talk with your partner about the boundaries beforehand. Create a safe word to ensure that you can stop at any given moment. It is recommended that you take it slow if bondage is part of the scene. Make sure you use safety equipment correctly.

Domination Sex

Many people's sexual fantasies often include domination sex. Studies show that 47% of women have tried this wild sexual fantasy. Domination fantasy is about feeling powerful and fully in control of the experience when the other person submits completely. The idea of being submissive is always arousing to people who are always in power and control outside the bedroom. The exciting part is that the sub feels that they have all the dominant and full focus attention. They also experience letting themselves go and someone using them for the pleasure of the other person.

Most women like their men to dominate them. Some like being blindfolded with their hands tied on the bed while receiving oral sex. Clitoris stimulation is the best way of attaining complete dominance to a woman because it makes them weak, and sometimes their hand may start to pain.

Before you try this great sex fantasy, you need to discuss the scene with your significant other and establish a safe word and boundaries. Additionally, keep intoxicants such as alcohol at a minimum.


This is the ultimate power fantasy, and about 62% of women have at one point thought about it. The fantasy is about a strong man who cannot control his emotion because the woman is extremely irresistible. This is the most popular female sex fantasy in women with high self-esteem and dominant women who are attracted to dominant males. Rape fantasy is divided into three categories. These are:

  • Erotic Rape Fantasy: These fantasies are defined by little violence, high female arousal, and slight resistance. After the action, both parties come out happy and smiling.
  • Aversive Rape Fantasy: This wild sexual fantasy is characterized by no consent and often occurs in the hands of a stranger or even a relative. The woman feels a sense of shame and guilt after the act. Most women are not aroused by this type of rape fantasy.
  • Erotic-Aversive Rape fantasy: This is a unique case since it brings out both fear and pleasure of equal proportion in women. It gives a sense of certification in women and guilt, and it's more common in women dealing with emotional pain and trauma.


Some women are sexually attracted to animals and have affection for them. Many women have never had sex with an animal, but there are aroused by the thought of this freaky sex fantasy. Others prefer having a man dress and pretend to be an animal. Some keep animal parts and use them for erotic stimulation, such as masturbation: This group is known as fetishistic zoophiles. A significant number of girls have normal sex with humans but tend to think of bestiality if an opportunity arises.

Women are more attracted to animals than men since most men who have a sexual encounter with the animal are struggling to stop. It is also common for women who keep animal pets to get psychosexually stimulated when they think of their favorite pet. Their pet keeps them company and is loyal to them when no human is. Many women have thought of having sex with their dog, cat, horse, or their favorite world animal even if they do not have the opportunity to explore their fantasy.

Sexual Fantasies for Couples Who Want to Have More Fun

Sexual Fantasies for Couples Who Want to Have More Fun

People who are married also have fantasies. Below are some of the married couple's fantasies:


You can be sexually satisfied by your partner but still want to cheat on them. Sometimes it's the fear of being caught or the freshness of a new sexual connection that turns you on. This is the most popular women's fantasy; statistics show that almost 98% of men and 80% of women have fantasized about someone else other than their partner. For many people, these fantasies are often about someone they have never had physical intimacy with.

However, a good number of women fantasize about their former sexual partners. This is one of the most common sexual fantasies for women who have been married for long or those who had several sexual partners before marriage. But having a fantasy of cheating on your guy is normal. If you find your partner is dreaming about sex with somebody else, it's not a bad sign since almost everyone fantasizes about the same.

Having Sex With Multiple Partners At The Same Time

Group sex is hot to many people, which makes this one of the hottest sexual fantasies. The idea of many people wanting to have sex with you can turn you on. A threesome is the most common form of group sex that turns most couples on. The idea of sharing their partner turns on most couples. But to some point, jealousy kicks on. Some go to the extent of creating personal rules to follow during the experience. The rules may include no penetration or kissing the third party and other appropriate rules to ensure that the threesome does not jeopardize their relationship.

Making a Sex Tape

This is one of the common sexual fantasies for married couples. Because almost everyone has a smartphone, the number of couples filming their sex session keeps increasing every year. Some couples make these sex tapes to share them with others. Many people are turned on by the thought of accidentally uploading their sex tape on a mysterious platform or site. Some people enjoy filming themselves or their partner masturbating. When they watch their partner masturbating, this often turns them on and makes them want to have sex.

Some men go to an extent of requesting their partner to put on their best lingerie to give them full pleasure. If you are in a long-distance relationship and do not have enough time or privacy to do phone sex, having your partner's sex tape is the best alternative. Also, for those who do not like it when they see their partner watching porn due to their insecurities, having a sex tape can help. It is also one of the best options for those who love masturbation.

If you were wondering: do girls fantasize about sex? This article has answered that question. Having fantasies is normal in women, and this is not cheating. It is normal to think about a different sexual encounter other than what you are having. You should also not mistake fantasy with what women want in real life.