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The First Time Cuckold Story You Need to Read!

Cuckold might be something you’ve heard of but something you have never explored. If you’re open-minded and someone who loves exploring new things, then it could be worth reading some real-life cuckold stories. They show you how couples are exploring new opportunities and trying new things. These stories indicate that couples are now actively exploring sexual desires and fantasies without a care in the world. Whether you’re new to the topic or want to get some ideas for your next adventure, we’re bringing you some amazing real first-time cuckold stories from couples who are not afraid to share!

Amy Found a New Sex Life

Back in 2017, Amy retired from teaching and had more time to spend at home. She was a naturist and loved visiting nudist beaches two or three times a week. It’s fair to say she was proud of her body, and she loved showing it off. This then evolved from visiting a nudist beach to indulging in a nudist photo shoot, and she loved it. An older guy approached her and questioned whether he could invite her to a photo shoot, and she accepted. Eventually, the shoot started to involve more people, and she instantly realized how turned on these guys became. Eventually, the guard came down, and she ended up having sex with this guy in front of her husband, who attended the photoshoots with her. The experience started to evolve and become more with more guys attending, and eventually, it became a sexual photoshoot whereby she was always satisfied, and her husband loved experiencing it all with her.

Lucy’s Husband Loved Watching Men

Harry had been working as a lawyer and landed a big job in Paris. Moving away from New York was a big deal for Harry and Lucy, but they knew it was an opportunity too big to miss. The couple had an active sex life, and they knew each other intimately inside and out while they had both read cuckold real stories. However, once they had settled in Paris, they were sipping champagne in a quiet bar when a man approached them and started chatting. He was extremely flirtatious, especially towards Lucy, and Harry kind of liked that. Anyhow, the stranger intimated that he was someone who enjoyed meeting couples, and that’s when Harry announced that he liked the idea of watching men with his wife. The conversation continued, and Harry opened up more, eventually inviting this guy back to their hotel. The entire experience was consensual, and Lucy was up for it, so it was Harry’s chance to fulfill his fantasy while Lucy was also keen to try out other guys. This sexual adventure led to further adventures whereby they really made the most of their time in Paris.

Garden Party Turns to More

Jim had been invited to Jo and Marc’s garden party because Jim was a long-term friend of Marc as they had met through work. Marc knew Jo, and there had always been some kind of feeling between them. Jim went to the kitchen to grab a drink, and Jo followed him. They started chatting, and things seemed normal when Jo made her move and started kissing and touching Jim. He paused and told her it was wrong until she announced the “ Marc is aware of my feelings and is happy for me to explore them,” so Marc obliged and started to caress Jo until they ended up grappling flirtatiously up the stairs and into the bedroom. At that point, Jo decided to send a message to Marc - “Marc, I am with Jim upstairs, it’s happening,” and within a few seconds, Marc burst through the door and could see his wife with Jim on the bed. Marc loved every second of watching his wife explore sexual positions with his wife and couldn’t wait for it to happen again.

The Boat Race That Ended With a Different Kind of Finish

The Boat Race That Ended With a Different Kind of Finish

The local boat race was always an exciting event in our town. Jenn and I had entered for many years, mainly for fun, but we always enjoyed winning when we did. There was a community spirit throughout the town, and the boat race brought us all together. Our raft had been built, and we set it onto the water when I noticed Jenn staring at another raft filled with five varsity guys. Anyhow, Jenn seemed out of sorts, and I knew what she was thinking. She was wearing a tight-fitting white dress, and I kind of had an idea as to why she was wearing it. Anyhow, the race took place, and she got wet, very wet, and once we had left the raft, she decided to strip off. The varsity boys were extremely excited, and one approached her and made a comment. I initially thought he was showing off, but my wife’s reaction intimated that she wanted more, and that’s what happened. The guy was invited back to our house, where they tried all sorts of things, and I loved every second.

Meeting an Old Friend

Chris had received a call from an old friend, who had moved away. He informed him that he was returning on business and was going to be around for a few days. Chris offered his friend to stay at his home with his wife, and he obliged. The time arrived, and there was a knock at the door where Chris’s wife Jenny answered. He was welcomed and invited in before Jenny announced she had to leave for work. The friend seemed disappointed at her leaving and watched her carefully as she left; it was at this point that Chris knew something was there. The friends caught up for hours, drinking and chatting on the soft before passing out drunk. Chris woke at 4 am and looked across to check on his friend only to see that his friend was not there. It was at this point that he heard noises from the bedroom. He nudged the door open and saw his friend with his wife Jenny on the bed having sex. Chris was not upset; in fact, he was quite excited at what he had found.

Pleasing the Delivery Guy

Pleasing the Delivery Guy

I had been receiving parcels for some time, and the same delivery guy always delivered them. He was hot and young, and I always joked with my husband that he was hot. My husband never dismissed my desires, so I started to build up a relationship with the guy. As he approached the house, I would answer the door wearing a see-through dress, or I would subtly flash at him. I could visually see that he was turned on, so I invited him in when my husband was there. At first, the delivery guy was worried about my husband and missing his deliveries, but he soon changed his mind. We moved from the hallway and up the stairs while my husband followed us and filmed us all the way. The experience was mind-blowing, and my husband quickly announced that he would be happy to try it again. I never expected that outcome, but it blew my mind.

An Online Meet Up

I am an outgoing person, and my husband knows this. Through the years, I slowly brought my husband out of his shell, exposing him to my desire to chat and flirt with new people; in fact, he knew I was into true cuckold stories. Sure, nothing had ever happened, but my husband is a high-flying executive and is someone who makes big decisions had never disagreed. Anyhow, I had been chatting with a guy online, and he wanted to meet up. He knew I was married, so it was a bold move, but I suggested to my husband that we meet up and see what he is all about. We met him at a bar, and he was really good-looking. At one point, my husband left to go to the toilet, and the guy announced to me that he wanted me. I told him I would see what I can do, and I sent my husband a message. He responded instantly, and his answer was exactly what I had wanted. The next thing I know, we are in his pick-up truck, having sex with my husband watching through the window.

From Poker to Poke Her

One night, a party held at a local bar started to become interesting. Everyone was drinking, and Drew’s wife was dancing and gyrating on the dance floor. This was nothing out of the ordinary, but she was enjoying spending time with other guys. This turned Drew on, so he called for her to come to the bar. Once she was there, he asked her if she was interested in inviting some people back to theirs for a game of Poker. She agreed and she kind of understood what he meant. A few hours later, the cards are out, and the game is going well when a simple, flirty comment transformed everything. The playing table was cleared in seconds, and Drew’s wife was laid on it and explored by the guys who were with them. Drew was aroused and never realized how much he would enjoy seeing his wife with other guys.

He Loved Her Dressing Up

Tom had a Filipina wife who was petit and extremely adventurous in the bedroom. He loved her dressing up, and she was happy to oblige. One day, after arriving home from work, Tom told her they were heading out to dance and for her to wear something revealing and sexy. She was happy with it, and we headed to the club. She wasn’t a drinker, but Tom wanted to get her merry so they could have a night of passion. The waiter brought over our drinks and commented on Tom’s wife and her dress, and she responded flirtily, and he followed that with a wink. Tom glanced at his wife, and her eyes told a story. She was ready for that young guy. When he arrived back at the table, they asked him what time he finished, and if he wanted to join them later so, he did. Little did he know that joining them meant back at theirs and in their bedroom, but he had no reservations when agreeing with their arrangements, and that pleased Tom!

The Gym-Goer

The Gym-Goer

It had all started with Jerry daring his wife to flash at another guy. She was quite surprised at his open mind and the fact that he was happy with another guy seeing his wife, but Mary followed it through and flashed. She noticed that Jerry was extremely excited by this. Anyhow, the next day, a guy she had been chatting with in the gym, which was strong and big, had approached her. Her husband was also in the gym and noticed this. He told her that if she wanted to find out more about him that she could, but he wanted to be there. She took this opportunity and explained this to the guy, and he didn’t say no. They agreed not to shower at the gym and that they should get all showers at theirs, which they did. One thing led to another and it’s fair to say that Jerry got more than he had asked for!