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Flirty Questions to Ask Your Lover If You Want Sexy Action

Improve your sex life today and have the best freaky love-making sessions you've ever had. You absolutely need to step up your sexual conversation game! If you desire a naughty relationship where you do the nasty 24/7, the dirty question game is the perfect thing to try.

We've prepared a list of freaky questions to ask a guy and a list of naughty questions to ask a girl. Feel free to use them to get to know your partner better and figure out their needs. Enjoy yourselves like never before!

Learn naughty sexual conversation starters for couples to level up your dating experience. Use our dirty questions when you feel especially horny. Give them a try and have fun!

Freaky Questions to Ask a Guy

Freaky Questions to Ask a Guy

Examine the naughty questions to ask your bf mentioned below. Use the freaky 21 questions game to learn your man's dirty thoughts. Observe what his fantasies are and see where the night leads you. Improve your sex life with many dirty questions to ask your boyfriend over text.

We have all the freaky, naughty, and sexy questions you'll ever need. Check them out:

  • What is your favorite part of my body that turns you on?
  • What's the hottest memory you possess of us that you desire to relive?
  • Do you like morning sex, sex at night, or both?
  • Do you prefer getting down and dirty with the lights on or off?
  • Do you prefer going at it fast and hard, or do you take things slowly and gently?
  • What's your favorite sex position?
  • Do you believe it's hot to have people watching us get freaky?
  • What type of porn turns you on?
  • What's your dirtiest secret sexual fantasy?
  • Do you like being tied up, or do you fancy tying your partner up?
  • Are you into cosplay and dressing up for a sexual occasion?
  • How many sexual partners have you had?
  • What's the weirdest place you've ever had sex in?
  • Have you ever been caught having sex?
  • Do you have any freaky fetishes?
  • Have you tried BDSM? If yes, are you submissive or dominant?
  • Are you a naughty lover?
  • Do you enjoy dirty talk? What kind?
  • What's the longest time you've ever gone without having sex?
  • If I'd catch you pleasuring yourself, would you stop or finish?
  • Would you go for a quickie or try a naughty marathon session?

Use these freaky and dirty questions to ask your lover and find out his preferences. Don't be shy to ask what he thinks is hot. After that, contemplate how you can explore new things together. If you're only starting your relationship, these sexual conversation starters for couples are of great help. You'll know if you're compatible, have similar preferences, and what you are both willing to try.

There are countless examples of dirty questions to ask a guy you can make use of. Recall the time you've spent together. Remember the things you know about your partner. This way, it will be easy to get the dirty truths for your boyfriend out in the open.

Begin building on each new response you receive. Did you discover that your partner gets excited speaking of threesomes? If you don't identify with this naughty fantasy, you could think about something both of you would like.

You should consider not only next-level sexual acts but also those related to little things. There's always a chance that you haven't considered dirty questions in the bedroom before now. If you've recently discovered that your partner appreciates it, you should acknowledge it. However, you must be sure that both of you enjoy it and that you continue communicating to discern what works for you. The naughty things to ask a guy you like can eventually transform into something freaky that excites you both and brings the pleasure you've never imagined before.

If you don't practice sexual conversation starters for couples and don't study certain subjects, you might never grow as a couple. Make sure you ask appropriate questions. Get creative, be curious, and figure out everything you can regarding your partner!

Freaky 21 Questions to Ask a Girl

Freaky 21 Questions to Ask a Girl

Setting the mood is important. Dim the lights, light the scented candles and ask your girlfriend the dirty questions mentioned below. Pay attention to how she responds; you could potentially be surprised by what she has to say. Maybe the freaky sex truth questions for couples may tell you how you can make her happier, and you can prepare to fulfill naughty desires you've only dreamed about.

Here are the 21 sexy questions to ask your girl:

  • What's your favorite naughty memory of me?
  • Do you masturbate? How often?
  • When was the 1st time you watched porn?
  • What's the dirtiest act you've imagined doing to me?
  • What is your wildest fantasy?
  • Do you have any freaky fetishes?
  • Have you ever considered hooking up with another woman?
  • Would you be interested in a threesome?
  • Would you like to re-enact "Fifty Shades of Grey"?
  • Do you have any favorite sex toys?
  • Do you think we should try swinging?
  • Do you prefer offering or receiving oral sex?
  • What's the weirdest place you ever had sex in?
  • Would you like people to watch us having sex?
  • Do you enjoy car sex?
  • What's your favorite position?
  • Have you ever tried anal?
  • Can you tell me what you like in bed?
  • How long have you gone without doing the naughty?
  • How important is sex in a relationship?
  • What weird action I do turns you on?

We don't want to blame it on the patriarchy, but women are less likely to share their sexual fantasies and desires openly compared to men. For years women's wishes weren't considered, and even orgasms were a far-away dream. However, if you care about your significant other, it's time to think about what they need and give it to them.

Discover your partner's secrets by asking dirty questions. Heed if they crave more foreplay. Observe if they like giving head. Learn if they can cum with oral sex rather than penetration. Also, you should figure out whether they want to try something kinkier.

Once you start a naughty conversation, everything will fall into place. Your partner needs to be listened to, heard, and understood. Discover what you both crave and do something about it. Discuss all your deepest and kinkiest desires and learn which of them you have in common. Observe what she's willing to tackle. Tell her what you desire to do to her and ask what she'd like in return.

Sexual Conversation Starters for Couples

Sexual Conversation Starters for Couples

Together forever? You may assume you understand your partner well, and there's nothing new you can uncover. However, that's not accurate. Learning something new about them with freaky questions that will surely get the ball rolling is easy.

From one dirty question to the next, you will uncover your partner's desires, which will surely lead to sex. You can undertake these steamy exercises face-to-face or online. By the time you're in the same room, our dirty questions will have you ready to go at it right away.

Here are some naughty questions to get you started:

  • Have you ever had a naughty, sensual dream about me?
  • How many sexual partners have you had so far?
  • How many times per week do you touch yourself?
  • Do you like telling me what you crave in bed, or do you prefer being told what to do?
  • What's the biggest number of times you've done it in a single day?
  • Do you enjoy foreplay or want to get straight to business?
  • What gets you hot and bothered every time?
  • Do you ever desire to tear my clothes off and take me?
  • Do you fancy pulling my hair or spanking me?
  • Do you think about me in the shower?

Studies show that couples who have a healthy sex life and communicate regularly have the strongest relationships. Consequently, talking to your partner about every issue, revealing concerns over a drop in libido, getting bored with your sex life, and any other stress on your intimacy is crucial.

By focusing on yourselves and your relationship and constantly trying to improve what you own, you shall gain positive results. Thus, we recommend that you talk and share with your partner everything that's on your mind.

Positive or negative, anything goes. Couples that have the same goals, distinguish themselves and their other half, and have clear intentions have much better chances of having a good time.

Don't sweep everything under the rug; start talking today. Discuss all your naughty and freaky thoughts. The more in-depth you go with your self-exploration and the understanding of your partner, the happier you shall be.

While it seems taboo to discuss your intimate and freaky desires, you must treasure that you are safe. After all, you are with a loving partner who aspires to make you happy. Thus, you are free to do everything you've ever wanted, if your partner consents, of course. Use the sexual conversation starters for couples and increase the frequency of your naughty escapades and the pleasure you get from them today!