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Learn Some Ways to Improve Sex

When you are in the early stages of a relationship, it is a common urge to be eager to explore the physical side of your connection. People who are getting to know each other frequently get to the stage where they can't keep their hands off each other. But what happens if life gets in the way? After you've settled down with someone and fallen into a routine, it is also hardly unusual to find your enthusiasm for physical exertion waning. It can be difficult to maintain the enthusiastic levels you had for sex when you first got together - but this shouldn't be seen as an indication that your emotional attachment isn't just as strong. The key to making the most of the physical side of a partnership is to ensure you don't make it an issue. If your partner says they aren't in the mood, don't press the issue. If you have genuine feelings for each other, the time will be right to pick up from where you left off. But if you feel your mojo is at a low ebb, there are many ways to ensure you keep your libido in tip-top condition!

Healthy Foods and Exercises to Make You Last Longer in Bed

how to boost sexual energy

The key to enjoying an active sex life is to make sure your health and diet are looked after as a whole. So the first tip for maintaining your physical drive is to ensure you get a lot of exercise. There is no excuse for enthusiasm for satisfying each other to give way lapsing into becoming a pair of couch potatoes, whose main exertion is reaching for the TV remote control. Why not take out a joint gym membership and make the most of the treadmills or weight-training equipment? Because this is an activity you can enjoy together, you can offer support at all times, especially when one of you is complaining they're not feeling in the mood for exertion. Always seek to support your partner, as it is in both your interests to keep up with your health regime.

  • There are many sporting activities you could participate in. As well as being tremendous fun, this will be an excellent way of developing your stamina, improving your cardiovascular potency, and strengthening your muscles.
  • All these attributes go towards guaranteeing you are at the peak of your physical condition - which is excellent when it comes to maintaining that strong sexual drive.

Our libido can be impacted by many factors, not least any traumas or anxious situation you are undergoing. Worrying about aspects of your family life or work or study issues can impinge on your leisure pursuits, affecting your levels of desire. So just as it is important to look after your physical health in terms of getting a lot of sleep, and avoiding alcohol, coffee, or cigarettes, all this will have a positive effect on maintaining a positive state of mind. If you have a strong sense of self-esteem, this can readily be extrapolated to the bedroom. By all means, enjoy occasional treats such as takeaway meals, or candlelit dinners. But you should maintain a close eye on your weight, and try to stick to a nutritional diet where ever possible. There are also all sorts of herbal remedies available over the counter from good pharmacies, and many of these are recognized as having important aphrodisiac qualities.

If you get the sense that your sex life could do with a bit of a boost, an excellent way to inject some enthusiasm is to watch romantic movies together or even go to the lengths of the occasional foray into porn. 'Sex' is always one of the most searched for of all keywords when it comes to accessing Internet sites, so why not take advantage of the adage “if you can’t beat them join them?” By watching people indulging in riveting sex, simulated or otherwise is bound to have the knock-on effect of inspiring you and your part. You could even pause the 'action' at any time to discuss some of the sexual positions the performers are getting into, perhaps suggesting a bit of experimentation? This should also be treated as a fun exercise, so why not enjoy the proceedings with a couple of glasses of wine?

Drinks That Make You Last Longer in Bed

how to boost sexual energy
  • Health supplements, like Maca Root Extract
  • Aphrodisiac pills from your pharmacy
  • Flirty cocktails, such as a Casino Royale or Brandy Alexander

Focus on your relationship

Another recommended way of ensuring that your sexual energy receives a boost is to assess the quality of your relationship. It is perfectly feasible for people who have just met - perhaps through a 'no strings attached' dating site - to enjoy fulfilling sexual encounters. But nothing beats physical contact that also involves a strong emotional connection running in parallel. Sex can certainly be an invigorating experience for two people. But when love is thrown into the equation, it becomes so much more vivid, meaningful, and worthwhile. Here are some of the ways that you can ensure your relationship remains full of contentment, and even more importantly, commitment to the future.

Chat with each other

The communication between you should be constant. Never take your partner for granted, and if there are any symptoms of dissatisfaction in the bedroom department, rather than glossing over these, they should be discussed openly. In most cases where someone’s libido has begun to diminish, there will be reasons. Getting these out into the open is the crucial first step towards resolving the problem.

When relationships get to a level where they are costing on neutral, this is bound to have a detrimental effect on what happens – or doesn't happen – in the bedroom. One way of ensuring you both remain at peak levels of excitement is to ensure there are always surprises. If you have got used to the same sexual positions, why not try experimenting? Because sex is such a popular and fundamental aspect of human behavior, all sorts of therapy are available, much of it available via your desktop computer smart device. Once you can get access to advice about ways to improve your sex life, the sky's the limit.

Spice things up

There are so many you can do to revamp your physical connection. Why not make arrangements for what could be termed a 'dirty weekend'? Unlike the seedy plotline that might apply to some TV melodrama, these romantic getaways can be terrific for bringing you closer together, giving you nights of unbridled passion to look forward to. You could even take these hotel or motel liaisons a stage further and plan them under different names, arranging a rendezvous with your partner in different guises. This is where you could get into role-playing to inject some redhot passion into your love life. If you're a female, then why not splash out on a low-cut dress and killer heels? Stroll into the bar and then pretend you are a stranger to your partner. This could be treated like a flashback to the first occasion you encountered each other, wherever that happened to be. As jealous eyes drift towards you, forge a truly erotic connection, as if you are individuals who have just bumped into each other, away from the shackles of your daily lives, and ready to surrender to a night of abandoned sex. This can be repeated as often as you wish, in many different locations.

Sexual Endurance Exercises – and Outdoor Fun!

how to boost sexual energy

One of the best ways of treating the greeting your sex life is to dwell on the physical aspects, as well as the emotional connection. Sex shouldn't always be regarded as a sprint towards a climax. There is certainly a time and a place for what could be described as a 'quickie.' If you are seeking to reboot your sex life after a lean period, there is nothing quite as bawdy as getting together at some social event, perhaps by making excuses to meet in a restroom cubicle at a wedding reception, or a private party. But if you are going to make your sexual experience so memorable that it is an activity that you will continually want to relive, focus on making it a drawn-out experience, providing maximum pleasure.

Foreplay can be magic

Place more emphasis on foreplay, rather than going straight for the most direct route. This is where you can stoke emotions, kindling the heat between you as you get involved in ever more sensual touching, caressing, and passionate kissing. At this point, you can spend a lot of time whisper sweet nothings into each other's ears about exactly what you would like to do, and how you would love them to reciprocate. You can act out of character, using vulgar language. Aim to make this about so much more than just sex - look upon it as a performance you are both dedicated to giving 100% commitment to.

  • There are so many other ways you could boost your sex life. How about sex in a public place? There is always a frisson of danger at the thought of someone discovering you. So next time you go for a long walk through a country park, why not stray from the path, across rugged countryside, until you come across a convenient forest clearing where you could have a fantastic time, soaking up the ambiance of being alone, far away from any intrusive eyes.
  • Another fantastic way of keeping the kettle boiling is to indulge in sexting. These hot messages don’t have to be elaborate. Employing a few choice phrases, generously interspersed with suitable emojis would be enough attention when you are not actually with them. If you want to increase the potency of your messages in terms of creating the right vibe, add voice recordings where are you going into greater detail about what you would like to do once you are alone together.
  • Sex should always be about relaxation, connection, and enjoyment. If you appreciate something your partner loves to do in bed, let them know the extent to which it makes your blood rush. This will not only boost their ego but will also encourage them to be attentive with you in the bedroom.
  • Try not to make a big deal about sex in terms of how long your sessions last, or how regularly you indulge in these pleasures. Keep everything relaxed, and keep chatting about your likes.