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Places to Hook up Without Getting Caught Near Me

Although the bed is deemed the most comfortable place to make love, nothing stops you from time to time to explore other spaces. After all, some sex positions are best performed outside the bedroom. The scenery and the fear of getting caught in public can also add to the moment's intensity.

Together with a hookup partner, you may choose to feel up to each other in the bathroom, at work, wardrobe locker, at the beach, or the cinema…

Should you choose the beach, the sight of shellfishes and crustaceans when you make out time for your hookup partner is unrivaled.

The sound of the waves, the refreshing spray, the iodized aroma at the site is also a particularly romantic setting for making love.

Bring a - very - large towel so as not to come into contact with the sand. Find an uncrowded beach or go there in the evening - weather permitting.

Daytime Hookup Spots

Daytime Hookup Spots

The train

Long train journeys are not always as monotonous as you might think. Installed in your compartment, you find yourself in the company of a charming passenger. Without your other traveling companions paying attention, your eyes are more and more insistent, and even if the words do not dare to break the peaceful silence of this austere wagon, a real bond takes hold. A wink invites you to follow him (her). Towards a deserted wagon at the end of the train or towards other places where complicity can become private. One thing is now certain: your senses are on the verge of derailment!

The elevator

You are the last one from the office. But strangely, when the elevator appears on your floor, it's not empty. Collaborative glances exchanged intimate reconciliations. These ascents and descents may hold some unforgettable surprises in store for you. But unless you work at the Montparnasse Tower, this place has one major drawback: you have to be quick! So let your passions run wild. The feeling of being interrupted in your antics by an amateur latecomer working overtime should multiply your sensations. If the elevator has a glass wall, the feeling of dizziness will ignite you completely. But it's up to you to develop your own erotic!

In the middle of the street

Under the cobblestones, the skids. We abandon the comfort of the bed for the rough walls of the street.

Here, no room for fuss. We indulge in almost bestial sexuality, which betrays our insatiable appetite—exit eroticism; room for the unmentionable.

Better not to live in a busy neighborhood. Hitting the road to find a deserted hamlet would take all of the abruptness out of the matter.

Make sure that no one will be able to spot us - not even the voyeurs.

Airplane toilets

Popularized by the film "Emmanuel," airplane toilets are still privileged places of French fantasies. Lovers of aerial fantasies, what better place to reach the seventh heaven? But even with Jacques Duroc in his ears and sexual energy unaffected by the mediocrity of the meal tray, we will have to face the facts: these places are characterized above all by their small size and their lack of discretion! So the traveling lovers will have to adopt contortionist postures and feign indifference when leaving the premises despite the looks of envy or resentment from a large part of the passengers.


Do you benefit from a job that puts you in contact with the public? Do very charming colleagues surround you? Work is often the place of all connections. But sometimes, the nice flirtation can lead to opportunities or, more so, affinities. And then what a feeling to be able to finally give a little eroticism to the world of work at a time when the professional framework is less and less exciting. Regards, post-it, emails. Will know how to perfect the courtship of the urban lover. Once professional constraints have been removed, will you be able to commit to an interim, a CDD, or a CDI?

Be careful to survive the trial period. And not to mix professional and extra-professional relationships too much!

The swimming pools

A few minutes of televised water frolics had succeeded in making pools a national sex symbol and in boosting the sale of indoor swimming pools for many years. Even if this kind of situation is easier in private installations, the bravest will try to avoid the lifeguard long enough without arousing suspicion. To improvise siren for a day or Jean Edward for the weekend, a few precautions are necessary: make sure that the water temperature will be sufficient not to cool your ardor, to be able to benefit from a little privacy, to avoid one-piece swimsuits, not to be allergic to chlorine.

But why do not opt for the sea, the rolling waves punctuating your lovemaking?

The car

To replay the Titanic scene in a more modern way. If space is cramped, the modular position of the seats allows many variations. We take advantage of the situation to take control. We ask our partner to sit quietly and let it go.

Park in a deserted area but not very visible. A stationary car could intrigue the police.

Private Places to Go With Your Boyfriend

Private Places to Go With Your Boyfriend

In the water

Want to make your fantasies come true underwater? Make love in a private, non-chlorinated swimming pool to avoid yeast infection! As for the condom, you can put it on and take it out outside of the water

In the bathroom, the adventure is at the end of the corridor

The bathroom can lend itself well to your antics:

Make love in the shower to satisfy your aquatic desires without a swimming pool or beach nearby. Taking care not to slip and preferring simple rather than acrobatic positions.

Make love in the washing machine (if it's in your bathroom), preferably on the way, to enjoy the vibrations of the drum. All you have to do is choose the cycle: quick wash or deep cleaning.

In the kitchen

Another room in your house or apartment to discover from another angle. Making love on the kitchen table or against a cupboard allows you to have, at hand, ingredients to enhance your antics: cream, whipped cream, strawberries, spread. And if the combination of tastes and pleasure appeals to you, consider flavored condoms! Enjoy your meal.

In the toilets, but yes, it's great!

If the size of your toilet allows it, try having sex there. The narrowness of the room could force you to imagine new positions and to work on your flexibility! In the toilets with friends, in the evening. Neither seen nor known. What? No, it's busy!

On a boat, along the water

For those who are not seasick and who are lucky enough to be on a boat, the total isolation and the sea air can be conducive to salty sex! Bonus if you manage to synchronize with the rhythm of the waves

Because, in the collective imagination, the hotel room is often associated with sex. Never mind! We play it Pretty Woman, and we offer our companion a weekend entirely dedicated to lust.

At the Hotel

A bed, a bathtub (or a shower), we already have it at home. But, at the hotel, we see them differently. Taken out of their simply functional context, they suddenly take on a terribly erotic character.

Perhaps the cleaning lady who enters the room despite the "Do not disturb" sign? Remember to bring alluring underwear, sex toys (if desired), and sexy board games to avoid monotony. And to make the most of your stay, follow our advice on how to last through the night.

Places to Make Out Without Getting Caught

Places to Make Out Without Getting Caught

A cinema room plunged in the dark allows many follies. In the airlock that leads there or installed on the armchairs, we take action and play our own film.

The almost absence of light will appeal to the timidest. She allows them to indulge in some sexual experiences without fear of being noticed.

Because we take control, after exhilarating our partner with the fitting of some underwear, we discreetly invite him to join us. Terribly erotic.

The possibility of playing with the desire of men. We put on more and more sexy clothes until he is on the verge of explosion. That's when we let him in. Not before.

Want to break the routine of the marital bed? Making love in unusual places is one of the most widespread fantasies—transgression, perversion, exhibitionism. And a lot of originality will perhaps allow you to 4opt for (rascal) games without borders.

Be careful. Combining transgression and pleasure while making love in public places may have some surprises in store for you if the police surprise you during a frenzy. Your somersaults could then be assimilated to exhibitionism, condemned by articles 222-32 of the Penal Code to penalties of up to one year of imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 euros.

The outdoors

Far from the urban jungle, your fantasies have bucolic accents. That seems to happen to a lot of men anyway! As evidenced by a recent poll carried out by Sores for Marie Clair in May 2000, these gentlemen admitted to fantasizing about having sex outdoors! But you ladies, are you in such a natural mood? Could you put up with this sand from the beaches or this hay from the scratching farms, without humming the advertisement for course! Nothing like a little weekend in the countryside to restore your sexual impulses to the greenness of yesteryear.

Naked under the stars, in full communion with elementary forces, say yes to 100%, organic carnal love!

In a friend's bathroom during a party

Rediscover the excitement of our teenage loves by isolating yourself from a lively evening. That's what exhilarates us. We double-close the bathroom and let ourselves go to our nonsense, like big toddlers.

The forbidden and the need to hurry to add spice to the scene.

Having to hurry can also block. We will only indulge in this pleasure if we are as excited as our partner and skip the foreplay.