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What Are the Best Sex Talk Phrases of all Time?

Being an expert in the dirty talk is everyone's secret dream. Knowing what to say to your partner exactly would help in many situations, especially when you're desperate for sex, but they're not. It would be great if there was a magic list of the best dirty talk ever that you could refer to to get your partner desperate for some dirty talk? Luckily, there is! Some have only just entered the dirty talk dictionary, while others have been around for years – both of which work exceptionally well in seducing your partner. Never again will you have to be worried about saying the wrong thing or having a blank mind when it comes to talking dirty, as you'll be able to simply refer to this article for all the best dirty talk for your girlfriend or boyfriend! Become a lyrical sex master by reading this article!

What Guys Like to Hear When Talking Dirty

What Guys Like to Hear When Talking Dirty

Above all else, guys like to be surprised by a sudden turn from their girl. If you've appeared to be particularly sweet to him so far, nothing can be more of a turn-on for him than suddenly revealing your kinky side to them by going all out and revealing some of the best dirty talk lines that come to your head. This strategy only really works if you've only just started dating because if you suddenly pull some dirty talk on a guy after a while of dating, it can kind of overwhelm him, and he'll wonder why you've been keeping it from him for so long. The best thing to keep in mind is to reveal your dirty talking side in stages to him slowly. Start small, with minor sexual innuendos directed at this and then build up to more slutty, obvious dirty talk.

The obvious way of introducing your boyfriend to your dirty talk side is via messenger. Messaging is, of course, vastly different from talking with him in real life, and it can give him time to process what he's reading – don't expect boys to pick up on subtle dirty talk easily, especially if it is your first time doing the dirty talk. Building up via messages can give him enough time to understand what's going on and even allow him to come up with some poetic dirty talk phrases to say in return. Dirty talk in messages can really work to get your boyfriend hot throughout the day and put him really in the mood for you by the time you see him in the evening.

Again, try your best to start simple, with such suggestions that you 'wish you were in bed with him right now, and build up to what you'd like to do to him when in bed, getting as graphic as seems to be appropriate. Maybe try tone it down a bit if he's in an important meeting. However, if it's just a regular day of work for him, get creative with your dirty talking, and talk full-on smut! Your boyfriend would like to hear about how wet you are getting by texting these sexual fantasies to him during the day, so be sure to let him know how much you want him. The more you message him, the more convinced he'll be that you want him, and he'll make an effort to get back as soon as possible.

When you finally have him in bed, try and narrow down what you've been texting him throughout the day into simple and easy dirty talk. The last thing you want to do is bite his ear off in bed with how much you want him, especially if he's been reading it all day in your messages. He knows that you want him, so get your dirty talk thinned out a bit. Compliment specific parts of his body while telling him precisely what you want him to do. Think of this dirty talk as more commanding than suggestive to get a response from your lover.

Here Are the Best Dirty Talk Phrases

Here Are the Best Dirty Talk Phrases

So, you've got him in bed, and you've got him hot for you. Now all you need to do is deliver some of the best dirty talk phrases to get him even hotter for you and ready for some intercourse. But what do guys like to hear when you're talking dirty to them? The main goal of your dirty talk phrases is to make him feel more confident about himself. You want to get him turned on good and proper, and you also want him to feel good about himself and the object of your worship. Start clean, and compliment his hair, beard, and other features, before moving on to complimenting his abs and muscles, and finish up on delivering dirty talk phrases regarding his genitalia.

This is exactly the dirty talk that guys want to hear before having sex, as it puts them in the right mental state. You also want him to desire you through your dirty talk, mainly by whining about how desperate you are for him. If you are a couple that is inclined to BDSM or bondage, repeat how much you want to be controlled by him, how much you want him to take over, and how much you need to be 'punished by him. You could beg him to start spanking you or describing in detail other BDSM moves or tools you want him to use on you. Try not to go all-out on the begging with your dirty talk, but strongly suggest what it is that you desire from him, in the filthiest way you can imagine. You know your partner, so you'll be able to say exactly the dirty talk he wants to hear.

Great phrases that you can base your dirty talk around include:

  • Use me
  • Degrade me
  • Own me
  • I want you inside me
  • Punish me
  • I'm your bitch

You should not use these phrases every time, as sex will become like clockwork, and your partner will come to expect these phrases. You should use a variation each time while also aiming to invent your own unique dirty talk phrases to make it a personal experience for you and your partner. That will keep each time in bed exciting and different from the last and will convince your partner that you're really putting in the effort to talking dirty to him.

If you're looking to impress your girlfriend with your dirty sex talk, you could use such dirty talk phrases as:

  • Ride me
  • You're making me so hard
  • I won't be able to control myself
  • Scream for me
  • I want to make you wet

Again, aim to use a variation of these phrases to produce the best results. Aim to start small, and when things start going in terms of intercourse, be sure to get increasingly dirtier. Compliment her body parts as much as you degrade them. Make them feel both as appreciated as they feel disrespected. That way, you'll use your dirty talk to tap into their sexual fantasies, which will produce unbeatable results when it comes to climaxing.

Dirty Sex Words List

Dirty Sex Words List

As we've already mentioned, sometimes using long phrases and going into lots of details with your dirty talk lines only works to turn off your partner instead of getting them hot in bed. Going on too much of a preamble with dirty talk can bore them and likely distract them and potentially even lead them to think about other things. Of course, bigger phrases are useful initially, but when it comes to the sexual acts themselves, what you need is specific dirty sex words to know what to say.

Sometimes, simply verbalizing what you desire or desire to do to your partner is enough to make them excited about doing it. Hearing dirty talk come out of your mouth, especially if they don't expect it, instantly makes such words key for dirty talk. If you're a girl trying to turn on your boyfriend, you should try talking about such things as:

  • Squirting
  • Blow jobs
  • Hand jobs
  • Sixty-nines
  • Their bulge
  • Cowgirl

Speak lustfully using any of the dirty sex words listed above, and you're sure to have your partner ready for it. If you're a guy trying to turn on your girlfriend, try any combination from the following dirty sex words list:

  • Ride me
  • Clit
  • Go down
  • Use you
  • Punish
  • Spank
  • Climax
  • Harm
  • Damage
  • Sexy
  • Sit on
  • Vibrator
  • Finger

The suggestions of any of these things alone are sure to get your girlfriend wet and ready for you. However, girls are more likely to listen to longer phrases in bed than guys are, so feel free to keep using longer, more explicit dirty talk about getting her really into it.

As we've mentioned, it's important to make your girlfriend feel valued at the same time as well. Throughout the intercourse, be sure to let her know that you're appreciating all that she's doing, but in a sexy manner. You could:

  • Talk about how nice it is to have her on top of you
  • Talk about how nice it is to be inside her
  • Talk about how good she feels
  • Talk about how you don't desire anyone else
  • Tell her to keep going
  • Refer to her as 'your girl.'

It's also important to communicate when you want more out of the intercourse by dropping little suggestive hints such as:

  • Go harder
  • Go faster
  • Do it again
  • Get nastier
  • Don't stop

These sex phrases are neutral erotic dirty talk words and can be used to show that you appreciate what they're doing in bed so far while also encouraging them to give you more and even to try harder. This will make your partner feel both appreciated and sexually valued. They will feel more comfortable about the quality of the sexual performance and will try to outdo themselves and try harder in the future. They'll have no shame about revealing their kinky dirty talk side to you from then onwards.

It's also important that after sex, you also communicate how good it was, using slightly tamer sex chat. Or, if you want to go again, keep the sex chat going at the same level, pound them with compliments, and be prepared to start begging them to go again.

Talking dirty is an art, but by following the dirty talk guidelines above, you'll be sure to be talking dirty as if it were second nature in no time.