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Learn How to Make Homemade Sex Toys for Men

Do you usually get horny often and probably don't have a girlfriend to always turn to? There are means by which you may satisfy your erotic urge all by yourself. There are toys you may purchase to help satisfy such an urge. However, for numerous reasons, you may be unable to afford these sex toys or don't have the opportunity to get hold of it at the right period. You can utilize tons of domestic supplies as sex toys, from your pillow to pipes, towel, etc. They all can be utilized as DIY sex toys to satisfy your urge. If you are ready to explore a new experience, you should read on to discover some interesting ideas you can utilize. Discover how household sex toys for males are made.

Why go For Homemade Masturbation Toys for Men?

Homemade Toys for Men

There are several reasons why men have a habit of going for household sex toys. Perhaps you are tired of utilizing your hand or why the feeling isn't how it used to be. You may find yourself in a location where your pocket rocket isn't. Also, some people are shy of walking into an adult store to buy one or two things. Thus, the best option is to opt for homemade masturbation toys for men. Numerous causes make guys opt for homemade sex toys, and a few of them include;


Not everyone is buoyant to buy whatever they need at a particular time; this is why people occasionally go for DIY stuff. An artificial vagina popularly known as Fleshlight is not so affordable, which is why men turn out to be more creative and invent other alternatives. The majority of these toys' high prices are why men decide to invent homestyle versions with the same functions. Perhaps you are tight on cash, and you can rest assured to find homemade sex toy ideas which may be achieved using household supplies.


Some men are always very shy, even when they don't have to be. They see it as something awkward to walk into a shop, pick up a vibrator and walk up to the cashier to pay for it. Likewise, they find it uneasy about ordering it online and having it delivered to their place. The structure of the toy is easily noticeable while carrying it in our pockets. So, this shyness is a major reason guys have become initiative by inventing several homemade masturbation toys.

Always Horny

Another reason why guys go for these toys is that they are always horny. Whether they are in the house or outside, there is no difference. They feel horny often and are unable to carry their sex toy about. Also, your girlfriend can't be around 24/So, guys who belong to this category usually put their innovative skills into work and develop interesting DIY ideas. Being horny every time leads to desperate measures at times. Therefore, this is also a major reason for homemade toys.


Whenever we have ideas, we become curious about how to make the idea work perfectly. Sometimes, sexual thoughts cross our minds, and we try as much as we can to explore the thought. Perhaps you are bored of employing your hand to masturbate, and you desire to become innovative and creative about satisfying your sensual urge. You may proceed to test a few of the DIY concepts that you've come across on the net. One technique after another, and you will discover lots of amazing ideas.

The above are a few of the reasons why people learn how to make sex toys for men. Read on to discover interesting ideas and the methods to go about it.

Homemade Toys for Men

Why go For Homemade Masturbation Toys for Men?

There are several ideas for homemade toys for men, and some of them are;

Towel Masturbator

This is one of the widespread and oldest DIY domestic vulvae for men. The towel masturbator is constructed in the shape of a female private part, which you can effortlessly slide in your erection. All you need is a short towel, rubber glove, elastic, and lubricant. To accomplish your aim, you'll roll the towel then insert the rubber glove at the extreme of the rolled piece. Fold the second part of the towel over the rubber glove and wrap the two ends of the towel with the rubber glove's mouth. Attach the elastic material to the part of the glove's mouth holding the towel to be firm, and proceed to lubricate before starting.

Sock Masturbator

This is also a very common invention of the guys. It is similar to the towel masturbator. All that is required are a couple of thick socks, a rubber glove, an elastic band, and your desired lubricant. You position the rubber glove in between the socks placed on each other. Fold the mouth of the rubber glove around the end of the socks and attach the elastic material. Add your desired lubricant afterward, and you are good to go.

Toilet paper masturbator

This is also somewhat similar to the first two mentioned above. Though, it is very simple and requires less material. All that is required is the rubber glove and toilet paper. Remove the core from inside the toilet paper and pass the rubber glove through the hole. Use the glove's opening end to cover all perimeter of the toilet paper and add your lubricant before testing.

Stuffed Animal

This is undoubtedly one of the ideas most people have done directly or indirectly at one point or the other. A teddy bear is the only requirement here. If you are lucky to have children in the house, you will find several toys and teddy bears in every corner. If you find yourself with no kids nearby, you can proceed to a store to purchase a suitable teddy. Simply make an opening at the appropriate point and insert your private part to have a good time.


This is somehow uncommon and sounds strange. What you want here is the skin. Cut the head of the banana and squash out the banana from the peel. You may clean the inside a bit and then add lube into it. Wear the banana peel on your private part and begin to experience a good time.


Due to this fruit's water nature, it is very enjoyable as a sex toy. Simply puncture a hole into the fruit; the hole ought to be according to the size of your erection, not too wide and not too close-fitting. After the hole is ready, simply insert your erection and experience a good time.

Homemade Vibrator for Men

Homemade Vibrator for Men

Have you been speculating about how you can construct a homemade vibrator but can't seem to figure it out? There are several everyday objects and materials you may utilize as a vibrator for a satisfactory experience. A few of the homemade vibrator for men consist of;

Electric Razor

This might sound dangerous at first, but it isn't. Before you commence, you should fully take away the blades attached to it. The electric razor is a good vibrating object which may be utilized on Male parts. Ensure the device is fully charged and the batteries are fresh and new to avoid halfway fun. Switch on the vibrator and use it to stimulate your private area.

Electric Toothbrush

Besides brushing your teeth, there are other uses of this electrical device. The device utilizes a vibratory motion in brushing your teeth. However, this vibration can be utilized for other means. For both men and women, this electric toothbrush may be used to stimulate the private areas. The brush can be detached from the device for hygiene's sake.

Handheld Shower Head

If you are privileged enough to live in a house with a handheld shower, then you can enjoy this amazing idea. Are you aware that your handheld shower head is a sex toy if used appropriately? The pressure at which the water flows causes a vibratory effect on the body parts. So, you can easily focus the attention on your private part to feel a vibratory effect.

Mobile Phones

As we all see, our mobile phones do vibrate a lot. The interesting part is that the vibration may also be adjusted under the settings menu. You don't need to wait for a notification before getting a vibration. Simply head to the phone settings and put the vibration in motion as you use it to stimulate your private area. The sensation is equivalent to that of a normal vibrator. So, why head to an adult store to get a vibrator when you possess a device that performs the same function at hand?

Washing Machine

We are all aware of a washing machine's vibration effect; we've all seen how powerful it is. If you cannot lay your hands on a vibrator at a particular moment, you can simply do your washing and, simultaneously, have pleasure while doing it. Simply place your private part on the appliance's vibrating part and discover how pleasurable it will turn out.

The above are a few of the finest homemade vibrators for guys. As you can observe, they consist of domestic items which we use frequently. Anytime you find yourself short of sex toys, these vibrating devices can function in place of your vibrator.


The above list of homemade sex toys for men is all you require. You may see adverts for real sex toys for sale, but they may be slightly expensive for you or that period isn't convenient for you to get one. You may easily turn to homemade toys for men. After all, they are just like real toys.