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Where to Find Sexy Short Stories

Sometimes, using your imagination alone isn't enough to come up with the most exotic erotic stories. Luckily, there is a wealth of free erotic writing online that will give you some wild ideas about what to get up to in the bedroom. Women's fantasy stories can be amongst the biggest turn-ons for both men and women, hence the enduring popularity of short romantic sex stories. With the rise of Kindles and other e-readers, the erotic stories scene is booming like never before, with many erotica fanatics writing down their deepest, darkest fantasies for the pleasure of erotic stories lovers around the world. Erotic stories can be amongst the easiest books to read and will always be fascinating for both men and women as they detail sex like no other art form. They put into words what many adult women and men fantasize about in their heads, making them feel more comfortable about their sexual urges in real-life situations.

Where to Find Free Erotic Writing

Where to Find Free Erotic Writing

If you've never dabbled into reading hot erotic stories, you'll find all you need to know in this article. Contemporary erotic stories are fictionalized accounts of meeting sexual partners in a wide variety of situations. What's great about some of the best erotic stories is that they are so life-like, to the point where women – and men – can imagine themselves in the protagonist's shoes. This makes sexy short stories so addicting and what the best erotic stories strive towards – being able to create in women a feeling of relation to the characters and for the reader to empathize with their desires.

Don't think that within the wealth of free erotic writing you can find online, and there is to read about long-winding over-described sex scenes written by a horny novelist. Some of the best new writers today are turning to erotica as the place to express themselves effectively. Let's face it – sex is a big part of our lives, from coming of age to settling down and making a family – sex is pivotal in it all. Without sex, humans would not interact in the way they do. Therefore, writers are obsessed with sex because it's probably the most passionate thing that goes on in many people's lives and is therefore so writable.

Some of the characters brought to life in erotica are some of the most well-described characters you'll ever read about. Sex is normally a thing that is kept secretive. There'll be many characters in classic works of fiction who never disclose any detail of their sex lives. However, in erotica, you really get a sense of knowing the characters inside and out, as you get to read about them at their most passionate, they are most vulnerable, and they're most kinky!

Reading has long been considered the best means of escape from reality – it's a means to step back from your normal life and fill the shoes of somebody different. Free erotic writing is, therefore, a way for individuals to experience an exotic and exciting sex life if they otherwise have a particularly dry or uneventful time in the bedroom. If you've been in a relationship for years, it's difficult to relight the spark in the bedroom that you both shared at the start of the relationship, no matter how many fetishes or new techniques you bring to the table. Erotic wiring is one of the best ways to get away and feel as though you are experiencing the sex life of the characters in the books.

If you like the sound of these merits of erotic short stories, there are several online databases where you'll be able to find plenty of free erotic writings that'll be sure to meet your tastes. You could try such websites as:

  • Cosmopolitan U.K.
  • Remittance Girl
  • Literotica
  • Bookrix

Or, if you simply search the kind of kinky sex stories or erotic writing you'd like to read about, you'll be able to find several lesser-known writing blogs that will expose you to some of the best free steamy stories from unknown authors. s

Where to Find Short Romantic Sex Stories

Where to Find Short Romantic Sex Stories

Be prepared to let your imagination run wild while reading some of the best short romantic sex stories and erotic writing online. You'll find that most of the time, when looking for free online erotica, that most of the authors are women just like you, who are looking for an escape from their own mundane sex lives. You may even find yourself becoming an author and penning your own steamy stories after getting inspired by some of the ones you'll come across online.

Free erotic literature is also good for women who are too scared to explore their fetishes in real life. It may be easy for some to implement their BDSM or bondage tendencies in the bedroom, as they find it difficult to broach the subject to their husbands. Luckily, such books as 50 Shades of Grey inspired many young writers to write openly about their darkest sexual fetishes in literature. You'll find many women have been forced to use pseudonyms for authorship of the novels, as they don't want their professional writing names attached to some of the steamy erotic literature they have written.

Such books as 50 Shades of Grey have also worked to bring erotic literature to the mainstream, in its full explicit glory. It was a massive book that sold 15.2 million copies worldwide and inspired countless copycat authors to write in a similar style about BDSM and bondage. However, when you go into a bookshop, you are only likely to find books in the 50 Shades of Grey series or cheap, lookalike knockoffs. In comparison to some of the erotic stories you can find online, 50 Shades of Grey is very tame. To find the best, most exotic ladies' books, you'll have to go online – book publishers would never dare to publish half of the stuff you can find on some of the leading online erotica blogs.

If you're looking for the dirties short romantic sex stories that are guaranteed to turn you on, you can find online blogs that are labeled as 'one-handed reading', which means, one hand on the book and one hand on – we're sure you know what! These erotic writings are sure to satisfy your sex story cravings.

If you're looking for online erotic stories that explore roleplaying and BDSM, amongst other fetishes in sex stories, be sure to search for the following:

  • Sugar Butch Chronicles
  • Lush Stories

Each of which is a great place to start and feature sex stories based around soft porn, right up to full-out steamy erotica. As we've mentioned, many of the content featured on these sites would never get considered for publishing and are only available online. They're often written by unprofessional writers, which gives the stories a raw edge, making them all the steamier and more exciting. You won't believe some of the stuff that horny women like you can come up with when they're bored!

If you don't fancy reading full erotic stories, you should check out the site Oglaf, which has several short romantic sex comics that are great if you're looking for a light read as well as some visual cues.

Free Women's Erotic Stories

Free Women's Erotic Stories

Or, if you're looking for even more of a visual cue when it comes to erotic stories, you can check out such sites as Frolic Me, Girl on the Net, which add such media to the erotic narrative, such as videos, audio, and pictures, which creates a different kind of erotic fiction experience. If you're visiting these sites at home while other family members are at home, we'd recommend doing so with headphones on, as some of the sound effects attached to these erotic stories can get really loud and really embarrassing if you don't want people to know that you are reading erotic fiction. Don't think that by visiting these sites, you may as well be watching pornography, as they have an artfulness to them that makes them some of the best erotic works of fiction that can be found online.

The website Myerotica offers a more mature, less-graphic place for up-and-coming erotica writers to display their erotic stories and get feedback from other writers. Here, you'll be able to find a library of much more slow-paced works, with less focus on graphic content and more on the building up of tension that sexual desire brings. Reading about this alone can be more of a turn-on for some women than the full-on graphic erotic stories you can find on the websites we mentioned before. It can be more exciting and captivating because it holds the reader in suspense without ever giving them the full details about the sex. Sites like these are great for those who love to use their imaginations to fill in the blanks in free adult stories and help those who struggle to imagine themselves being involved in some more hardcore novels. Of course, some of these more mature stories will surprise you with a steamy hardcore scene, but don't let that put you off exploring these sites for yourselves. You'll find that the hardcore scenes are done tastefully – the sex scene is essential to building the story's narrative. A surprise hardcore sex scene can really turn readers on unexpectedly, which is great if you like being surprised and even shocked by what you are reading.

If you're looking for free women's erotic stories that are written from a man's perspective, check out Forbidden Writings, which is a great place to start if you want to enter the erotic mind of a man. Reading from a man's point of view can be very illuminating for female readers, as they can find out exactly how a man's mind works with regards to sex, which could gain them a better knowledge over how to treat their own partners in bed.