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How to Know If a Guy Likes You after a One-Night Stand

It may be true; it just happened, and you never planned to sleep with him. You both set eyes on each other and, in a surge, felt attracted to one another. Perhaps, there was alcohol involved. Or you just slept with a guy in the hopes that sex will encourage a more consistent connection.

To you, it felt like more than just sex afterward. You can't stop thinking about him. Now you're there wondering if the guy likes you after the one-night stand.

Women are emotional species, and there are times emotions have gotten in the way of a one-night stand. Catching feelings after a one-night stand is completely normal. It sends many women to start thinking about how to make a guy like you after a one-night stand.

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Here are 7 signs a guy likes you after a one-night stand:

  • He makes the first move to text you. It is turning into something more.
  • Creates plans with you again and arranges for a second date.
  • Connects with you on social media. You were not ready for that shocking friend request from him, but there it is!
  • Openly tells you he's interested and wants to see you again after your one-night stand.
  • It all happened in his room. You slide out of bed and find him waiting for you to wake up with breakfast ready. He has feelings for you if he invites you to it with a smile.
  • He helped you home after the one-night stand and checked on you the next day.
  • You kept the conversation flowing by freely talking during your one-night stand.

What to Text a Guy after a One-Night Stand

One-night stands are exciting, but they can leave you feeling awkward if you don't know what to say after it. You feel like seeing this guy again, but you don't want to come out as if you're already too much into it.

Read ahead to learn what to text a guy after a one-night stand, whether you're feeling agitated or ashamed. These ideas will give you a confidence boost, with the surety of reviving the hookup. The following examples might see him come begging you for more sizzling nights together.

"I have to say you're really good in bed."

There is no other better way to get a man to put you on his right side than genuinely praising how good he is. If you really felt great about this guy after the one-night stand, use it to break the silence after the hookup. Such an approach elicits a positive response from him. This guy might even respond by praising your skill as well.

If you stroke his ego the right way, you won't be waiting for signs that this guy likes you after your one-night stand.

"Last time was great. Can we do it again some time?"

You shouldn't be ashamed to ask for a rematch if you're thinking of hooking up the guy again. It's not such a bad idea, as it reveals your confidence to go for what you want. In no time, you might have opened the floor for another round of good sex.

When you go specific with what you enjoyed during the time, it'll make the guy feel good about himself and possibly want to meet you again after the one-night stand.

"Do you mind another round?"

Men are always up for a challenge when ladies care for another round. Ask for the round in a flirty way that catches his attention and just keeps him wanting more. If he's into it, the conversation can get deeper into what to expect in the next round. Unknowingly, you'll be both exploring fun ideas to make your next hookup more memorable.

"I can't stop thinking about our short time together."

One of the best ways to acquire a man's attention after a one-night stand is being honest about the experiences. Men love to know if they made you feel the moment. Include something specific he did during your one-night stand that still blows your mind. Tell this guy you can't stop thinking about it, and he won't hesitate to share the experience once more.

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"I'll be at… Can we meet again?"

It is a straightforward request to hang out. If the guy enjoyed his first time with you, he wouldn't turn down the great offer. Just remember to keep your message fun and casual to make the request hard to resist.

"It entices how you know your way around a woman's body."

This kind of text reveals that he did a good job. Will he call after a one-night stand if you send him such a message? Yes! He'll be feeling good about your statement and might want to reaffirm it in action.

Make use of emojis or GIFs

Maybe you've tried coming up with a message the carries your intention without feeling awkward. People nowadays utilize GIFs and emojis to express themselves. It is a quick prudent option. If it's your intention, go for the naughty ones that suggest another round of sex. You can use these to effectively pass across any message you wish and entice the man for another hookup.

What Guys Think after a One-Night Stand

It is common that after having a one-night stand with a guy, women and men start thinking about what could be going on in their minds. Well, not all guys think the same, but here are the most common thoughts that go through our heads after a one-night stand.

"She's great. I wouldn't mind doing that again."

If the sex turned out really… really good, a guy wouldn't stop thinking about sleeping with you again. If the night still holds you together, round 2 could follow after a few minutes. If the situation doesn't allow for the next round, he'll be most likely thinking of ways to find you again. He might take the hookup further by asking you out on a proper date. The thought of a date is not so common, but when the sex and the moment felt great, guys will most probably contemplating it.

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"I hope she doesn't take this to be heading somewhere."

Not all men would harbor such fears, but there is a class of men who dread the idea of women quickly catching feelings. Turning a one-night stand into something more doesn't occupy the best part of their mind. So, you'll be there appreciating the moment and thinking of a one-night stand turned into a relationship, but the guy has low expectations of that.

"Why did she spend the night?" or "Why did she allow me to spend the night?"

You somehow both fell asleep after the romp. He wakes up when it's almost sunrise, and this would form part of the immediate thoughts flushing through him. If the experience was not so great or you only got together after you were both spent out, you might start hating yourselves. Although the guy might not take it personally, he'll be asking himself why you spent the night around or why you allowed him to.

"How often does she do this?"

Most men (women) would be wondering how often you have a one-night stand with strangers. The odds are high he's thinking about it even if he doesn't ask. It mainly arises from curiosity and thoughts of safe sex.

"Agghhh! What was I thinking?

Who told you that guys don't regret one-night stands? There are times men are emotionally pressed and just seeking to have some fun. They could engage in it without initially thinking how it would feel afterward. In this case, it's not always about you, but ourselves and the current situations we're going through.

"…and this girl's name is?"

Some guys are just bad with names. It even gets worst when they're only thinking of sex…. that was on a light note. It's nothing personal, but they'll struggle to remember the name only after the romp is over. Remembering names is even going to be a huge challenge when alcohol is involved. Even so, some women forget names too.

"Nice! I've done better."

Most times, sex can be life-affirming. It also feels good a girl chose to have sex with him instead of going home with one of the many other guys. It forms part of men's excitement, especially if the lady looks the hottest around.

How to Make a One-Night Stand Like You

You had a lot of fun in the short moment, and it felt like the two of you go well? So, you can't stop thinking of seeing again but just don't know how to proceed? We tell you how to make the best move forward and get in touch with him. This way, you'll also learn a thing or two on how to know if a guy likes you after a one-night stand. Receiving a positive response from him after making a move is one of the signs your one-night stand likes you.

We tell you how to make a one-night like you more and even turn the hookup into a potential relationship. Transitioning from casual one-time sex to a committed relationship can be challenging. It is especially so if one party didn't fully sign up for the short, exciting experience.

Here are three ways to make a guy see you after a one-night stand and even end up seeing it turn into a potential relationship.

Wait till the weekend and reach out through hot text

Be bold and direct by capturing his imagination with a sexy text, worth earning some response. The best way to make your intentions stand out after a hookup is to refrain from immediately engaging him in mundane conversations after the one-night stand. It may bring you out as to easy. Wait for the right moment, especially if you have their contact, and it will trigger the desired reaction from him.

As you reach out to the guy with sexual intentions, inculcate flirty ways to go about it so that you have his attention. He'll most likely respond positively and even preempt, looking forward to a next time with you if he likes who turned out to be during the short encounter.

Make the chase and understand the seduction game

To get a guy to like you more after a one-night stand, you'll have to employ your unique traits in the seduction game. You'll have to come out as exceptional for him to fall for you and want to spend some time with you. After all, winning him over through sex would be exclusively wrong.

It might be he has silently been thinking of texting you after the one-night stand but couldn't muster enough courage. Who said texting a girl after a one-night stand is so easy? There would be loads of thoughts going through his mind then.

Men reluctantly choose to commit. Make the seduction fun to get them to notice your intentions in the best ways possible. With the right attitude, the chase can become a compelling element of a potential relationship.

Schedule sober dates

Having fun dates after the romp, especially if you want the guy to like you, is not a bad idea. Just ensure you schedule such dates in environments where you're comfortable showcasing what makes you unique. Feel free to employ best manners to refuse his sexual advances if it feels right then. It may make the guy notice something special about you. Valuing yourself at all times will make him see all he might lose if he doesn't put you closer in the forming connection.