Dating Tips

Why Aren't You Married Yet?

Are you committed to a man that isn't ready to say "I do" and start a family? Well, many women happen to find themselves in similar situations and according to them, the sting is particularly painful. Before trying the following, be sure to honestly assess what marriage means to you and your partner. Here's what to do!

Be a Perfect Girlfriend

The key to a beautiful marriage with lots of romance is to be intimate enough with him, get to know his positive and negative traits and make sure he does not easily emphasize your imperfections to use them as a reason to break up with you. You need to get him mentally prepared to decide to settle down and have a long term relationship. Don't act like a child and deprive him of something as a punitive measure just because of his delayed proposal. See to it that your significant other is happy and that should make you happy as well.

Be Intellectually Challenging

Looks attract people but relationships built on physical attractions don't last. Your conversations should have depth and be intriguing. It is very possible to build a real connection if you have the ability to hold a real discussion about meaningful topics. Have enough ideas and get him interested in having conversations with you.

Be Friendly and Sociable

No man wants to worry about the kind of behavior our attitude their lady is going to put up at an event after he's tried to introduce her to his friends. Have a sense of humor. You should not be too dry and stiff as that would create tension and would mean that you find his lighter personality annoying and boring. You will want to create a good impression on his friends because men tend to listen to their friends a lot and take their opinions into consideration.

Emotionally Attached to the Partner

If you want your man to feel emotionally connected to you, you might consider impressing him by showing him a great side of you he's never seen. Reveal your inner self to him little by little and that will encourage him to open up to you. Also, try new things and be adventurous. Spice things up a little bit, get more intimate, satisfy each other's fantasies and make him experience something he hasn't with other women in Canada. Get touchy with him but make sure to give him a bit of a tease once or twice and then he will want more. Address and discuss his fears and don't be too quick to judge him.

Be Ambitious

Talk about your future plans, let your confidence shine through while you do that. A good amount of confidence brings out the sexy in you. Stand strong and still with your beliefs and standards but be ready to accept constructive criticism from him. While you're encouraging him to chase after his goals, be a woman of vision and he will consider you a partner he can run and achieve the world with.