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Tips to Make a Marriage Proposal

Finding someone suitable as a partner is no longer a challenge when you join an online dating service. Thanks to the proliferation of online dating sites you can find a woman online with relative ease. If you have met your ideal partner through online dating or even conventional dating and considering making a marriage proposal, there are different ways of going about it. While some like to do so in a dramatic manner in full public display, there are others like to keep it low key and intimate. While there is no issue really about popping the question in a public place in this social media era, where plenty of couples display their affections in public, you need to consider if your partner would be comfortable with you doing so.   

Do not get too theatrical

Preferably minimize the theatrics when making the proposal and do not go overboard. While it is true that when couples are deeply in love they tend to shed their inhibitions, you need to bear the location in mind where you intend to propose. Getting overdramatic may make you an object of public ridicule so keep your flair for dramatics to the minimum. Do not opt for major events that are televised e.g. in a packed stadium. Instead find a suitable spot like say an upscale restaurant and do it with panache, so that the audience is also impressed by your gesture. This will ensure your partner is also not embarrassed with your proposal.

Take your partner’s feelings into consideration

While you may be okay with grand displays of public affection, you need to consider your partner’s feelings and possible response. Before you jump the fun and make a grand public proposal, try to gauge their possible reaction about public proposals. You could engage in conversation and discuss someone that proposed in public and listen carefully to what your partner has to say about it. If they express displeasure and comment negatively about the proposal in public you will need to rethink your plan of proposing in public and instead opt for something more private. 

Considering doing it online

One of the latest trends growing in popularity among millennial couples is proposing online i.e. creating a proposal video and then posting it online on a social media platform like Facebook. While it may sound okay in theory, you need to be aware of your partner’s views and whether they would prefer a more subtle and private proposal.  Again casually bring up the topic about couples proposing on social media and judge from your partner’s reaction and opinion whether it would be the right thing to do.

Have a well-planned strategy

If you intend to publicly propose you need to have it well-planned to avoid making a fool of yourself. Consider the location and if you intend to involve others in the plan. Be prepared for any last-minute hitches and keep your partner’s likes and dislikes in mind, when opting to make a public proposal.

Be prepared for rejection

You need to be practical and prepare yourself for a rejection. In case your partner gets cold feet with accepting your proposal in public or if they just want to remain friends you could possibly get rejected. Be prepared to take any rejection of your proposal in your stride.