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The influence of AI on Dating Sites

While true AI is still in its infancy, the fact is that limited forms of AI are being implemented across the world for a variety of reasons. Among these reasons is the ability to track human interactions in the realm of romance. Specifically, AI is being used to help people that use an online dating site to find their matches. Here are some of the ways that you can expect to see AI appear on these websites in the near future.

Suggesting Matches

Artificial intelligence programs are very adept at receiving orders to find certain information and delivering it very quickly. While there are search engines on many of the best dating websites that help humans find partners with certain features, they are not as good as AI. The future of online dating websites will involve an AI interface that a user would implement to find specific characteristics of a date. With the power of AI, one could find a person that has a specific culture, religion, and look for you in a matter of seconds. Then, with the human input catalogued, the AI could search for future matches that are similar to that one, giving users plenty of matches to ask out on dates. 

Providing Dating Advice

Another area in which AIs could be useful is in providing dating advice. AIs could be used to monitor a person that is chatting with their match on a dating site. They could suggest that a person remembers certain facets of their date’s personality, remember birthdays, and provide snippets of information about their date that could be useful in wooing them. The practical advice from AIs could also be used during dates, reminding a user to be calm, smile more, and perform other tasks that help them be their most confident selves.

Finding Lookalikes for You

One other aspect of AI technology as it pertains to online dating websites is the ability to use facial recognition to find specific dates. You might like the look of a person so much that you would like to meet others that look just like them. The AI could easily scan the online dating website’s memory to find people that are tall, blonde, and athletic-based on their pictures. Remarkable features could also be added to the search criteria to lead the site users to a person that is attractive in unique ways.

Dating an AI for Practice

In the future, when AI is more readily available to interface with, people can use them for dating practice. Many people have issues with making eye contact, mumbling, and just appearing unconfident in their actions. However, using an AI as a practice date could help people overcome their less attractive actions before they are sitting in front of their date. While AI would have to advance pretty far from what it is nowadays to do this, it’s clear that a lot of people could benefit from this. Clever programmers and dating aficionados alike could make this a reality when technology catches up to dating ambitions.

Artificial intelligence is going to drive the future of industry and creation for humankind. However, that doesn’t mean that it won’t be used for everyday distractions and applications like a dating site. From suggesting matches to providing a method for people to practice their dating skills, AI is poised to infiltrate every aspect of online dating websites to help people find a match. Love is a difficult thing to analyze, but there are certain aspects of love that AI can help with, and that will make dating in the near future all the more exciting.