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How to have anonymous sex

How to have anonymous sex

If you are used to hooking up with people occasionally, make no mistake that you both will end the night together. Your home does not have to be the place of meeting necessarily, and that’s because casualness is all about your attitude and not on the coziness of your apartment. The best way to get prepared for casual sex is to own more than one towel, and the number of pillows in your flat should match the number of people you would like to join your sex party. You should not spend a fortune on your amenities; just focus on the comfort of your guest. One of the most important items that should always be available is condoms. Condoms are possibly the most important items offered or made available for all. So, prepare lots of condoms. Our advice is to get 17 types, which will allow you to switch them up every night!

What about casual sex definition?

What about casual sex definition?

Depending on who you ask, people often define it as either:

  • Great sex without commitment
  • Great sex with no risk of having a child in the end.
  • Great sex without the intention of getting married
  • Great sex without the intention of committing to one person
  • Great sex with no strings attached and no intention of meeting again

Casual sex does not have a definitive and unique definition. In reality, each person sees it the way it arranges them. However, one thing to retain here would be that although sex is casual, it should not be something to vulgarize.

Overall, casual sex is not a universal concept. To be honest, people might even be having sex for the following reasons:

  • Because they want to have fun
  • They want to meet new people
  • They want someone to amaze them in the bedroom
  • They want to feel feminine or assert their masculinity, once again
  • They want to explore their fantasies

We define casual sex as something that serves a purpose. In other words, we see it as a way to enjoy yourself with other people who share your sex views.

How to get casual sex

How to get casual sex

Keep it Light

If you want to have an idea of what casual sex feels like, think of a delicate mousse that shouldn’t have too many other ingredients mixed in because, as you possibly know, mousses are best enjoyed when light and fluffy. Conversations during these types of encounters should not be too casual, you know, like the ones where you would talk about family issues, your dad’s lover, or, again, your mom moving away to an island. It can happen for a one-time hookup to only be about sex, but you will also find the ones where drinks are offered and, of course, with some light but not too personal conversations. The types of conversations that we would encourage, though, are the ones where you’d ask the person where they grew up or what they do for a living, just to ease the atmosphere and gain the other person’s trust. You can also ask about the latest movie, books, music, maybe funny YouTube videos involving animals or wines. Overall, conversations should be about anything light except Bitcoin or your SAT score.

Also, do not give the impression to this person that you want to date them by talking about bars, rphoto-estaurants, or museums; this could ruin the occasion.

Don’t Get Fancy

There is one scene in the movie Ratatouille that stays in my mind, and it is the one where Linguini accuses the rat chef (whose name is Remy) of “getting fancy with the spices.” In easy English, this describes someone who wishes to overdo themselves just to look good. Well, casual sex is not something where you get into just to experiment with something you know nothing about or which you are not comfortable doing. To make it simple, there is a huge difference between trying to have sex in a car for the very first time and engaging in BDSM for one night. Overall, when one says they are up to anything regarding casual sex, it means having fun while engaging in comfortable and common sex acts, maybe with a slight fun twist to make things exclusive. It is not about exposing your kinkiest fantasies to someone.

Ask the hard questions after hookup #2

Another thing about hooking up with someone for casual sex-whether it is with someone you met online or someone you got introduced to-is discretion. Casual sex should be about nothing else but sex, but if you happen to meet the same person for casual sex more than once, then you both need to set some boundaries. Our advice would be to agree with the person to keep the encounters casual and confirm that you want it. If these encounters keep repeating themselves, there is nothing like setting more rules to keep things casual.

How to Initiate Casual Sex

How to Initiate Casual Sex

Don’t linger.

When you get intimate with someone for too long, it is possible to form a bond at some point. What normally happens is that these repeated encounters with the same person may lead to a friendship, and before you know it, you will catch yourself buying them a card for Valentine’s Day at CVS. We are not asking you to go incognito after casual sex with a person. We are just saying that the more you become intimate with this person by eating breakfast with them or watching your favorite shows, the more chances you will kill your encounters' casualness.

Read the room

Most of the time, hooking up is not about walking up to someone and asking them if they would like to have sex with you with no strings attached. Or again, telling this person to hook up with you for 4 to 6 months and then forget about the whole thing to get a chance at meeting people you will fall in love with. Casual sex requires some enthusiasm and mutual consent, but the difference is, sometimes, the person will not need to tell you that they are not interested anymore, or if you’ve been staying over after meeting for casual sex several times, they may suddenly not want you to stay after sex, at some point in time. If you have casual sex with an acquaintance, you may have to discuss remaining friends after you are through casual sex. This may be an awkward situation, especially if you are still going to meet at birthday parties. You must also expect the conversation with this person to be brief and concise rather than sitting and allowing your emotions to surface. Do not get too emotional with that person, and do not expect to get that privilege from them.

Don’t make it weird

This should be the number one rule, and considering that you two are not dating, you do not get the right to control your casual sex partner, especially one with who they choose to have a relationship. After all, you do not get to decide what your actual partner wears while on a date. All that you need to do is set boundaries that you both will agree on. Overall, do not become possessive with them, do not stalk their Instagram account, do not gossip about your hookup to anyone, never ask to do them a favor by offering to pick his parents up at the airport; otherwise, this can easily become a date. Just take it easy, accept that this lifestyle comes with boundaries and have fun.

Where to Find Casual Sex Partners

Where to Find Casual Sex Partners

People who are already used to the lifestyle seem to meet people with ease even in the streets and bring them to their bedroom in record time. For those who are getting into this or engage in this lifestyle from time to time, here are ideas of places you can easily meet with people for casual sex:

  • Bars and clubs
  • Unexpected places
  • Online dating applications
  • Casual sex parties

Bars And Clubs

Traditionally, bars and clubs are meant for strangers to meet and possibly end up having sex.

Going out is expensive, so do not refrain from saying “hi” to someone you might like or try one of those long waiting lines outside the club.

Hooking up at bars is all about being proactive, making people nervous most of the time.

Many people are not brave enough to approach a stranger; well, that is why they sell alcohol and other substances in those places. These substances boost your courage but try to control yourself as well.

Go to unexpected places for casual sex now!

Trying to hook up with someone at the grocery store is not that simple. But, if you are an athlete but cannot get a membership at a sports club if you were ever interested in social dancing, if you like comedy, if you like games that can trigger your imagination, or again if you are looking for women casual sex, is one of the best applications for quick sex, that could help you hook up with a variety of people in interesting places.

Online Dating applications

Not everyone likes online dating. Many would say that most people get their casual sex, but the data shows a different trend. In an article, it was said that about 25% of people aged 18-24 use online dating sites or applications.

In another study, it was found that online dating behaviors for men and women were quite different.

Men tend to be less selective than women, and by the time a couple gets matched up, they could have experienced many things with other people met online. This may lead to a lot of misunderstandings and frustrations when it comes to expectations.

Casual Sex parties

Get used to exploring sexual subcultures in major cities to find the most casual sex-themed events, such as swinger’s parties, sex clubs, etc. Each sets its own rules that you must abide by.

For instance, European cities like Berlin are famous when it comes to their public sex clubs. Just be prepared to get dressed like a freak, like, for instance, wearing something in leather or latex to get allowed in.

Casual sex can be interesting if both parties are consentient. Nowadays, having casual sex with someone is not seen as a sin, and most can clearly see the benefits of casual sex if all parties play by the rules. All that matters is that you respect your partner, treat them with kindness, and care for them for the duration of your casual sex experience. And, most of all, you should make it clear that things need to stay casual and that a long-term relationship should not be expected.

And, most importantly, always use a condom when you are having casual sex.