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Why Programmers Prefer Online Dating

Programmers are truly a different breed of people. They tend to be highly motivated, interested in getting right to the point, and they work hard to perfect whatever they strive towards. Yet, their romantic lives are a little more chaotic due to long workdays and the need to be in an area where the action is happening. It’s no small wonder that programmers prefer to engage in online dating and we’re going to show you many reasons why that’s the case.

Finding Dates with Ease

The first reason that programmers prefer to engage in online dating compared with any other method of dating is that they can find partners easily. When you’re trying to live a busy life and find love it is easy for one or the other element to suffer. However, when you use an online dating website, you’re able to find partners quickly and easily, often in your local area. Programmers can definitely benefit from taking the shortcut to finding singles looking for dates.

Setting Up Dates on Their Schedule

Another reason that programmers prefer online dating is that they can set the times and lengths of their dates. Programmers are often working against the clock. They have to make their project deadlines and many of them are working on side projects that keep their passion for their programming skills alive. That’s why the flexibility of dating someone online is so attractive to them. They can use a proper dating site to schedule a date on their days off, between lunch breaks, or when they have a spare minute to chat with someone. Many programmers will set up back to back dates on a website to get through them with ease and precision.

Saving Money

One other reason that programmers are using online dating services more often is that they can save money. If you’re living on the west coast, in Silicon Valley, or in a major city hub on the east coast, the chances are that it costs a lot to go out on the town. Between housing costs and commuting costs, you don’t want to waste what you have leftover on dates that might not go anywhere. That’s why programmers take the smart and easy route and date online. You don’t have to buy new clothes, purchase gifts, take someone out to dinner, or find entertainment for the night. You gauge their personality based on the interactions you have on the site and then decide if it is worth going out in the future, perhaps in person the next time.

Looking at Technical Specs and Algorithms

The final reason that programmers will love using an online dating website to find their partners is to bask in the technical aspects of the website while they are finding love. Every website has some kind of searching feature or matching algorithm, and it can be very entertaining for programmers to parse these things and see if they can find out what makes them work. Of course, looking at the technical specs of the website will come second to finding love, but it is still a reason that programmers will enjoy using a dating site.

It’s clear that programmers are going to benefit from online dating in many ways, so they seek these dates out first. From the ability to find dates with ease, set-up dates on their schedule, save money, and even pick apart algorithms to suit their needs, there are many reasons that they love online dating. With all of these things in mind, it’s clear that programmers, especially ones living in Silicon Valley, could benefit from dating in a virtual world rather than the real one.