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How to Get the Most Out of Nerd Pick-up Lines

Anyone successful in online dating will tell you just how valuable a pick-up line can be. Dating in its entirety is centered on playful seduction and fun interactions.

Sending a nerdy pick-up line serves the same function as sending a wink, only better. There are plenty of sites where you can find awesome nerdy pick-up lines to use on your match. Before using a pick-up line, however, you should keep in mind that not all pick-up lines work on everyone. Know your audience and always use a pick-up line that will likely elicit a pleasant reaction. Remember to keep your interactions fun and captivating.

What's Special About Nerdy Pick-up Lines for Guys?

What's Special About Nerdy Pick-up Lines for Guys?

Most folks associate chat-up lines with dirty jokes or corny one-liners. While there is some truth to this, not all such conversation starters are corny and dirty. A nerdy pick-up line, by definition, is an opening line that is often said to a studious intellectual in a bid to establish a romantic connection. Many people make the mistake of assuming that nerdy conversation starters have to either be corny or dirty.

In truth, however, a modest introduction of oneself or even a normal compliment can be considered a chat-up line. Even in nerdy interactions, often, chat up lines with a mix of flattery and wit that yield good results.

So, do conversation starters really work?

Among the most frequently asked questions is whether chat up lines indeed works. There is no doubt that the internet is filled with numerous one-liners for nerds, but do they actually work?

If you have never tried using any one-liner before, then this piece is for you. In truth, nerdy conversation starters for guys do work, but only if you make them work. Using conversation starters can yield amazingly positive results if you are strategic about it. Before you commence using one-liners, understanding the rules and regulations regarding their use in chats is necessary.

The first rule of using conversation starters is that not all chat up lines can be used in a talk. In some conversations, you only need to be yourself and gather enough confidence. In others, however, using one-liners is vital for starting a conversation.

Given that not all nerdy one-liners are corny or funny, sometimes original lines will suffice. A good way of approaching the use of these conversation starters is by poking fun at yourself, but not in a self-deprecating way. Your aim should always be to elicit a laugh or just a comment on something you caught a glimpse of about her. You will often have to do a little bit of research and check out her profile to do this.

You will likely notice something you can use to your advantage, a T-shirt with a unique name, a hobby she enjoys, or even a rare jewelry piece. In such a case, dare to use a nerdy pick-up line and watch how she warms up to you.

If it is your first time using a conversation starter, you shouldn't be afraid of trying because of the fear of failing.

Confidence is critical in any interaction, and in most cases, it is a necessity. Everyone, even a nerd, craves excitement that can only be realized if you act with confidence. Should you choose to use a nerdy one-liner, always use the send and forget technique. In this technique, you send a pick-up line to your ideal chat partner and forget about it. If you did your homework correctly, more often than not, you would yield positive responses.

Top 3 Tips on Using Nerdy Pick-up Lines for Girls

Top 3 Tips on Using Nerdy Pick-up Lines for Girls

While online dating remains the easiest way to get yourself a date, it is essential to remember that dating is a competition. In online dating, you're always competing against thousands of other users on the dating platform.

That said, it is needless to say that any opportunity that grants you an edge against your competitors should be welcomed with open arms. The use of nerdy conversation starters is among the many surefire ways of standing out. If utilized correctly, a nerdy pick-up line can grab the attention of that awesome nerd you like and even land you a date.

However, there're guiding rules to the use of these nerdy conversation starters.

Avoid using overrated conversation starters.

We have all been in a situation where we desperately want to speak to someone but don't know exactly what to say.

This feeling can be pretty unnerving, especially for a geek trying to initiate a chat with another geek. The problem with geeks is that you rarely know what to say or how to start a conversation. While a nerdy pick-up line often works, not all chat-up lines have the same effect. A nerdy pick-up line should be amusing and ought to elicit a fun reaction from your chat partner.

When put out in the wrong way, however, your conversation could take a negative turn. If you have unsuccessfully used an overly corny pick-up line before, don't give up just yet. Improve your searches for nerdy come-ons and try again.

Avoid being too straightforward.

Before using a nerdy pick-up line, it is worth remembering that while the straightforward route is fast and precise, it is also boring. People are always attracted to mystery, and when you show your cards too soon, you kill all the attraction. Being a master of nerdy pick-up lines is no small feat. It requires caution and discipline.

The whole premise of using these one-liners is to initiate conversations. When you start a chat by being too blunt, you end up coming across as a creep.

For example, by using a pick-up line like "you're hot; let's make a baby," you will likely come across as a creepy one and even end up making the other person uncomfortable.

When choosing an appropriate nerdy pick-up line to use, remember that that the whole point of using conversation starters in online dating is to initiate a conversation. So, try to make the other person feel comfortable.

Capitalize on the available profile information

Pick-up lines work best when they sound personal and genuine. The easiest way to personalize a pick-up line is to find out more about your match beforehand. This can be done by checking out their profiles, then tailor your pick-up line to align with what she likes. This technique works like a charm. If there any trace of nerdy aura – don't even hesitate to parse this information for better use. Knowing what kind of lore your crush is into could serve best when implementing any nerdy starters, for sure!

What Are the Advantages of Using Geeky Pick-up Lines?

What Are the Advantages of Using Geeky Pick-up Lines?

For the longest time now, geeky chat up lines have successfully been used to initiate conversations with great success.

A random search on google for geeky come-ons will reveal plenty of nerdy pick-up line results. Come-ons come in different options, and there are some specific to nerds.

People join dating sites for different reasons. Some join such platforms with the hopes of serious relationships, and others seeking casual encounters. Regardless of the reason for joining, come-ons have proved to be incredible conversation openers when used correctly.

Why should you use nerdy one-liners in chats?

They portray an excellent personality.

When used correctly, these chat-up lines could make you come across as a confident person. Depending on your choice of a pick-up line, your chat mate will likely attribute a given character to you, which is precisely what you want. Use a modified quotation, editing it a bit for your situation to show how deeply you are related to a famous character. This would build a lot of common grounds to settle the connection on.

They are fantastic conversation starters.

When you use an excellent nerdy pick-up line, chances are that your chat mate will not react the same way they would if you simply said hello. Typical conversation starters are quite generic and boring. Using a funny chat up line has the effect of either putting a smile on their face or eliciting a positive reaction. This will go a long way in setting the stage for you to build your interaction further. It's doubted that anyone could resist a juicy Star Trek reference if they are deeply acquainted with the franchise!

They are a foundation for a deeper connection.

The main reason for using one-liners is to seamlessly initiate a chat with somebody you like and hopefully land yourself a date. A nerdy pick-up line may easily elicit a positive reaction, but the bulk of the work remains your responsibility. Merely sending a nerdy pick-up line will not land you a date.

For you to get a date, you first have to make your partner comfortable. This can only be achieved if you are skilled in following up conversations. After using a nerdy pick-up line to initiate a conversation, a follow-up conversation will help you build a deeper connection with your partner and hopefully land you a date. Most superheroic or sci fi movies obtain a strong romantic line which can be used as the basis of the conversation starter. Refer to original Sam Raimi's Spider-Man or to endless love of Anakin and Padme from Star Wars generic trilogy. That would melt any nerd's heart for sure.

It's Flirtatious

If you've tried wooing any lady, then you can agree that making her smile brings some kind of joy. Now, if you brace yourself with sleek pick-up lines for nerds, you can effortlessly keep her smiling the entire time. The Mask with Jim Carrey and Guardians of the Galaxy could serve well in putting things up flirtatious when referenced to, actually.