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How to start a conversation online with a guy

How to start a conversation online with a guy

It can be difficult to find the right person in real life, while online dating is much easier. First, you need to select an online dating site and register. After creating a profile, you can start searching. So, you've found an attractive person and don't know how to start a conversation online with a guy on an online dating site? Don't be afraid to write first. Any person will be pleased that he is interesting to someone. He will definitely love the fact that he was singled out by the many members of the online dating site. The main rule is not to start an online dating conversation with phrases like “Hello! How are you? What are you doing?". Write a message that might interest a potential partner. For example, you can write what exactly interests you.

If your message attracts a person you like, he will definitely answer you. Try to write correctly, without mistakes. Write openly and honestly.

Inquire questions tactfully and discreetly. Tell him about your interests, hobbies and your life plans. Your potential partner will be interested in knowing what you are dreaming about and where you would like to go. Of all these topics, you will definitely recognize some points of convergence.

Try to interest your potential partner from the first minute. This will help you continue the online dating conversation successfully. Show your stories, feelings, and emotions that will spark curiosity. If you both enjoy the online dating conversation, the next stage of online dating will be a real conversation, for example, in a video chat. Try to be yourself and behave naturally and at ease. Let the person see you as a simple, open person, ready to build relationships.

How to start a chat with a guy online

How to start a chat with a guy online

Online dating sites are the most affordable method to start online dating communication and find a life partner. It is very important for a girl to attract attention to herself. The main tip is to behave naturally, and you will be able to interest the guy. Write positive messages, share your emotions regarding work, hobbies, and travel. It is important not to put your problems on a potential partner. You shouldn't complain about loneliness, boring work, and surroundings. Show your positive thoughts and commitment to life in your online dating conversation. So, you've found an attractive guy on an online dating site; what should you do next? Learn how to start a chat with a guy online.

Check out his profile. The first and basic rule is that you need to get to know a person before you start communicating online with him. Look at the photo what is shown on it, read about his hobbies, marital status, and other facts. After you get your first impression of a guy, use this information to start an online dating conversation. If you find common hobbies and interests, write a message and start an online dating conversation, you definitely have something to discuss.

Be original. You can start an online dating conversation with the words "hello, how are you," but you can hardly stand out from the crowd of other "writers." Therefore, if you decide to write to the guy first, then show your originality. Try to get attention with an intriguing and interesting message. You have a great chance to attract the attention of the man you like and start a dialogue. Do not start a conversation with the phrases: "What are you seeking here?", "What are your plans for the evening?"

Don't tell all the information regarding yourself. You have to intrigue a man; an understatement usually attracts guys.

Don't inquire direct questions. After you start an online dating conversation with the person, try to keep it calm. This implies that you do not need to inquire direct questions: "How many children do you have?", "What is the name of your ex-wife." Speak on common topics, observe his reaction and then step forward. You can inquire about all your questions a little later. A huge number of direct questions will be perceived as tactless.

Be positive. Show your interest and tell cute life stories. If you are busy, try to end the online dating conversation tactfully. Show your busyness and good manners. Don't demand any promises, and don't expect too much.

Focus on his personality.

It's time to inquire him questions that will help determine if this guy is right for you or not. But don't inquire him too many questions! Try to give him the ability to inquire questions too. If you asked a few questions and did not have time to inquire his own, take your time. The main advantage of online dating conversation is that you have great opportunities. You can end the conversation at any time or inquire him on a date to continue the conversation in real-time. You can easily get to know and get an idea of the person to feel more confident and relaxed during the date. It doesn't matter whether you seek love or casual relationships; you will definitely find it on dating sites.

Do not intrude

What does this phrase mean? Is it okay to write one or two messages a day, but 5-10 is already a lot? This is not the point at all. If you texted the man and he never answered, you can try again. But if the second message was also ignored, do not waste your time. A good result is a nice conversation, when you inquire each other questions, share your impressions, discuss something and always “stay in touch.” But if a guy replies to your messages with one word, it shows his disinterest. In this case, you should not continue an online dating conversation.

Inquire questions

If he doesn't inquire many questions, he is not interested.

One method to find out if he wants to start an online dating conversation is to write something like this:

“Sorry for all the questions! I'm just curious. Now you can inquire me some questions!” If he didn't support this idea, he probably isn't interested in making any effort to get to know you better. In this case, you need to move on.

Call him by name.

Calling this guy by his name will show your interest. This will emphasize his personality, and he will notice your message. Being a good conversationalist is just a combination of different online dating conversation methods.


One great method to let a man know that you like him is to flirt. You can send him a selfie with a sexy smile or inquire about a photo of him. This may not be natural at first, but it becomes your seduction tactic with a little practice.

Good ways to start a conversation on a dating app

Good ways to start a conversation on a dating app

People who are still seeking a partner will find it useful to know Good methods to start a conversation on a dating app.

Nowadays, the Internet is an indispensable part of their daily life. Online people regularly shop, work, flirt, get to know each other. We spend a lot of time on social networks, talking in chats, reading the news. However, if you just sign up for a dating site, then you may go unnoticed. Let's take a look at online dating tips on how to start a conversation.

Imagine that you like an attractive person, and how do you start communicating with him? How to open a conversation at online dating? Your goal is for a person to notice your message and want to respond. Nevertheless, you will not surprise a single person with the primitive phrases “Hello,” “How are you.” Acquaintance is the first, initial stage in an online dating conversation when necessary to make a special impression on a potential partner. As everyone knows, the first impression is remembered forever. So, let's take a look at the basic online dating tips on how to start a conversation.

  • Stand out. Don't write an uninteresting message, be yourself. People like interesting personalities and those with whom they have something to talk about.
  • Play. You can try playing chatting games. For example, something like "I will never ..." or "Would you like to ...?"
  • Avoid sending very long messages. Better to write short and clear. Because most people will not read long texts and will not respond to them.
  • Inquire funny questions. In order to start an online dating conversation, you should inquire a few questions that will intrigue a potential partner. It would be great if the interlocutor inquires his questions and is interested in your answers. This is the best method to get to know each other and enjoy instant messaging.

Online dating tips on how to start a conversation

Online dating tips on how to start a conversation

You will find here the best online dating tips on how to start a conversation.

  • Write your personal messages. You don’t need to copy exactly the message examples that you found on the Internet. You should come up with your own, or at least edit what you find. Write each text message based on what you want to say and then send it. Don't talk too impatiently or obsessively.
  • View your profile. Look at the profile of the person you like and read what he writes about. With this method, you will get a lot of useful information. As you learn regarding his or her interests, hobbies, and lifestyle, you can personalize your opening words and start an online dating conversation that guarantees a response.
  • Be witty. But be careful; jokes are difficult to convey in the text. So, avoid sarcasm or dark humor. Just write a fun message that can cheer up the other person.
  • Don't compliment all the time. This does not mean that you don't need to compliment at all. Compliment often, but not always. Otherwise, you will look insecure, or the other person will think that he or she is too good to date you.
  • Remember what he or she said. It is very important to pay attention to what the other person is saying. Start sending messages that are relevant to them. Show that you are interested in his or her personality.
  • Don't send love messages. It will look too pretentious and insincere. Most likely, the person will not take your love messages seriously. But you can use cute nicknames that make her or him feel special. Start your dating conversation to date in a pleasant manner.

With these simple techniques, you can successfully start an online dating conversation. You need to avoid misunderstandings and make a great first impression on the person you like. Otherwise, you ruin the dating conversation and lose interest. Luckily for you, our tips on how to start an online dating conversation will help you. The main qualities that you must show are benevolence and tact. If you follow all these recommendations, you will no longer have questions regarding writing a great first message, and your chances of meeting a like-minded person are greatly increased.