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The Best Biracial Sex Stories from Around the World

Across the globe, interracial intimate connections occur every single day with men and women getting down to business with steamy sexual sessions that will now go down in history. We have compiled a list of the best sex stories from amateur and professional couples around the world who have detailed their intimate desires and activities between the sheets.

Here on, we decided it was time to give you a real insight into how interracial couples enjoy sex with their significant others, so maybe you can gain some ideas on fantastic things to try out the next time you get down and dirty. We’ve all seen the famed interracial black-on-white videos plastered across the Internet, but that’s nothing on reading the nitty-gritty details of romantic and incomprehensibly real details of the stories we have in store for you today. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the best biracial sex stories!

Interracial Fantasy Stories

happy multiethnic lovers resting on sofa and kissing at home

We’ll begin with some truly mesmerizing intimate sex stories that almost seem too good to be true, so much so that they become a fantasy.

Ellis and Jackie, – Washington DC

“It was the 14th of November Alice’s 30th birthday, and I wanted to do something special. In the weeks before, I purchased some racy red lingerie and some kinky red heels to boot. Nothing says passion other than light red, and it also happened to be his favorite color, so I couldn’t go far wrong.

As 7 pm rapidly approached and the end of his shift became imminent, my heart began racing at the thought of what was to come. Although Ellis had no idea, this was going to be the ride of his life! As he walked through the door after a long hard day at work, I wasted no time in getting him undressed and getting down to business.

He looked flustered, but his eyes were brimming with excitement as I slid my mouth around his shaft and started moving my hands in synchronicity down in slow twisting motions. After a couple of minutes passed and he began to lose control, I lead him seductively up to the bedroom for what was to be the best sex of our lives. It’s safe to say he loved me afterward!”

Neo and Emily – Washington

“It was autumn 2020 on a blustery October evening. Emily and I had not had sex in a long time. That was all about to change. As I unstripped my clothes and perch myself in the bed, strategically waiting for her arrival, I knew this was going to be memorable.

As she rockets in and flung open the door as she often did, her eyes lit up when she saw me grinning from her bed. She wasted absolutely no time and proceeded to jump in and enjoy the type of once-in-a-lifetime sex that you just never forget. With her legs shaking in excitement, I knew it had been a huge success. We spent the remainder of the evening caressing each other gently in bed before enjoying a slap-up takeaway meal. Looking back, I’d kill to have a repeat!”

Black on White Sex Stories

Nikita and Jacqueline – Denver

“Since the first time I met Nikita, I thought she was special, then we had this sex encounter, and I knew for certain she was special. Before this occasion, we not enjoyed such a steamy sexual intercourse session that left us both utterly speechless.

I arrived home after picking up groceries at the store to be greeted by Nikita in her birthday suit. She was naked from head to toe and begging me to show her the true meaning of passion, all done just with her eyes. We quickly proceeded to go upstairs and begun foreplay with her favorite toys, and soon enough, she was gushing and ready for me to love her. After around eight minutes of vigorous passionate intercourse, I was ready to burst. Nine months later, we welcomed our first child together and are still living our happily ever after.”

Penelope and Del – New York

“Now Pen isn’t the type to be ordered around, definitely not the type susceptible to my commands. However that time, she was behaving differently.

I was sat on the couch watching Friends when she pressed the handcuffs firmly against my lap. She seductively beckoned me with her forefinger and instructed me to place her in handcuffs because now, she was mine to do with as pleased.

I was instantly aroused and practically dragged her to the bedroom, I know she likes it rough, but this was my time to shine. I threw her onto the bed like a wet towel and wasted no time stripping off her clothes before placing my lips gently against her body, kissing teasingly and driving her crazy.

I instructed her to stand up and commanded her to be a good girl. For the next 20 minutes, we loved each other like never before; she was so obedient, and my bossy acting pushed her to the edge too quickly. Damn, it was those handcuffs that made me so turned on!”

Erica and Callan – Location unknown

“As I awoke from my afternoon slumber, it was the sound of a lighter flickering across the room that alerted me to Dan’s presence. He was strategically lighting candles around the room, and I’ve placed roses on the bed next to me. The room is the beautifully romantic setting you dream of in the movies, and I knew I was in for something miraculous.

As his naked silhouette approached with the light from above perfectly illuminating his abs, I was immediately turned on. My sleepiness evaporated as I flicked the quilt off me onto the floor along with a dozen red roses, replaced by Dan’s warm naked body pressed against mine. He proceeded to run his fingers down my body. He knew exactly how to tease me before giving me what I want. We then enjoyed the most romantic sexual love story I could imagine; he made me feel like I was the only woman in the world.”

Celine and Matthew – Massachusetts

“It had been an especially cold winter’s day, and Tom and I had already argued over the phone. Safe to say, I wasn’t expecting a warm greeting upon my arrival, the shock on my face when I gently pushed the door was clear to see.

Being from black heritage, Tom knew exactly how important it was for me to feel fully comfortable whilst having sex. So, to my pleasure, he’d professionally laid out the room, and my eyes located a bouquet of yellow lilies sitting on the dresser, surrounded by three big wicked candles delivering a soft, aromatic fragrance around the room.

As I approached him, hardly able to control myself, I felt a rush of passion zoom through my body, followed by his slightly colder than usual hands gently gripping my waist. He picked me up and placed me on the bed. However, this time I was going to be in charge. Instead of me lying on my back I quickly flipped him over and got to work.

After what felt like just 10 minutes, we were enjoying passionate, energy-driven intercourse with me draped across the bed, my feet still on the floor. It was the most passionate sex in my life. Since then, we always solve our small fights this way.”

Amateur Interracial Sex Stories

young interracial lovers sharing an intimate moment at home young people

Now you’ve had a taste of some passionate and romantic sex stories from couples, here are some amateur users with sex stories worthy of making the cut.

Darryl and Lisa – Las Vegas

“It was early 2010; I just finished unpacking from my weekend away in Delaware and had arrived home to be met by my then-fiancé sporting nothing but my white chef’s apron. He knows I love spontaneity, and this was a spontaneous as it comes; we immediately began to rip each other’s clothes off headed for the living room. Usually, we wouldn’t have sex in the living room, but this time the passion really took hold.

What followed was 45 minutes of me being choked on the sofa, slapped as only he could, and coming in three times. I still look back now and miss that sex!”

Donna and Jason – London, UK

“The setting was my brand-new studio flat overlooking the Thames, my company was my now wife, and this was to be the best sexual experience of my life.

At the time, we’d been struggling in our relationship, and things were looking bleak; looking back, this was a catalyst for change we needed. I arrived back to my studio flat, welcomed overwhelmingly by Donna, who’d eagerly prepared me my favorite meal, steak, new potatoes, green beans, and gravy. Unfortunately, I have just eaten, so the food was a nonstarter, but the effort was certainly appreciated. I let her knew my appreciation by picking her up and placing her on the kitchen counter before beginning to gently kiss her neck, face, and lips.

She let me love her right there, on that counter, and that was just amazing. It was the right thing we needed at that moment to remember how good we are together.”

Janet and Peter – Birmingham, UK

“It wasn’t uncommon for me and Janet to engage in sex in any location we were, but this time was something to remember. We were out walking in a beautiful nature reserve in Birmingham when we locked eyes and felt a sudden rush of passion. We didn’t break the gaze for the next 15 seconds and slowly walked towards each other. As we got closer, our speed increase until I jumped on him, and he slammed me down onto the bench.

He quickly lifted my short chequered skirt and grabbed my butt. He proceeded to make me his until we were interrupted by two elderly dog walkers who got the shock of their lives. Safe to say we never had sex there again, but still very enjoyable!”

Did you enjoy reading these romantic and passionate sex stories from interracial couples around the world? If so, why not send in your own and try to feature on in our next article? Or, if you need more inspiration, feel free to check out our dating tips articles and sexy stories published on the website!