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The Best Way to Ask For Sex - Getting Started

Men and women are naturally attracted to each other. Sex is a physical aspect of any relationship, but many men feel as though their partner thinks of sex as something that’s off the radar. Whether it’s a long day in the office or she has to find time for her exercise class, often men can feel cast aside. This creates a feeling whereby men are often afraid to simply ask for sex. After all, sex is a natural connection between two people, so why should men be afraid to even ask the question, especially to their girlfriend? So, you might be wondering how to ask for sex without saying it or how to tell your wife you want sex. If this is the case, let us help you and show you how to tackle this challenge.

How to Ask for Sex Without Saying Sex

How to Ask for Sex Without Saying Sex

Tell Her How Much She Turns You On

Women love compliments, and they’re not the type to constantly want physical contact. The word sex can set alarm bells ringing, so keep things simple. She wants to feel wanted and wants to know how you feel about her. Getting her to the bedroom takes time, and building up to it heightens the experience. If you get close and maybe even kiss or caress her neck, it’ll inform her of your feelings but just saying the words “you turn me on” will enable her to explore her needs and understand where you’re expecting things to go. Those words provide her with the opportunity to determine that it’s time to take things up a notch or two.

Inform Her That You Love Initiating Intimacy

Often, women can feel as though men hassle them for sex. Men are hot-blooded and constantly need to explore their fantasies and desires in the bedroom. Perhaps it’s time for men to take a step back and stop initiating but inform her that you love her initiating intimacy. This will instantly put the ball in her court because she’ll consider this an opportunity to begin making moves whenever she feels right. This approach isn’t about giving up on your side of the agreement, but it’s about giving her the green light. When she feels comfortable enough to begin taking control, sex will become more frequent.

Take That Opportunity

Men habitually think about sexual activities and ideas constantly. Why bother pondering on the idea when taking action can capitalize on the moment. If conversations flow in a certain direction and your brain is running wild, then don’t waste time. Don’t allow the ironing or cleaning to prevent sex from happening. Take hold of her and begin explaining your ideas without mentioning the taboo word! It’s not likely that she’s sharing the same feelings, but that’s fine. However, once women get going, they’re like a fine-tuned engine. The control and power that men assert are enough to get women into the bedroom.

Throw Her a Look as You Enter the Bedroom

Often, words are wasted when exploring sexual opportunities. Sometimes saying the wrong thing can ruin the moment, and being obvious can kill those sexual feelings. Seduction takes a wide range of forms. Think about entering the bedroom and calling her while motioning with your head or throwing a sultry look in her direction. Sometimes, understanding how to ask for sex requires teasing and naughtiness. Words feel empty, but women can be lured into the bedroom with some simple gestures because they’re enough to create that feeling of passion. Make the gesture assertive, even obvious, to the point where the dog even understands what’s going on!

Offer Her a Massage

Keeping things slightly traditional and stereotypical is key to finding success. Women are different from men, but they’re more likely to respond to kind gestures where they feel pampered. Why do women love spa days so much? They love people spending time taking care of their bodies, leaving them feeling good. Offer a professional massage on the bed with massage oil and anything else that’s needed. Ensure she’s naked and lying on her front and begin massaging. Those subtle touches, the movement, and intimacy are certain to turn her on. Eventually, she’s certain to want to turn over and begin moving things forward, without the word “Sex” being mentioned!

The Secrets of How to Invite Women For Sex

The Secrets of How to Invite Women For Sex

Let Interaction Make Her Attracted to You

Inviting women for sex requires sexual attraction. Don’t expect to ask the question one minute and be in the bedroom the next. Sexual attraction builds feelings of intimacy, so your behavior and interaction create that feeling of intimacy. Keep the conversation energetic yet flirty while keeping things natural can help. She’s eager to feel relaxed and comfortable around you, so making her feel like a woman will keep her hooked and intrigued. Once you’ve created that feeling of desire and she’s hanging onto every word, you could explore the opportunity to ask her back to yours. Once you begin turning her on, she’ll begin thinking about sex, making asking the question even easier.

Tell Her You’re Sexually Attracted to Her

A little honesty goes a long way with sexually promiscuous women. Whether you’ve met in a club or at the gym, inform her of your feelings when the time arrives. The sexual attraction is natural, so feeling awkward isn’t something to be afraid of. However, once your feelings are shared, she’ll have the opportunity to react. Many women lack confidence in their appearance and demeanor, but a quick comment can change everything. Never assume she’s confident or secure but telling her you’re into her will encourage her to drop her guard. If she doesn’t make a dash for the toilet as a quick escape, then you’re time has come to invite her for sex.

Enhance Sexual Tension

Sexual tension is an amazing phenomenon. Sometimes, women are desperate for sex, leaving men with little work to do. Women crave those feelings that accompany sexual tension, and it’s a powerful tool in your armory. Building sexual tension leads women to want and need sex with you. Whether it’s simple words whispered in her ear or a naughty text message, the tension can create the most amazing experience, but it’ll ready her for the next stage, which means she’ll have no issues being asked for sex.

Share Your Desires

Occasionally it can work to simply dive straight in and share your feelings, much like a horse bolting out of the gates and heading for the first hurdle. Sure, you might fall at the first hurdle but making your feelings known can help her to feel at ease. Once she’s aware of your position, she can work with it. It can create a sexual desire and even turn her on once you’ve given her the nod. Whether you inform her that you’re feeling horny or you’re eager to explore her desires, giving her the opportunity will cause her to drop her guard and open up.

Ask Her Around to Watch a Boxset

If you’ve become friendly enough, then send her a message and ask her around to watch a boxset. If she’s savvy enough, she’ll read between the lines and recognize the message. Most women understand that men naturally don’t ask to settle down with a boxset, so a hidden message needs to be uncovered. Mention about cuddling on the sofa and relaxing together to set the tone before she arrives and even inform her in a cheeky way what you’ll like to explore. Creating that feeling of attraction prior to her arrival will open the doors to your bedroom and more!

Top Romantic Ways to Ask for Sex

Top Romantic Ways to Ask for Sex

Emerge From the Shower Naked

Who said romance had to be serious? Romance can take many forms, so keeping things cheeky is enough to set her pulse racing. When we see the opposite sex naked, it flicks a switch in our brain and sets all of those sexual emotions wild. Therefore, emerging from the shower naked gives her an immediate sense of sexual desire. A cheeky look and oozing confidence will leave her feeling as though she cannot miss this opportunity. If you’re picking up her feelings, then it’s time to tell her to get onto the bed; it couldn’t be easier than that!

Spend Time on Her

Romance can still take the old-fashioned approach whereby you pamper her and leave her feeling special. Cook a romantic meal and then run her a bubble bath with candles and champagne. It’s cliched, but women appreciate these kinds of gestures because they’re almost hard-wired into them. The idea of relaxing in a hot bath that you’ve made is enough but tell her you’re waiting in the bedroom, and she won’t be hanging around in the bath for too long.

Get the Touch Right

Touch is everything when initiating sex or turning her on. Whether she’s washing the dishes or sitting on the sofa, taking control and kissing and caressing her is enough to stop her in her tracks. Gentle kisses around the neck and holding her tight will avert her attention from the chores in hand. Romance revolves around physical interaction, so taking those chances when they arise is enough to set the tone before asking her for sex, especially when she’s desperate for it!

Set Some Time Aside in Bed

Whether you invite her to join you in bed earlier than usual or set your alarm early, spending more time together in bed can make a difference. The bed is the place where sex happens most, so giving yourself that time leaves you ready to go. Roll over and kiss her, touch her, and whisper to her. You can press your body against hers and touch her all over. Begin cuddling and increasing the passion because the stage is set. She won’t need to put in a lot of effort, but she can leave you to take control. It’s just you and her, so once the moment arrives, it’s time to inform her you want sex.

Give Her the Day Off

Women spend much of their time taking care of others. It’s a natural instinct but informs her that it’s time for her to relax and spend the day on herself. You can take care of the chores, book her in for a spa day, or to have her hair done. Whatever it is, let her have the time to relax. Send her subtle messages throughout the day informing her you’re thinking of her, and she’ll arrive home ready for you. All of that tension created throughout the day will leave you with a situation that’s ready and laid out for you.