Dating Tips

Dating Someone Who's Dating Others: Tips to Make it a Happy Relationship

When people begin dating they generally date multiple partners to play it safe and see which partners they would be best hit it off with. This is generally the case in the first few early dates when they are trying to find someone that is compatible and meets their expectations. For those that are not comfortable with the concept of dating other partners, it could be a difficult decision to be willing to date someone that is dating others as well.

Your dating plan

If you are considering dating others, then you should okay with the idea of your partner dating someone else. After all, if both of you are in the early stages of the relationship and want to meet and date others it is perfectly fine. If you okay with dating others there should be no problem if your partner does likewise.

The time you have been together

If your relationship is new just 1-3 dates old, it is fine to explore other options. We cannot be hasty and enter into a relationship only to regret later that we should have dated others to look for a partner that is more in sync. For new couples with no commitments, it should be okay to date other people as well. However, if you have been in a relationship for some time and committed it is a different story! Then you need to sit down and mutually discuss if both of you would in favor of or against the idea of dating others.

Do you see a future together

If you see your relationship going places and a future together as a couple, then definitely it would be better not to date anyone else. This could have a negative impact on the relationship and if you are committed to each other, it would be unwise to date anyone else.