Dating Tips

Master The Art of Flirting Online

The fact is being a successful flirt when in online dating or in actual life needs certain skills. While some have oodles of charisma others learn through trial and error. Joining an online dating service gives a much larger platform to flirt with single women and men. Online flirting is an art in itself and even novices can hone their skills by regular practice.

Flirting involves certain finesse or else it can end up being disastrous. It cannot be a hackneyed pickup line or cheesy compliments as that will turn off the intended recipient instead of attracting them. It has to be a funny banter that is exchanged and involves light-hearted conversation. In online dating, one needs to have the ability to play with written words to be successful.

Composing a flirtatious message is not as challenging as most think, all it takes is well thought out content that retains a touch of humor to tease the person you are communicating with. A few tips about how to master flirting online are:

Be sparing with clichés or compliments

Nothing is easier to resort to giving compliments or using clichéd phrases when communicating online. However, these need to be used sparingly as they could send out an adverse message of being too cheap.  Instead of saying things like ‘You are hot’ get creative and instead opt for a phrase like ‘You are sublime’ instead. When you compliment someone it should be genuine and befitting or else they will know you are trying to ingratiate yourself, which will not win you any brownie points for sure. Just do not use the same common phrases and think out of the box. It is best to be original in your communication and compliments. You could also consider the use of similes or metaphors that will add some color to your language, but as ever use them sparingly.

Keep it brief

Yes, size certainly does matter in the content you use to communicate. Do not write an essay as most people do not have the time or inclination to read the content in its entirety. Instead, keep it brief and to the point to ensure it impacts the reader. It should serve to tease the reader so that they are left intrigued and wanting to communicate more with you. When you play coy in the early stages of the relationship while communicating, it will definitely help to flirt better.  Once you start dating and develop a rapport you can become more voluminous in your content when communicating.

Be sparing with details

You have to be stingy when sharing information about yourself in the early stages of the relationship. Women are captivated by men that carry an air of mystery around them. Do not get too eager and reveal everything about yourself when you begin dating online. Only share what is relevant and leave the rest hidden. Once your relationship is stable your partner would enjoy learning new things about along the way. The secret to being a successful flirt is to remain mysterious until the person succumbs to your charms.