Dating Tips

Tips to Avoid Being Cookie Jarred

Finding a suitable partner is no longer a challenge thanks to online dating services. An increasing number of single women and men are joining dating sites to find suitable partners in cities all over the world. If you are new to a city and looking for a partner you could choose to join a dating service or find a woman online at a dating site. While most people may date multiple partners until they find the right one, there also is the risk of being cookie jarred. It is a relatively new occurrence when someone is in a relationship, with no plans of making a long term commitment. Generally, such individuals are already in a relationship with someone else and are just biding their time with the partner that is being cookie jarred. The reason the individual cookie jars another unwitting partner is as a standby in case their committed relationship goes not work out.

Some of the main reasons for individuals resorting to cookie jarring is they do like commitment or are afraid of being rejected in the other relationship they are in. They take advantage of an innocent person and pursue a relationship with them with no plan to commit to the second partner. The individual getting cookie jarred is not aware of the intentions of their partner until it is too late.

The Tell-Tale Signs of Getting Cookie Jarred

Not making any commitment

When you date a person and they never are willing to commit for any future plans and keep you in suspense you need to be wary. It could be for something as simple as a date, where they leave you dangling until the very end and at the last minute call you to go on a date.

Not remaining in touch

If you find your partner makes no effort to communicate and keep in touch, with you doing all the calling and texting, something is amiss. They only call when they have the time to meet and ignore you at other times is a classic sign of being used by them.

No future plans

If you find your partner is just interested in a meeting when they are free with no interest to discuss future plans together as a couple, something is amiss.

Avoid relationship issues

Another indication is when your partner avoids discussing any serious relationship issues and changes the conversation.

Ways to Resolve the Situation

When you realize you were being used and being a cookie jar it can be a very heartbreaking experience. However, once you are aware of the fact you need to be brave and walk out of the relationship, without looking back. This is because there is no future as a couple because our partner has no plans to settle down into a committed relationship with you. Such individuals tend to be repeat offenders and will always be on the lookout for a new partner to cookie jar. While you could talk the matter over and if you are convinced your partner will reform and refrain from such practices in the future, you could give the relationship a second chance. But always be on the lookout for suspicious behavior and if you catch them doing the same thing again, end the relationship immediately.