Dating Tips

Ways to Develop a Connection With Your Date

While going on that all-important first date is something to look forward with anticipation, there are ways to make it a great success. Even if the sparks do not fly initially, once you get comfortable with each other and get talking the chemistry can always click later. Do not assume that soon as two people meet that the chemistry clicks as on many occasions it takes more than a few minutes or a meeting or two to develop that special rapport.

Things to Develop That All-Important Connection

Establish steady eye contact

One of the best ways to connect with someone you are interested in is to establish steady eye contact when speaking with them. It exudes confidence and also shows you are interested in their company. Avoiding eye contact not only shows you lack confidence but also could indicate you are not enjoying their company as much. If you are not too comfortable with eye contact focus on the tip of their nose instead. However, while establishing eye contact is a must-do not keep staring fixedly either, as it could be unnerving for the date.

Get the body language right

One of the most important things when communicating with another person is the use of the right body language. E.g. do not cross your arms or legs as it appears you are defensive. Instead, sit back in a relaxed manner, face them and show that you are taking a keen interest in the conversation. Occasionally using physical contact like a gentle touch can also be employed successfully. 

Listen carefully and ask meaningful questions

When they are speaking listen to them intently and do not interrupt them in the middle of the conversation. Be an active listener and ask pertinent questions about the subject they were discussing. Also, try to match their tone of voice as far as possible to make them feel at ease in your company. However, do not overdo it as it might come across as you are imitating them and it will annoy them.