Dating Tips

Master the Art of Active Listening in a Relationship

Finding single women to date has become a whole lot easier thanks to the facility of online dating. Previously finding a single woman to date used to be a bit of a hassle, which now is resolved with the advent of so many online dating services. Once we are in a relationship most of us only listen carefully when we intend to give a response. However, listening is much more than posing a question and waiting for a reply. Active listening means actually engaging with the speaker. To have a successful relationship it is imperative to be an active listener. In fact, most fights and even breakups happen in relationships if a partner feels their words are not heeded to. Whether going on a first date or in a committed relationship active listening is an absolute must.

Concentrate when your partner speaks

While it sounds simpler than it actually is most people tend to get distracted when their partners are speaking. After a long and tiring day at the workplace and with other commitments it is easy to zone out while your partner is speaking. Refocus on what your partner is speaking instead and try to remain keyed into the conversation instead.

Carefully understand what your partner is saying

When you make a conscientious effort to thinks about what your partner is saying and try to figure out why they are saying it. Have they said this on a previous occasion? Are they seeking advice or just letting off steam. Once you get the crux of what and why they are saying you can engage with them more successfully. 

Be attentive to other signs

Observe the body language of your partner and try to judge what emotions they are feeling. If they are not looking at you or looking stressed they may need some emotional support. The subject may be of a sensitive nature so be tactful in your approach. One the other hand if they are fidgeting around they may be looking for some words of reassurance.

Do not prejudge or be biased in your opinion

The fact that your partner has chosen to discuss the matter is they trust and value your opinion. While you may not agree with their views try not to be too judgmental. Keep any controversial opinions to yourself and try to look at the matter from your partner’s perspective. If they seem unhappy and stressed you could be supportive. On the other hand, if they are excited and happy let them complete what they are saying before expressing your views. Always ensure that you are not biased in any manner when expressing your own views on the subject.

Do not interrupt

When they are speaking do not interrupt them midway and let them complete what they are saying. If it is something that has upset them let them completely give vent to their frustration before you step into the conversation. If you have dealt with such a situation before share your experience and do not steer away from the topic your partner is discussing at any point.

The bottom line is judging want exactly your partner expects from the conversation. Whether it is just to let off steam or do they need any emotional support or advice, first analyze carefully before you offer your opinion.