Dating Tips

Explore New York and Find a Date While Traveling

The Big Apple is a fabulous city to explore on a trip. Possibly the most famous city on the planet, it offers everything and more than one can expect from a world-class metropolis. Finding a date in when traveling in New York is no big deal, with plenty of opportunities to connect with new people at events, festivals, clubs, etc.

Ways by which you could go about finding a date in New York

Join a guided tour

As clichéd as it might seem, the fact is being part of a guided tour of the city will help you to get better acquainted with New York, but could also possibly find you hooking up with someone that attracts your attention in the group. There are loads of guided themed tours in the city so take your pick and join that interests you. An added benefit of finding a date in the group is they will share the same common interest as you. 

Visit an event or festival in town

The more sociable and outgoing you are, the easier it will be to find a date. The New York social calendar is extremely busy with thousands of events held throughout the year. From music festivals to art shows, culinary to cultural happenings, there is plenty to visit and be part of. Visiting these social events definitely improves your chances of bumping into someone interesting that you could ask out on a date.  

Try local dating sites

Probably the easiest and surest way to ensure you find a date in New York during your trip is to sign up with a premium online dating site like ‘Loveaholics’.  Register with the site, browse their database of local profiles or join their online live chat rooms. You are guaranteed to find a date while in town!