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How to stop being a cheater

How to stop being a cheater

How do I stop cheating? A person who asks such a question should know himself and his partner well. In most cases, cheating occurs where there is a lack of love relationships. Meager emotions, lack of sensuality and tenderness, monotonous sex life pushes people to betray.

Cheating is a betrayal of your partner and a betrayal of yourself, your personal feelings, and your emotions. In some cases, cheating even helps a man and a woman understand each other. In this way, you can test the strength of the relationship and stay with each other forever.

First, you need to analyze what prompted you to cheat in your past relationship or your current one. What was the reason for your decision to commit this act? There are several common reasons people cheat on their partner:

  • the partner neglects your needs;
  • you are unconsciously trying to break off the relationship;
  • you are not really interested in a relationship but are afraid to admit it;
  • you are convinced that you do not deserve an honest relationship;
  • you are overwhelmed with resentment and take revenge on your partner;

The list can be significantly expanded since each person is individual. So how to stop being a cheater?

Impulse control

This is a complex and multi-stage task for which it is appropriate to use the services of a specialist. Controlling impulsive desires will require taking yourself more seriously.

The impulse arises suddenly and contains nothing other than a keen desire. It takes honesty with yourself to figure this out.

With a strong desire, you can stop changing can’t stop cheating - you may need to consult with psychologists or psychotherapists. It so happens that people live together for quite a long time and suddenly notice a loss of sexual interest in each other. It happens from both sides at once or from one side.

For example, a man suddenly realizes that he perceives his wife as a friend or as a mother. Therefore, a woman who plays the role of a caring mother for her adult man runs the risk of discovering betrayal on his part pretty soon. In this case, it is difficult for a man to stop cheating. In such a situation, the husband must frankly explain his behavior to the woman. A complete revolution in the emotional and sexual life of a couple is needed in order to exclude cheating.

How to stop cheating on my wife

How to stop cheating on my wife

Not many can live with one partner and remain faithful to him for the rest of their lives. It would seem that it could be easier - enjoy the company of the partner you have chosen, and do not cheat on him or her. However, only a few persons can understand such a simple truth.

The fact that you asked the question, "I love my wife, but I'm used to cheating on her, how to stop?" already indicates that you are unhappy with yourself. One reason cannot lead to cheating on your wife; most likely, you have found many reasons. Next, you should ask yourself a few questions, the main ones: Do I want to change? Why do I want to stop changing? It is not easy to answer these questions; it is difficult for everyone, but you have a lot of time, and no one rushes you. Think, perhaps now you can find a factor that in the future will establish an invisible psychological barrier between you and other girls.

Can I cheat on my wife or girlfriend? This question worries most men. Of course, many men are raised by dedicated people who know what honor, duty, and responsibility are. But it may be that family values are losing their significance, and cheating on his wife becomes a solution to conflicts in relationships.

How to stop cheating on your partner? Many men, until they lose the most precious thing in life, do not begin to think about the consequences of their actions and do not ask the question: "How to stop cheating on your wife?"

  • Without understanding the values, you cannot stop cheating, so you need to determine what you need: spending time with your mistresses or with your family, wife, children. You need to understand that it is wonderful to spend time with family and friends, realizing that you don't need anyone else in the world.
  • Look into the future. If you continue to cheat on your wife, you will definitely lose your family; If you continue your adventures, one day you may realize that you have become unnecessary to anyone due to age, etc .; imagine that where no one is waiting for you, the children have forgotten, and the ex-wife is already married.
  • It is also worth presenting the positive aspects of the future. If you stop cheating on your wife, you can improve relationships in the house and improve the relationship with your beloved; If your family becomes the main motivator, you will reach unprecedented heights in work and business.

If you want to understand how to stop the cheating relationship, then you should ask yourself one more question. What does a mistress have that a wife does not have? If you were able to answer immediately, then it is better to talk about it with your wife and not your mistress. A calm, unobtrusive dialogue with your wife will let her understand what you are missing. If she values you, she will definitely complement the relationship with the things you need.

Who to choose?

How to stop cheating on your wife or mistress with your wife? This is the problem to be solved. It is necessary to find a person who has nothing to do with your love triangle, and he should know neither your wife nor your mistress personally. He is also called a "Soul friend" - a person to whom you can tell all the details (but more often, it is a psychologist since everyone else often does not help very professionally, advising personal experience). You need to focus as much as possible on the choice.

The following factors can influence the choice:

  • Physiological attraction (the first thought about the woman with whom you want to satisfy the need);
  • Memories (the brightest moments that brought serious emotional satisfaction);
  • The ideal of harmony (psychological satisfaction when interacting with a family or lover).
  • What to do if you want to cheat on your wife?

    How to stop cheating on my wife?

    It is more expedient to start thinking at the moment of the emerging desire to betray his wife. Before you go for this act, ask the question, "Why am I going to do this now?"

    Other questions that will put an invisible barrier between you and your desire: What drives me? What does that get me? What does she have that her wife does not? Why should I run away into this relationship? What do I want to come to a divorce? What future awaits me with that woman? Can I, if I want to cheat on my wife, replace it with another thing?

    If you start lying to yourself, it never stops. If you like it, you will not stop cheating on your wife. But remember, you are responsible to your loved ones and to yourself.

    Talk to your wife. There is nothing closer than a frank conversation, an opening of the soul to each other, tender kisses, and words of love. If your wife values your relationship, she will definitely bring what you lack into your life together. Otherwise, if you do not solve the problem in the relationship, then there is a risk of breaking down again.

    Limit communication with your lover or mistress. In most cases, you just need to stop dating. If we are talking only about sexual attraction, then the desire to cheat on his wife will disappear after a certain time. But it is much harder to do this if it is impossible not to contact the object of passion. For example, if you are neighbors or colleagues.

    Take a vacation and fly with your wife on a romantic trip, or stay at home for a couple of days, devoting all the time to watching movies and TV shows. In this case, you can throw out all your sexual energy because work will no longer distract you.

    Put yourself in your wife's shoes. If you still have love, then the pain of a loved one cannot be indifferent. You are not strangers, and hurting your loved one is not the best choice, no matter what the situation may be. Add variety to your intimate life. According to statistics, partners who are in a relationship devoid of romance are most susceptible to betrayal. Try watching porn with your wife; it can add passion to your life.

    If relationships are important to you, then you must find a common language with your spouse, get out of the crisis and solve all the problems that make her cheat on you. Remember, it is much easier to destroy a family than create.

    Reasons why wife can’t stop cheating

    Reasons why wife can’t stop cheating

    In our society, it is generally accepted that wives cheat much less often than husbands. But, do not forget that men like to exaggerate their victories, unlike women.

    If a woman cheats on her husband, she carefully hides this fact since she does not intend to divorce and ruin the family at all. In order to understand why the wife is cheating, you need to find out the reasons for this behavior. After the "root of the problem" has been identified, you can begin to solve it and regulate family relations.

    The main reasons for the wife's cheating

    The nature of female cheating is multifaceted. It is more complicated and radically different from the male one. Here "instincts" play a very insignificant role, and the main importance is the lack of self-realization, attention, dissatisfaction with moral and physical desires. In most cases, this behavior of a woman is caused by her husband.

    There are several reasons why a wife is cheating and cannot stop doing it.

    Indifference. Over time, women become upset that their husbands do not pay enough attention to them. The fact is that a man is a hunter by nature. It is important for him to win the girl. But, after marriage, children often appear. And at this moment, the man begins to look at his wife differently. Often, he loses interest in her and ceases to notice his wife. The wife has the feeling that she is no longer interesting to her husband; she has ceased to be attractive to him. He only perceives her as the mother of his child. The woman perfectly feels indifference. At this moment, another man appears on the horizon, who finds common topics for conversation, shows interest in her family problems. This is the first reason wives cheat on their husbands - women need an emotional connection with a man.

    Husband advice: Give your wives a little courtesy often. Give her gifts, listen to her, pamper her, spend time together.

    Family problems. When women agree to get married, they assume that their husbands will decide financial and other issues. But in reality, the situation is developing in a completely different way; this can lead to a permanent, protracted conflict. But it is worth knowing that if there are problems in the family, then the husband and wife are to blame. But since the husband becomes the head of the family and must take on the solution of many difficult tasks. In real life, the wife solves all everyday problems. And if a man cannot or does not want to cope with his duties, a woman begins to look for another man. This is another reason why wives cheat on their husbands.

    Advice to husbands: the phrase: "your problems, solve it yourself" can lead to bad consequences. Therefore, never refuse to help your wives and support them in every possible way. And if you cannot solve some problem at the moment, then you need to tell your wife in detail about your experiences and ask her to wait for a little. At the very least, show your spouse that you are interested and willing to help.

    Dissatisfaction with sex life.

    The opinion that only men are interested in sex is deeply mistaken. For women, intimacy with their partner is as necessary as for men. Sometimes, when women confess to cheating, they believe that this is due to the husband's physical needs.

    Advice to husbands: not only women should look for options on how to satisfy their men, diversify their sex life, and bring something new. Men should also think about how they can make intimate relationships more interesting.


    If a husband constantly unreasonably suspects his wife of cheating on him, most likely, she will cheat on him over time. This will happen out of resentment and offended dignity. Then you can search for a long time for an answer to the question of why your beloved wife cheated or admit that you were right (“I knew it”).

    Women don't cheat out of spite. But you can push her to cheat. Often, after cheating on her husband, a woman stays in the family because she does not want to change anything in her life.

    Advice to husbands: Try to trust your wife and treat her with respect. Even if men constantly surround her, this does not mean that she will certainly begin to cheat with them. It is important to understand: if she wants to cheat, then she will do it, no matter what kind of control she is under.

    Monotonous life.

    Monotony can ruin even the strongest relationships.

    At the beginning of a relationship, men take good care of their girls. They come up with a lot of entertainment to surprise her. But after the wedding, men calm down, and signs of attention become monotonous and predictable. As a result, women start to think about how to make their life more interesting. And if no initiative comes from her husband, then why not accept an offer from an interesting gentleman? Such a woman lives with the same warm memories and common family plans for the future. In the present, she “just gets new emotions.”

    Advice for men: if you think about why your wife is cheating but does not leave you, analyze your life together. Add some unpredictability to your relationship. Try coming home from work with flowers, or suggest going to a restaurant instead of cooking dinner.

    No matter how strong and self-sufficient a woman is, she will subconsciously expect attention, care, and support from a man. And if you are romantic and unpredictable, she will not even think to cheat on her husband. Because why?