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Some ways how to take a flattering selfie

Some ways how to take a flattering selfie

Hot selfie is the most accessible type of photography. There is no need to ask anyone to photograph you. You can take as many pictures as you like on your own, choosing exactly the foreshortening that you like. But, as in any business, there are subtleties and secrets here. Let's figure it out together.

Most people have slight facial asymmetry, so professional photographers recommend avoiding full-face shots. Hot selfies are suitable for documents but not for social networks. The most successful hot selfies are obtained if you turn to the camera half-side. Try to find your best foreshortening by trying: turn your head slightly to the left, then to the right, and you will see which side of your face is more photogenic. Or take hot selfies alternately with your right and then with your left hand, in order to understand from which position you get better.

Also, try not to place the camera too low, as this will create a double chin effect in the hot selfie. It is best to keep the lens just above eye level. This will visually narrow the chin and accentuate the eyes.

In most cases, the easiest way is to take a hot selfie on a smartphone, especially since there is a special front camera for this. It makes it easier to pose when you see yourself on the screen, as well as look for a good foreshortening. However, in most cases, the quality of the hot selfies taken with the front camera is significantly inferior to the photo taken with the smartphone's main camera. For crisp shots, use the auto-shooting function with a countdown timer and shoot with the main camera. You can delay the shot for 5 seconds; this is quite enough to take a pre-rehearsed pose.

Basically, manufacturers equip smartphones with many useful features and settings. Explore the functionality of your camera, use the brightness and contrast settings to take hot selfies, and select the optimal shooting mode.

Another key to hot selfies is lens cleanliness. Wipe off fingerprints and dust with a soft cloth before use. Therefore, the hot selfies will be clearer and do not require unnecessary processing.

The selfie-stick will help add to the frame much more. For example, you can capture yourself in front of an entire panorama. With its help, you can take hot selfies from different angles, capture more vivid, interesting emotions, be photographed in motion. It is best to keep the monopod holder in your hand out of the frame.

What about hot lingerie selfies?

What about hot lingerie selfies?

One of the most effective ways to make a man think of you every day - it’s hot selfies in lingerie. However, do not immediately make a hot selfie, first learn how to do it perfectly. Experiment with different angles to showcase your most attractive body parts. If you turn a couple of degrees to the left or right, the part of the body you want to show will look less flat. At the same time, holding the camera over your head and pointing it at yourself, your eyes and chest will look a little larger than they actually are. Here are a few more ideas to help you find a good foreshortening:

Make bright makeup. In a measure, but brighter than usual. Add volume to your hair and tousle it slightly. Smooth skin: a well-groomed bikini area, smooth legs, neat eyebrows will help your look to improve. You can take a full-length hot selfie, wearing a towel, his clothes, or pretty lingerie.

Accentuate your figure with special underwear: bustier, negligee, panties, stockings, and suspenders for stockings.

Silk lingerie, push-up bras, and other things will emphasize the chest.

Do not wear baggy or worn underwear. Give preference to thongs, underpants, shorts, and hipsters.

Add accessories to the look: high heels, an oversized shirt with buttons, a man's tie, long beads, a scarf, glasses. Anything you want will do.

Think about your “best photo side” and try to take hot selfies from that side. It will not be difficult for you to choose it - this is the side that looks more pretty, balanced, and symmetrical.

Point out the features that you currently like in the hot selfie. To non-professionals, it may seem that the models look perfect in any photograph, but in reality, the photographer simply chooses the most favorable angle. Look at yourself in the mirror, think about which part of your body you like best, which one sets you apart from others and what you are proud of in yourself.

Holding the camera slightly above your head and taking a hot selfie of your face and chest will accentuate your bust. In addition, while this pose is not entirely natural, you will definitely know what your camera is focusing on in a hot selfie.

The best shots are taken in bed. Lie down with your head slightly dangling, raise your hand with the camera up, take it slightly back. In this position, the legs will look longer, and the body will look slimmer.

When taking hot selfies in beautiful lingerie, try not to make your posture look tense. Therefore, you should not bend too much and try to assume an unnatural position. If it seems to you that it comes out too pretentious, then try to pretend that you are doing the most ordinary things in your underwear. For example, lie on the couch and read a book.

Also, do not forget about additional items. For example, you can cook a delicious dish, put an apron on your naked body, take a hot selfie of it all on your phone and send it to your beloved! Your partner will instantly awaken an appetite, which you will have to quench.

Hot selfie faces

Hot selfie faces

The most important thing - it poses for a beautiful hot selfie. You probably noticed that there are both good shots and vice versa. The whole secret is in the right pose. So, here are some tips for hot selfies:

A good angle. For the inexperienced photographer, this can be a daunting challenge. But everything can be changed. Take hot selfies from different angles and determine which side you get better in the photo. Experiment with tilting your head; find the best option. You can also practice in front of a mirror.

Try to be sincere: smile, laughter, joy, delight, or grief - everything should be extremely natural since the most important thing in the hot selfie is naturalness.

Use little tweaks to make the look amazing. These can be illuminating bases, shimmers, highlighters, illuminators, etc. This way, you will get rid of imperfections and add brightness to your hot selfie!

Take a hot selfie of your lips. They should be perfectly tinted and well-groomed.

If you want to show your face, then your shoulders and chest should be in the frame. Don't forget to apply subtle makeup to keep your skin perfectly smooth. Do not wear too much makeup so as not to seem like a vulgar girl. What to do with hair? Do a fancy hairstyle, or open your forehead completely.

Beautiful background. Do you want your hot selfie to be unusual, exciting? Choose an original location that will serve as an interesting background for your hot selfie. When the smartphone or tablet is overhead, the pose creates a picture rich in composition with a beautiful background and an interesting plot. For example, if you are proud of your figure or achievements in sports? Then this option is for you. The photo should be taken from above on an outstretched arm to show and emphasize your advantages (this angle will make your waist a little narrower and your chest larger).

When making a hot selfie in front of the mirror, turn sideways with it 35–40⁰. Practice beforehand: find such postures that emphasize the dignity of the figure and beautiful facial features. To face skin looking matte and wrinkles become invisible aimed cold light flash will be the ideal solution. What poses will help you take a successful hot selfie in front of the mirror:

  • Half-turned to the mirror;
  • With a slight tilt of the head;
  • Full-length portrait with 30⁰ left or right rotation;
  • Leaning on an object or placing your foot on a slight elevation.
  • Interested in taking not static shots, but a vivid, emotional hot selfie with incredible poses? The naturalness of movements, a sincere desire to have fun will give hand-made pictures a lively shine. Don't want to repeat the mistakes of failed selfies? Give up pretentious tense poses, vulgar accessories. If the hand falls into the frame in the foreground, change the pose - in this case, the proportions of the figure are violated.

Several flirty poses for pictures

Several flirty poses for pictures

The most beautiful hot selfies are captured with lively emotions. A natural smile and glowing eyes are the best adornments for any woman's face. So, remember, it is better to take hot selfies, being in a good mood. You can also smile not only with your mouth but also with your eyes. Play an actress, try to portray different emotions.

Don't forget to add to your look quality makeup. It is better to hide skin imperfections with cosmetics than using filters. By getting an even complexion and bright eyes, you run the risk of leaving your image on a hot selfie without a nose. Try to use filters to a minimum.

In any situation, girls want to look slimmer, and even more so in the hot selfies. In order not to be visually larger, do not take pictures from below. Hot selfies taken from above visually narrow the face and slim the body. With this angle, you can emphasize the bust, which will add seductiveness to your hot selfie.

If you take a full-length selfie, stand in a half-turn, highlight your waist with your hand on it, and slightly put one leg towards the camera to lengthen your body. Try not to press your hands to the body; leave space between them to create the effect of lightness. In addition, do not forget about posture; straighten your shoulders.

The most important thing when shooting at home is to take care of good lighting and choose the right background. Let's break them down in order. It is best to use natural light, as it is the most affordable way to get high-quality, sharp, hot selfies. Extend the curtains on the window, letting more light into the room. Artificial lighting is significantly lost in this matter. Moreover, using flash often makes you look older and creates unnecessary shadows. Note that the light source should be in front of you, not behind you. Stand in the direction of the window, find a comfortable position so that the sun does not dazzle, does not force you to squint. The camera should be positioned so that the shadow of the hand with which you are holding your phone does not fall on your face, as this will screw up the hot selfie. Be sure to pay attention to the shadows when shooting, as it will be quite difficult to remove them during photo correction. Think about the background for your selfie. Even the most beautiful face will not look against the background of a cluttered room. Try to choose a laconic, simple background because the main thing in the photo is you, and everything else should not attract too much attention. Hot selfie looks good on the background of doors, arches, or something similar to frame your portrait.

If you have the right software, you can fix imperfections on your face, such as pimples and blemishes, before posting the hot selfie on social media. You can crop out unwanted parts of the background and resize the hot selfie to make a face look different, as well as change the light and shadow in the frame, and much more. Many of these features can be right there on your phone without installing any apps, but you can look out for dozens of apps that can handle these tasks.